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Dee, born Prince Dasheen is the main protagonist of the Gator Tooth Series. Dee is a Syndromian originally sent to Earth as an infant. He constantly strives and trains to be the greatest warrior possible, which has kept the Earth and the universe safe from destruction many times

Concept and Creation[]

Dee is based off Aladdin, a legendary figure from the Aladdin Story, Aladdin And The Magic Lamp.


Dee is a brown skinned Syndromian with long curls on his hair and dark brown eyes inherited from his mother Shauna. He is shown to be fairly good looking as well, often flattering the attention of multiple females, much to his awkward unexpecting. He often is seen in black and white Nike sneakers. He is also athletically fit with a slender and slight muscular build.


Dee is a very geeky and socially awkward person. He is often unaware of what to say at the last moment and often forgetting about how to handle a situation. But despite these weaknesses, he's not as dumb as he believes himself to be, as it's only his Autism traits that hold him back and make him feel like he isn't normal to the rest of society occasionally. He can be a bit impulsive but he's certainly fairly Intelligent especially for a preteen. As he's often seen reading science books and fairly good with technology and technically answering intellectual questions that even he doesn't know he can answer. Despite his rather shy and awkward side he also has one to that of a stereotypical Teenage boy. He was a very Sassy kid to his rude teachers and doesn't care about rules. This is however due to his rather unstable upbringing, as he was not raised by his mom for the majority of his early childhood through adolescence to understand responsibility and lived with his grandparents Eavy and Tammie Simen. Despite his attitude coming off cocky and brash, he is actually just a very humble person who has a hard time finding his place in anything that he does and always does the righteous thing no matter how hard things get for his family and friends. He also has an unstable obsession with Skateboarding, trail mix and worst of all, BLTs. Arguably his most favorite dish. He is shown to be more serious, smart and cautious in most situations than his friend Kollan is, and only fights when he has to in order to gain a victory for his friends and family rather than for the fun of it, often getting upset over Kollan's reckless decisions to fight for a good battle rather than taking the threats they deal with seriously, Often leading Sonia to ask "How come Kollan wasn't like this when he was a kid??!" When she noticed how much more of a serious and smart person Dee can be despite his outgoing nature.



Dee is a strong middle School kid from the Oak Park Zone. When he is on his way to school, he meets Jenny and many other friends along the way. He was bored with his unpopular life, looking for excitement and thrill. He met a Gator genie named Chechere along with his Mongoose sidekick, Bobo. He apparently made the arch-nemesis of Dr. Theo Bolt, an evil genius scientist who constantly plots world domination and constantly loses to Dee. And is the Franchise's main antagonist. He constantly was always ready to take him down always saving the town from his plots.

Gator Tooth Animated Series[]

The Sarabi Saga[]

One day after getting a clock hit on his head, he is in a hurry to get to his School on the Dee Carter Tooth which her father is in to unleash him and rule her town with him in her possession, he defeats her.

7th Gator Tooth Tournament Saga[]

After Dee has brought Amulets back in the land, his grandpa's tournament is back after years of cancelation as there were no Amulets to compete with. While it's his first time, he is intimidated but eventually makes it after he discovers his bizarre powers.

Aryan Saga[]

Demon Goddess Venus Saga[]

Lord Tooth Saga[]

After Sarabi steals back her Tooth from a sleepover at Amy's house, Jenny fights her to get it back, however, she manages to unleash him again and almost no one manages to beat him, he critically injured Dee and Kollan is killed, Kasumi and Jenny rush him to the hospital placing him next to Bobo (who wakes up from his shivering of the cold) and Dee tells him they beat him, but they're given bad news when they find out Kollan's dead after rushing him to a room.

Legend of the Aryan Saga[]

Evil Robots Saga[]

Villainous Clones Saga[]

Bolt's Father manages to collect the DNA of Dee Justin and Kollan to create the alternative versions of themselves. One of the most notable he created was Kivuli, a cynical and menacing counterpart that resembles Dee. He's considered by many as "the mysterious being" due to his unknown whereabouts and the fact he prefers to stay out of the public eye because of his despising of humans. His upbringing is what causes him to prefer staying away from anyone he considers a threat due to his own mistrust towards humans and how they regard him. He is often mistaken for Dee and all of his abilities are very identical to and Rival if not better than Dee himself.

