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Anne is the oldest of Nakia's sisters and the leader of the trio of female criminals.


Anne is your average stereotypical spoiled teenage girl, buying fancy expensive clothes, cars and food and obsessed with boys and throws bratty tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants. She thinks very highly of herself and is extremly vain, constantly worrying about the looks of her clothes, hair, or face at all times and despises filth. She is overly pampered by her parents and this has led to her enjoying life indoors rather then experience time outside. Nakia is highly jealous of her sisters, as they display better looks then herself, which Anne wasn't afraid to rub in her face as Nakia is described as the runt of the four sisters. Anne is also very selfish, as she's only interested in her own activities and doesn't really show any remorse for the crimes she does. She is also a stuck-up and sometimes cruel bully, as she loves making fun of and mocking people she sees an inferior to her, such as Dee (for his social awkwardness and cluelessness wonder to the female species) and Bobo (for his height). Despite her manipulative personality, underneath her ego she's at least good in some aspects. Where she reluctantly agreed to go out with Dee so she wouldn't go back to Hell. She also agreed to play one last round of games with them, plus before she went to bed. Despite at least having slightly good traits, she's also really greedy, often buying more wants rarher then needs, though there's no consequences for it, because she and her sisters are very very rich, rivaling even Jenny's wealth. She also has a slightly dirty viewpoint of questions involving matters with her, for example, in the "Anne's Redemption Arc Saga" episode 1, Anne leaves Hell when trying to be a better person and hang out with her sisters. When Dee asks her if he and Bobo could go with her to the Hot Springs Spa with her, she reluctantly accepts (even though the place is for girls but she left that part out just to mess with him so he could be beaten by aggressive girls) and confused as to why at the same time. When Dee admits they went to test her level of kindness and learn manners, she immediately snaps and thought he wanted to be in the same watering hole as her so they could have PDA (Public Display Of Affection) or private sexual intamcy. Second example was she went in the bathroom to change, then Dee asks her to open the door to see if she slipped on the ground due to wet feet, then she immediately misheard this as "Can I come in so we can have sex?" (considering the fact she admits before the question she was nude at the moment) she almost always thought it, given how much of a sl#t on the inside she is at times. Or when Kasumi says Tammie demands her to sleep over at Dee's, only for her to say "Why? So we can do love stuff? Pfft, gross." She isn't without her good traits though, as she's smart and intellectual, despite everybody assuming she's a dumb teenager. She can't go a day without a bath, due to her constant whining of being smelly or dirty.


Anne is a slender attractive young woman with very long brunette hair in cotton ball shapes, yellow eyes, and medium-sized breasts. She wears a blue slightly revealing dress, a necklace with a red diamond on it, and long suggestive black silky pants along with black and sometimes blue dress shoes. She also has a black heart tattoo on her left arm.


Gator Tooth[]

Anne Saga[]

Three teenage Grootslang girls wreak havoc and cause chaos across Lake Charles. They enjoyed sucking blood for fun, biting innocent people, bullying whoever they find beneath them and stealing everything they want for themselves. Anne Jill and Sue were eventually arrested, with their leader Anne sent to Hell and they were forced to behave or else they'd join her. Forced to help the city citizens instead.

Anna and Her Dragons Saga[]

The New Sarabi Saga[]

Kollan Becomes his Original Self after finding out he's Sarabi and Anne

Anne's Redemption Saga[]

After escaping Hell due to lonliness, complaints of lack of moisturizer and luxury baths, Anne returns to desperately lead again. But under one condition, to care for and help others. Anne agrees, then goes to the Hot Springs Spa with Dee and Bobo. After Good Anne takes an embarrassing picture of Anne and Dee touching each other to keep Dee above the water, she uses it as blackmail to force her into helping other people and teasingly calling Dee her boyfriend, though she denies it. Sue and Jill take pictures and they give Anne a decision of either going out with Dee (Or Emilio but is a girl unbeknown to her) to better herself or go back to Hell and gives her 10 seconds to decide. Before they can say 1, out of fear she blurts out Dee and everyone is shocked (especially Bobo who jaw-dropped). She tries claiming it was a stutter and she meant Emilio, but the rules state whoever you say first, you get them as there's no take-backs. To make the tease even more humiliating, Kasumi reveals Dee's grandma Tammie wants her to sleepover and is assigned in the same bed with Dee as a date sleepover, much to her embarrassment and dismay. She takes a shower, plays a few quick games with Dee and Bobo, and gets changed into her pjs before she eventually has to feel the oddly awkward feeling of sleeping with a boy for the first time (while their cuddling was initially being spied on and ridiculed by Kollan, Blossom and Good Anne and her sisters), though after they heard him, Dee persuaded Kollan to give them some privacy for the night (though Anne thought he meant something naughty with her) and he did so. Anne then took a shower, put on her pajamas and got in the bed with Dee. Anne then was starting to get comfortable, until Dee started having an obnoxious snake fight dream (based on Aladdin "1992") and was grabbing her body, making her blush in humiliation. After he defeated it, he then kissed her on the lips (though she wasn't awake to be aware of this) mistaking her to be the girl in his dream he rescues. Then kissed her again and good Anne snaps a pic (who was briefly watching them sleep together) to show her sisters. Anne, meanwhile had a dream of her own, being pampered by her fantasy stud boyfriend (only for Kollan to interfere with it and turn it into Dee's head) along with her butlers from her actual mansion.

