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Anna is one of the few few main villains of the Gator Tooth Franchise. She is a Space Dragon/Human Hybrid who had her Dragon Powers locked away for most of her life by Courtney and Hail who were afraid of his Brother Mega Zonian coming to earth and Slaughtering the inhabitance.


Anna is a tan skinned, short blonde hair, and brown eyes with a physically attractive slender build. She also wears pearl-shaped earrings and commonly seen in her red cheerleading outfit due to her love for showing off her body.


Anna is nothing more but a snobbish, heartlessly evil, and selfish person who views herself as better then other girls in school and only desiring to be the most popular girl in school possible. She lacks manners of modesty and likes to wear her cheerleader outfit (even having the privilege by the teachers) and show off her attractive physique, especially to her crush, Ethan Flash. She hates failure and always strives to be on top no matter what. Anna is very cold-hearted with no regard for the feelings of others, such as when she recorded Jenny moving a Rollercoaster believing it was a giant man-eating snake and posted on her 4 million subbed Youtube channel, or manipulating Jenny into believing there's treasure underneath her house and lifting it up just so she can cruelly make fun of her gullibility. She's as bad-mouthed as Amy is and they have an occasionally stereotypical blonde girl rivalry. But unlike Amy, Anna doesn't learn from her mistakes and isn't a good person whatsoever, while Amy was just misunderstood and deep down really cares for Jenny while Anna hates Jenny. She hates Syndromians (although she isn't familiar with them in the earlier games and anime), Mongooses, and Aryans due to her Space Dragon heritage. She eventually changes her ways after her dragon potion is destroyed, begging Dee for his help to save Jenny from going down the path of evil, and apologizes to Jenny and everyone else for her crimes committed against them in genuine remorse, as she decides to be one with her good self to be accepted by them and give her a chance.


The Birth Of Mega Anna

On February 24, 2002. Hail and Courtney have a baby girl together. But Hail convinces her to bring her back to Earth so she can be safe from the rest of his Troops due to their hate for humans. Since then, 10 years later, Anna was a Human/Dragon Hybrid who didn't know how to tap into her powers until her father, Hail unleashed it.

Gator Tooth

Anna (Red Cheerleader).png

The Sarabi Saga

Anna is in the same class with Dee.

7th Gator Tooth Tournament Saga

Anna prepares for her fight against Jenny. Almost defeating her, but Jenny manages to defeat her after blasting her through the Tournament walls.

Aryan Saga

Anna's Mansion roof gets destroyed by Cyrus, much to her anger, though Cyrus, sensing her evil, spares her.

Demon Goddess Venus Saga

Anna practices cheerleading with her friends, but when Jenny desparetly wants to be in it, she attempts to humiliate her at a carnival.

Lord Tooth Saga

Anna is out on vacation with her royal family, gloating in Jenny's face that she'll be at school.

Legend of the Aryans Saga

Anna helps Sarabi get Justin into her possession, alongside Sam who is as willing to torment Justin as much as Sam himself is.

Evil Robots Saga

Anna frames Jenny by taking a picture of Metal Jenny and fabricating it to make it look like Jenny's a criminal.

Villainous Clones Saga

Anna is shopping and Kivuli destroys her mom's car.

King Blue Saga

Anna helps King Blue kidnap Jenny.

Anne Saga

Anna and Anne reunite as they were childhood friends until Anna had to move.

Anna and Her Dragon Squad Saga

Anna's father Hail, offers her friends Dragon potions to become Anna's sisters and Anna, much to her delight, uses herself and her newfound sisters to bully Jenny again, but Hail, out of anger of their bullying, turns good and becomes a more strict and stern father towards his spoiled daughter.

The New Sarabi Saga

Anna teams up with Sarabi and her sisters to formulate another plan to bully Jenny.

Anna (Evil).png

Anne's Redemption Saga

Anna reunites with Anne, as they were childhood friends.


Anna as the final antagonist, finally unlocks her powers and uses them to brutally beat up Jenny long enough to use her Dragon form.

Vampier Arc

Anna is defeated by Jenny and then arrested. However, not for long, until a new girl in town, Vampier and her royal Family arrive and becomes attracted to Dee after he saved her from drowning in a lake. Anna, persuades her to free her and she'll help her get Dee if she helps her get her revenge on Jenny in return, they agree to work together. Unfortunately for both Dee and Bobo, Vampier and Rachael kidnaps Dee and Bobo them brings them to her palace in differnt bedrooms and forces him to stay as a new member and be her prince in the future and both are forced to have sex with them. Afterwards, when the two fall asleep, Dee and Bobo work together to escape Vampier's palace, but afterwards are now wanted fugitives from the palace.

