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Arachne is a Spider Girl and occurring villain of the Ghost series. She tried to brainwash Casey into being her boyfriend and kill Penelope.


Arachne is taunting, selfish and arrogant. She is very lethal and has abilities of a Black-Widow Spider, capable of injecting mind-control venom into the bloodstream and form her own army of mind-controlled henchmen. She is vain and always admiring her beauty, and it easily draws men to her, resulting in several bloody deaths.


Arachne is extremely beautiful, with everything on her black, except for the red gem on her dress.


Ghost the Blue Dog

Dallas Saga

Arachne disguises herself to a Human to date and make Casey a servant. However, her real body gets discovered by Ghost and Neville and she was arrested.



Lake Charles Saga

Arachne returns to try and mind-control Casey again.

New York Saga

Arachne tries turning the Citizens into Spiders.

Home Town Saga


Spirit of Queen Elizabeth Saga


Phoebe/Neville Saga

Arachne laughs at their possession, and is sent back to her world as comic relief.

Jackcrow Saga

Arachne makes an evil version of the Ghost Squad after allying herself with Cerberus, who becomes her dog.

Oooz Monster Saga

Arachne sends Cerberus after the team's traps to let out all of the ghosts they ever captured throughout the series to wreak havoc across the country. Then she is once again beaten.

Neville's Evil Body Saga


Gator Tooth

The New Sarabi Saga

Arachne possesses Casey and impersonates him to defeat the group.

Anne's Redemption Saga



She collaborates with DEREK to frame Dee.

Jennifer Saga

Arachne turns Aleena into a spider.

Dre and Jennifer Saga

Arachne kills several people with her spiders. She is defeated and banished back to her world. This is her final appearance in the Ghost and GT Crossover episodes.

Good Anna Saga


Mashetani Saga


8th Gator Tooth Tournament Saga


Chiara Saga


Demon Saga


DEREK & Sarabi's Return Saga


Kollan's Real Self Saga


Powers and Abilities

Mind-Control: Arachne can hypnotize, control and make move.

Web shooting: Given she's half-spider, Arachne can shoot webs and trap people in her webs.

Hypnosis Venom: Kind of like Nagini, Arachne uses spider venom to make the individual obey her commands.

Combat skills- Despite looking like a stereotypical weak beauty, she can actually throw a punch or two.


Ghost- She dislikes and wants to kill him.

Casey- She is attracted to him enough to make him her servant.

Cerberus- She admires his desire for destruction so much that he becomes her dog.


. She is inspired by the Spider Witch from Ghostbusters: The Video Game.

. She is named after Arachne The Weaver, a young weaver in Geek Mythology.