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The After Realm is the celestial resting place of living things after they die. It is the largest world of the entire series and is the main location of the Jungle Planet, Gremlin's palace, Heaven, Hell and the long roads.


The After Realm is the celestial resting place of living souls after they die. It features many exotic locations, such as Wyse's Jungle and others. It has a green sky and floating rocks.

Appearance of dead people

Terry- Sent after Kollan killed him for taking over Jodi's Soul. Gremlin threatened to send him to Hell, but Terry begged for another chance so he can help Dee, but failed. He accepts his fate and is sent to Hell.

Sarabi- After she was killed by Jenny, she was banished to Hell because Gremlin knew she was to evil to be redeemed. She eventually escaped after her friends busted her out. But is killed by Kollan and busted out again and Pearl Lee the sister of Blossom Lee becomes her Servant.

Zonian- Sent to Hell because of genocide.

Chrome- Sent to hell because of absorbing the androids and trying to take over Earth.

Sig- Sent to Hell because of property destruction.

Known Residents

After Realm Mansion

King Gremlin



Good Souls


Evil Souls






Jungle Planet




. It's the biggest location of the franchise.

. For those who aren't sent to Hell, could still somewhat end up there. Usually if they recklessly explore and are curious of the dark black misty abyss below the realm by ignoring the warning signs "DANGER: Do Not go down the black mist...."

. The world is about outer space level in terms of size and it's easy to get lost if you have no specific destination.

. The only way to escape Hell is to find a hidden door, but is guarded by Hell's residents and you're basically stuck there forever if you can't find it. Almost nobody has ever found it, until Dee and Bobo do.