Anna (Yellow Cheerleader).png

Jennifer Saga

Anna helps Vampier find Dee and Bobo along with a massive guard search party for the two, including her two friends Jamie (who is also smitten by Dee) and Sam. Anna offers DEREK to kill Jenny in exchange for her palace, while also offering Vampier, as a way to be Dee forever, capture him, as he is still wanted by the Vampier Royal Guard. Anna succeeds in her goal and watches in delight as Jennifer is created but Jenny returns to try and stop Anna again, but unfortunately, Jennifer is obsessed with her death, as she confirms herself to be her, but better. Ruthlessly beating her up. Meanwhile, Dee, oblivious of the fight, is abducted by Vampier while at an arcade with Bobo and taken to her lab for her to possess him, leading only up to Bobo to rescue him.

Dre and Jennifer Saga

Vampier succeeds, but Bobo manages to get him back into himself by splitting her conscious seperately into another version of Dee, now known as Dre, while Dee himself is now unconscious. Bobo returns him home and he's back in shape.

Mashetani Saga

Anna, out of current dislike of Jenny, absorbs her soul and manages to wipe out everyone, except Dee's, memories of Jenny and takes over her Kingdom out of jealousy that everyone likes her more then her. Then she betrays Rachael by giving her away to Mashetani after she has turned good over her feelings for Bobo, and lets him become compatible with her soul to keep her on her side. In a final effort, she is forced to bring Jenny back to good, out of horror that her dragon potion has been destroyed, pleading for Dee's help to get Jenny normal again after she swallowed a pill after Jenny became one with her.

Good Anna Saga

Anna discovers her evil is getting worse and is forced to work together with her good conscious that was in her mind to defeat Jenny and trick her into swallowing the pill that will bring her good back.

Anna (Good Dragon.png

Anna's Redemption Saga

In Anna's final decision, knowing that she must pay for her crimes in the past, apologizes to Jenny and everyone else for everything she has done before parting ways into her good self, and become one, so she can forever live her life inside of her good body as she can't control her evil nature.

8th Gator Tooth Saga

Anna renters the Tournament, now an ally, and fights her former enemy, Jenny as the first round.

Chiara Saga

Anna goes on a vacation with Jenny's family.

Anna (Princess Outfit).png

Demon Saga

Taryn wreaks havoc on a Texas beach with Mechs and other various robots. She then drags Lucifer with her back to the Demon Land Palace to begin a ritual to be inside of him so she can rule her Kingdom.

DEREK & Sarabi's Return Saga

Sarabi, still salty about Dee unaware of her feelings for him, brings DEREK with her for some city destruction, all lights go out in Jenny's palace and everybody in the dark are mysteriously snatched one by one, until it's only Dee and DEREK (Who at times lurked around with his orange glowing eyes) are left that a dark and suspenseful fight occurs. With Skedel's book, he summons skeletons to try and bring him to Sarabi, then they all fail. After Dee finally reaches the other side of the living room, he finds the power switch and turns it back on, giving away DEREK's location and finally defeats him. Unfortunately, Sarabi kidnaps Dee to make out before anyone can return from abduction in the mysterious horror like game, only left confused of his disappearance. Anna searches for him, but Sarabi erased her chi to be untraceable, causing Dee's wherabouts to be unknown, allowing Sarabi enough time she wants with make out fun with him.

Kollan's Real Self Saga

Sarabi manages to get Dee to have s*x with her, but not long enough until the final Tournament of the year begins, the 9th Tournament. Anna finally finds them and threatens to have her guards arrest her. Sarabi, however, makes a deal with Jenny, implying that if Dee wins, he can stay Jenny's boyfriend, and if Sarabi wins, Dee will be her boyfriend, much to Anna's unease. Dee manages to defeat her and is finally reunited with Jenny.

Gator Tooth X

Anna (Exercize).png

The Syndromian Saga


The Zonian Saga

The Anti-Syndromian Saga


Mega Brittney Saga

Anna is forced to help Brittney.

The Chrome Saga

Anna watches on tv.

The Kubwa Saga

Anna is killed during Kubwa's explosive rampage. She is brought back to life by Kollan.

Gator Tooth Ultimate

The Mzuka Saga


Movie Appearances

Gator Tooth X: Jutarou

Anna helps Jenny train to fight Jutarou.

