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"Ok. Enjoy the view up here with the pyscho squirrels. You died a hero! Wooo!" Bobo to Dee when they're being chased by strange squirrels Samuel wished for to steal the emeralds for him while he was in space and go down a long slide at a Waterpark in the fourth film."

Bobo (ボボ Bobo) is a little Alien Mongoose, he's very strong and is very cute and innocent


Bobo is a small extraterrestrial mongoose with yellow fur and a tan stomach. He often wears orange wristbands.


Bobo is exceptionally technical and often assists Dee with all of his tools. He is really innocent and often takes food but doesn't know any better since he's just an animal. He is self-conscious about people calling him names but never Holds grudges with anyone. He is always looking on the bright side in every situation but sometimes his tools can cause trouble because he often forgets what to add, but never tries to hurt anyone intentionally with the gadgets he makes for Dee in his day to day adventures. Due to Claire's bullying, Bobo was initially an insecure and nervous young individual. He is eccentric and was filled with low self-esteem due to being bullied for his size by Claire. He never really believed he could be a hero to anybody in life because of his short height. He's not one to complain about a problem or trick and often always accepts it, even if manipulated. He has a hard time trying to have faith in himself because he doesn't feel as big as his friends or as useful. When there's at least situations, he is a quick thinker and Dee's smart useful sidekick. He is an innocent taker and eats whatever he finds unaware if it's someone else's food. He also has amnesia, due to living alone from his parents for 10 years and sometimes forgets, as his most self-loathing trait.


Before Gator Tooth

He was sent to Earth to avoid being sold to a fur coat business by Galactic forces. 6 years later, he escaped from a circus by following the smell of Dee's food to his house. Although this escape was out of curiosity rather than pressure by Claire's mocking and mistreatment and bullying of him.

Gator Tooth

The Beginning of the Journey

He actually accidentally drops an alarm clock on Dee's head and they rush to school and meets a Teenage girl named Kasumi.

7th Gator Tooth Tournament

Bobo attends Dee's first fight.

Lord Tooth is Released

Bobo helps Dee defeat him using his tools.

The Attack of Prince Evan Jackson

Bobo along with Dee, Kollan, and Jenny are facing Evan.

Justin, The Slave forced to fight

Bobo helps Justin escape Sam's prison whole the others are fighting Samuel after he scales the vents.

The Evil Clones Of Kollan, Evan, Dee

Dr. Bolt insists Scarlet and Jimmy create clones of Dee, Evan and Kollan.

Lord Blue is revived and plans of world domination

Dee rushes to Skedel's Palace to save Jenny and defeat King Blue (A Goblin who kidnapped Gerrel as a baby).

8th Gator Tooth Tournament and Kollan & Dee's Advancements in power

Dee and his friends return to another fight in the Tournament.

Meeting Kollan's friends from the Past

Dee meets more of Kollan's friends from his childhood.

The Assault of a Raging True Aryan under Bolt & Samuel's control

Dr. Bolt abducts Justin and he uses his Aryan powers to assault his friends by his control. An assassin named Maauji is recruited to track down and kill Dee.

9th Gator Tooth Tournament and Nguvu and King's Revenge for Muuaji

Nguvu and King arrive in the Tournament to defeat Dee.

Dee, Bobo, Jenny, & Amy Travels in Time and Meets Kid Kollan, Kid Kasumi, Kid Troy, Kid Sally, Kid Sonia, & Kid Josie and Time Traveling Bolt

Amy creates a time machine and has her friends volunteer to explore the past, especially making Bobo come.

Sonia arrives in Empire City and Dee learns more of Kollan's Adventures

Bobo is reading a manga and unaware he's reading the wrong way.

Annoyance of Kollan's Zipper Shenanigans

Bobo is making tools with Amy.

10th Gator Tooth Tournament and 2 Years of Peace goes by

Bobo attends the 10th tournament and watches Dee fight Sarabi.

Gator Tooth X

A Reunion Goes Wrong and the Syndromians Attack

Bobo is celebrating Dee's 20th birthday until 3 strangers, Kate Mar and Sig send him away to Death Forest.

The Evil Emperor, Lord Mega Zonian

Bobo watches Dee's fight with Mega Zonian, hoping he'll beat him.

Mega Brittney's Revenge on Dee

Bobo helps Dee and his kids fight back against Brittney.

The Mutated Bee of DOOM

Chrome becomes a sentient Drone Bee and absorbs 3 fighters Nane, Siba and Sita. Afterwards, he hosts the Chrome Survival Tournament in his hive. Bobo roots for Dee.

War with the Anti-Syndromians

Bobo uses the venom against Ora and her clan.


Bobo from the Game Universe.

Bobo (Game Universe)

His main appearance in the video games.

Bobo in the Anime Universe

Bobo (Anime Universe)

Bobo's appearance in the anime adaptation of the games.

Bobo from a Universe where the scrapped versions of the Characters Live

Bobo (Scrapped Universe)

His appearance in the scrapped universe.

Bobo from the Movie Universe

Bobo (Movie Universe)

Bobo in the big-screen live-action films. He is a CGI Mongoose with a planned portrayal by Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire.


Electricity drainage- If they use too much electricity, they will temporarily be drained of it and fall unconscious, making them vulnerable to attacks and ambushes.

Mongoose Ball Capture- There are balls used to capture them specifically. Especially invented by Cryus, an Aryan obssessed in capturing Bobo and Amy. Katie, who is also obssessed, also uses these when she's trying to capture him away from Dee.

Motion Sickness- Can't handle anything pass shaking, vibrations or even a rocket blasting off is enough to make him dizzy or vomit.

Abilities and Powers

Lightning Attacks- A trait alien mongooses possess, similarly to Syndromians, they can spark lightning and electrocute their opponents if harrased.

Speed- Bobo is as fast as Dee and can keep up with him.

Flight- He has a second tail he can grow out and use it to fly through the air for a limited time.

Superstrength- Despite their size, they can lift things larger then themselves, like bigger humanoids or earthlings.

Rage attacks- Bobo, similarly to Dee, will unleash angry fury. Except his is he gets a bit bulkier and has red eyes indicating anger. And then attack in the most devastating ways possible.

Chi- They can shoot fireball chi or any other kind of chi.

Climbing- They have sticky paws, and can climb up surfaces and trees like a squirrel.

Venom immunity- They are immuned to venom, especially from a snake and eat scorpions with very little problems.

Digging- Thanks to their sharp claws, they can shift their own body weight in dirt in seconds.


. Bobo is the series' Tails.

. He is somewhat similar to Pikachu from the Pokemon' Franchise.

Both are small yellow animals with lightning abilities and are often always seen on the shoulders of Dee (Gator Tooth) and Ash (Pokemon).

. He gets tomatoes confused with potatoes.

. He has a fear of girls because of their lustful personalities scaring him, especially Amy.

. He is planned to be voiced by Tobey Maguire in the live-action movie, though Deiontre isn't yet sure who should voice him in the video games. For Video games, he is currently thinking of Zach Callison, the voice of Steven from the Cartoon Network animated series Steven Universe.

. His design, as well as Amy's was based on Daxter from Jak and Daxter.

. Bobo is modeled after the real-life yellow mongoose.

. He owns a plane similarly to Tails, but barely drives it unless there's a big mission.

. He has amnesia due to being an orphan and not being taught basic memory skills.

. Claire is possibly one of the reasons Bobo is afraid of girls, due to her constant bullying of him and he didn't like being her friend but was too intimated to tell her how he feels.