DEREK Saga[]

Jennifer Saga[]

Dre and Jennifer[]

Good Anna Saga[]

Anna's Redemption Saga[]

8th Gator Tooth Tournament Saga[]

Chiara Saga[]

Demon Saga[]

DEREK and Sarabi Return Saga[]

After Past More Evil Sarabi reveals herself and Enters the tournament to fight Dee. Anne watches Dee's fight with Sarabi and wishes him good luck.

Kollan's Real Self Saga[]

After Kollan has trouble accepting he is truly Sarabi Anne

Gator Tooth X[]

Syndromian Saga[]

Anne is out of town for vacation.

Ruby Saga[]

Zonian Saga[]

Anne watches Dee's fight with Zonian hoping he'll be safe.

Anti-Syndromian Saga[]

Anne is out of town training with Diamond.

Mega Brittney Saga[]

Anne turns Brittney into her zombie.

Cybernetic Organisms Saga[]

Chrome Saga[]

Anne watches the Chrome games.

Kubwa Saga[]

Anne celebrates Dee's victory over Kubwa with him


Powers & Abilities[]

Flight- She can use her wings to fly, meaning she doesn't rely on chi like most characters in the series.

Beauty- She uses her feminine smirks to whoo people. Also does her trademark blowing kiss when flying away.

Blood Absorbtion- She can suck blood from anything if she tried, from humans to wildlife.

Zombie creation- She can bite her victims on the neck and they turn into her race and become her servants under her orders. She makes a dark joke that she might even make Dee her zombie one day just to entertain herself.

Sex appeal- Anne is very seductive and uses her persuasions to trick people into believing she's on their side.

Manipulation- Anne is very intelligent, crafty and manipulative, even teaming up with Sara in crime, much to Dee's annoyance.

Really good liar- Really great at misleading people. Most likely learned from Sara.

Immortality- Anne is immortal and cannot die like usual people do. Her way of dying is being trapped in a soul bottle.

Death Wing- Uses her wings to mercilessly impale someone. Also bounces them up and down to apply more and more pressure.


Garlic- Like classic vampires, garlic is one of the few weaknesses of Grootslangs, but unlike in folklore where they explode, garlic only makes Grootslangs ill in the GT universe.

Sunlight- Unlike the folklore, where sunlight makes them shrivel, Grootslangs will get rashes from exposure to the sun, giving them pox-like pimples so they need excessive amounts of lotion and moisturizer to stop their skin from getting burning pimples.

Narcissism- Anne is a snobby narcissist who sees herself as extremely beautiful, clean and perfect, causing her to underestimate people she views as inferior to her so-called perfect self, such as Dee.

Dirty Thoughts- Anne loves hunky guys and thinks about their bodies all the time. This causes her to misunderstand honest and sincere guys like Dee, when he asks to do personal things with her she almost always misunderstands that he wants some "fun time" with her. She almost always mistakes every question about coming to be with her, or check on her and be next to her is some kind of sexual request.

Snobbery- Anne represents the definition of classic stuck-up teen girls, even referring to Dee and Bobo as "2nd class" as her negative examples of believing that she is better then others.

Bully- She is of 3 older sisters who possess superior looks compared to Nakia, often making fun of her for not carrying the better looks as she is considered "the runt of all four sisters". She also constantly picked on Bobo because he was short often cruelly taking his snacks and he fails to get them back, while she and her sisters coldly sings nicknaming him "Tiny Rat", destroying his confidence and leading him to want a human look for a while.

Ego- Anne has a bad habit of putting her needs and wants above others sometimes.

Spoiled Teenage Brat- She is a pampered and whiny girl who will rant and demand, even if said no. She'll also constantly worry for her personal hygiene which can often annoy those around her.


. Her character was inspired by Daisy from the Pokémon anime series. As they are both the older sisters of a girl who is ridiculed (Misty and Nakia) for not looking as beautiful as them. Also the oldest of all four and leader.

. Anne Jill and Sue, are a bit similar to the Arsenic Candy from Spider-Man, attractive young ladies who enjoy crime. Though unlike The Arsenic Candy, The Vampire Sisters become allies to Dee, with Anne becoming his 2nd love interest behind Jenny. . She was born in 1997, making Sue and Jill's births 1998 and 1999, meaning Nakia is born sometime in 2000, same as Dee.

. They're also based on the girl knights from Naruto Movie 2: Legend Of The Stone Of Gelel. As one of them were both vampire-like babes, which ended up getting sliced by a razor jutsu. They also were working for a male knight. Though the vampire sisters don't.

. Though she initially disliked him, Anne secretly admits she kinda likes him.

. She speaks in a stereotypical bratty valley girl voice, kind of like Daisy from the Pokémon anime series.

. Though she gets offended with Dee's strange requests and she assumes he's asking for something naughty, Anne secretly admits to her sisters that she would want to do it with him, revealing she kinda has a bit of a dirty side and sense of humor.