Gator Tooth X: Battle of Dimensions

Anna Goes to the Dimension Tournament to help Jenny win.

Gator Tooth X: Zonian's Returns

Anna confronts Zonian and tries fighting him, but is easily defeated.


Dee- Anna can't stand him. She finds his friendship with Bobo weird and unnatural often calling him an "Animal Whisperer" as well. Though she at least tolerates his presence more then Kollan's.

Bobo- Though they barely interact, Anna finds him annoying. She likes to take advantage of his curiosity and innocent-nature behavior and manipulate him in wrong things. She also likes using him as the school mascot often mocking him as he's designed after a painting of himself.

Amy- Anna doesn't get along with her at all. She doesn't understand why she would defend a "stupid little girl" and makes fun of the fact that she dates a boy 1 foot her size.

Brook- Anna and Brook are best friends. They enjoy trying to make Jenny's day miserable whenever they can. Brook is the only girl who understands her.

Ashelin- Ashelin and Anna are also good friends and they're as bad as she is at times. She also tries helping her have her revenge on Dee for getting into a girl's pool, regardless if it was an accident.

Kollan- Anna hates Kollan a lot (though not as much as Jenny considering she ends up becoming her main villain enemy) and views him as an annoying and immature for his age who is stuck in their school (despite being 6 years older then Dee but because of becoming Sarabi he became 7 years younger now he's one year younger then Dee) and meddles with her daily routines and rarely left alone from his endless stupidity.

Blossom- Though they never interact, it's clear that they don't like each other.

Kasumi- Anna hates Kasumi and views her trying to dress like Jenny as pathetic and "wannabe" and mocks the fact she dates a moron who then becomes a girl.

Jenny- Anna hates Jenny the worst out of anybody ever. She finds her very annoying, ditzy, and aggravating and she always gets in trouble at school because of her, even if it wasn't her fault. She always tries to avoid her at all times, but regardless Jenny finds her. Thus, this rough exterior helped turn her into her worst enemy ever.

Anne- Anna was once her friend, but when she became allies with Dee, she now felt backstabbed.

Squad Girls- The girls admire their leader and want to be as good of a dancer as Anna is.

Powers and Abilities

  • Dragon's Fire Breath
  • Death Finger Beams
  • Dragon Spike Attack
  • Teleportation
  • Speed
  • Superhuman reflexes
  • Super Dragon (Transformation)
  • Joka Twirl

Anna's Joka Twirl


Anna (Hammer).png


Assassin Swords


. Deiontre Carter often gets her name mixed up or confused with Anne due to their same spelling but different last letters at the end.

. Anna is basically Terra from Teen Titans in a way: Both are manipulative and evil, pretend to be good for the sake of not giving themselves away. And both are cold-hearted and selfish girls who hate someone very much for how exhaustingly annoying they are to them (Terra and Beast Boy; Anna and Jenny).

. Anna represents the life lesson of the dark side of what Amy would've became if she let her impatience with Jenny's annoying personality turn her into a cruel person instead of embracing her new Mongoose form and become the heroine she was meant to be.

. Anna is the 3rd most evil of all GT Girls, besides Anne at 1st place and Sarabi at 2nd.

. Anna out of everybody hates Jenny the absolute most, as she finds her annoying and below her. She considers Dee "The Animal Whisperer" because of his friendship with Bobo, and Kollan as an "Irritating Grown man she's stuck in school with" due to him being in Sarabi's look.

. Anna is basically similar to Cheetah from DC Comics as they both are female figures trying to be better then the Heroines Wonder Woman and Jenny.

. Anna (similarly to Anne and Jodi) has an habit of dreaming sexual fantasies i their sleep, as she dreams of making out with Ethan.

. Anna (besides Mileena) is basically Amy's dark side if she didn't change over her acquaintanceship with Jenny.

. Her Supervillain origin is very similar to Cheetah from Wonder Woman, as her being Jenny's arch-nemesis is similar to Cheetah, who was originally a human being but both discovered something new of themselves and drastically changed for the worst. Though Deiontre Carter has stated before that he only ever saw her until seeing Wonder Woman 1984 in theaters and therefor has no familiarity with the Villain, but he admits that Jenny and Anna's rivalry feels similar to Wonder Woman and Cheetah's. Though, the difference being, while Cheetah was once her friend then enemy, Anna hated Jenny from the start. Though Jenny didn't realize it because all she ever wanted was to be in their cheering group.

Anna is mostly what Jenny would be if she were raised by someone like Hail and not her current circumstances.

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