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Queen Aleena is an Aryan born on planet Arya before it's destruction. she escaped the destruction and came to earth to live in peach and saved Princess Sally and Troy Fox's Family putting them in america because she believes that there is another Aryan boy Troy is destined to meet


Aleena has a thin frame and Dark Purple hair, she wears Egyptian garbs. she has blue eyes she is older but appears as a 25 Year old due to her Aryan Genes. she is the average height of the american woman in 2020.


Aleena Shimazu is caring and does her best to help her children—she once openly fired on a group of WWMC Mages to save Sonia and Evan. she views Dee and the Gator Team as good friends and will do anything to make sure thy're safe


She was born in the Shimazu Royal Family of Arya always helped the other royal families. when Zonian destroyed Planet Arya she escpaed the planet taking a family and a baby princess to save them and put them in America believing Troy is Destined to meet a pure of heart Aryan Boy (Kollan Galloway) and go on an Adventure with her daughter Sonia as she was given a prophecy.

Gator Tooth

The Princess of Egypt

Aleena appear in her castle and doesn't initially trust the Gator Team. after gaining her trust she convinced them to let Evan live, because she believes that he can turn Good and will do what she must to help. they Let evan live and he becomes an ally and Sonia's wife

Evan & Sonia's wedding

Aleena is present at their and Walks Sonia down the isle as a Mafia comes to their wedding, she helps in the battle as she is capable of Chi fire blast. they destroyed the Mafia members.

The Revival of Sarabi

Sarabi is Revived and she joins in with the other characters to battle Sarabi the Demon Gator. Aleena is is the first to land a hit on her and follows up by Pummeling her but Sarabi had enough and kicked her into a mountain. But Aleena got up and came back for more to protect Dee. and ended up getting defeated but not killed.

The Raging True Aryan, Justin

Aleena Accompanies Sonia with them to the arctic in order to find the purple gator tooth amulet, and a space ship lands. Samuel and Justin step off the ship and attacks Evan. Evan tells her and Sonia to take the plane back to Empire City. Kollan, Evan, Troy, and Dee fight Justin and Justin ends up joining the heroes after killing his evil father to protect the guys.

The Clones of Dee & Kollan

Bolt kidnaps Sonia and forces her against her will to make Clones of Kollan and Dee then he releases her and she finds Aleena then Evan & Troy and the others. but it's too late Kivuli and Kiyoshi along with Bolt are attacking Dee, Kollan, Jenny, Amy, Bobo, Frost, Fedha, & Kasumi in the other side of the city.

Lord Blue is Revived and his plan of wold domination

Aleena is babysitting Blossom (Much to her Dismay) and is not present in this part while Kollan, Evan, Dee and Troy fight King Blue.

8th Gator Tooth Tournament and Kollan & Dee's Advancements in power

She is at the tournament to Cheer on Dee, Troy, Kollan, Evan, Justin, & Brian.

The Assault of a Raging Aryan under Bolt & Samuel's control

she is the first one to meet Kollan & tries to reason with a mind controlled Kollan who they've made a raging Aryan and he fights her, she tries to free him but is unable too.

2 year time skip and the 10th Gator Tooth Tournament

Aleena signs up to be in the tournament and gets put up against Kollan's revived Biological mom Karen and they fight and are very fast much to the surprise of the audience. Aleena comes out the winner. aleena is helping during the fight with Sarabi

Gator Tooth X

A Reunion Goes Wrong and the Syndromians Attack

Aleena is at Dee's Birthday when the 3 strangers attack. she helps during the fight while Sonia is relaxing.

The Evil Emperor, Lord Mega Zonian

Aleena help evacuate the city while the Gator Team Men fight Zonian as well as Kate and Mar help them

The Mutated Bee of DOOM

Aleena is fighting in the chrome tournament games