King Blue Saga[]

Skedel finds his book and finally masters to bring his son Blue out so he can steal back Jenny for Dr. Bolt. He ambushes the city and causes havoc imprisoning Jenny to be their servant from now on. Dee and Bobo struggled through a blizzard but eventually finally managed to get to Skedel's Palace to fight Blue and save her. But he is accidentally killed by Dee's sword and Gerrel is left fatherless with only Dee worried about revealing the truth (and that Gerrel discovers he's not really a Goblin but a humanoid who's been taken by his real parents and trying to discover his real identity). He forgives him for the incident and finds out he was the bad version of his real dad.

Anne Saga[]

Anna and Her Dragon Squad Saga[]

The New Sarabi Saga[]

Anne's Redemption Saga[]

DEREK Saga[]

Vampier Arc[]

Jennifer Saga[]

Dre and Jennifer Saga[]

Mashetani Saga[]

8th Gator Tooth Tournament Saga[]

After the defeat of Blue, angered by the kill, Skedel sends in the assassins Muuaji and Tina to investigate and find Dee. Meanwhile at the Tournament, Dee and Kollan are training for their next big match. That is until Muuaji, disguised as a competitor, steps in so he can assassinate Dee. He managed to sends a Dagger through his chest, but luckily, the hit wasn't fatal because Dee forgot to take off his metal gear he was wearing to overcome Mecha Dee's punches. When Dee and Bobo are playing Games at home alone, Jenny invites Kollan's friends over to her house for a fun day and she brings Dee over to meet everybody.

Chiara Saga[]

Demon Saga[]

DEREK & Sarabi's Return Saga[]

Kollan's Real Self Saga[]

Gator Tooth X[]

The Syndromian Saga[]

2 years later after the defeat of Sarabi at the 10th tournament, Dee is enjoying his 20th birthday party with friends and family. But things are unfortunately interrupted when 3 strangers, Mar Kate and Sig arrive, crash it and banish Dee to Death Forest for never returning to Planet Purple to help his royal heirlooms, due to suffering a diagnosis of autism at just 3 years old, making him forget his royal responsibilities. He manages to return after given directions from Wyse the Dwarf and faces the 3. After his huge battle with Mar, he admits that they needed his help to face an even bigger threat...... which they have 2 years to prepare for.

The Zonian Saga

Angered Syndromians are living on Earth. He sends Ruby's girls to investigate and take them all out. Rubyz a young woman who can Steal bodies of her opponents, steals Jenny's body masquerading as her to get close to Dee, who she is in love with. Jenny finally breaks out and defeats her for her body back. 2 years later in 2022, the group are forced to relocate on a side of town where the air is polluted due to alien battle from Dee and Mar. They wait for Zonian to arrive while Dee is trying to get himself ready to finally meet the destroyer of his world in person.

The Anti-Syndromian Saga[]

With the help of Kuvili's knowledge, Dee plans a way to fight off evil alternatives of themselves in a battle for the fate of the city.

Mega Brittney Saga[]

Brittney is salty about the defeat of Zonian and prepares for a way she can kill him herself when no one is there with him.

Cybernetic Organisms Saga[]

The Chrome Saga[]

One day after coming home from College, Dee accidentally steps on a Bee. It then gets mutated by Bolt's father Dr. Techno and now named Chrome, wants revenge on Dee by turning him into his bee servant.

The Kubwa Saga[]

Gator Tooth Ultimate[]

The Mzuka Saga[]


Dragon Form Phase 1

Legendary Dragon Avatarr (Phase 1)[]

Dee uses his chi to create a giant dragon avatar, which surrounds his body.

Legendary Dragon (Full Power)[]

Dee uses 100% of his chi to make himself a huge dragon.

Dee in Bio-Syndromian


The ancient power that only one of the most powerful Syndromian fighters in the galaxy can achieve, the first time it is seen is during the Mega Zonian saga after Zonian tried assaulting Jenny, and Dee circles storms around his body bringing it to life as he proceeds to take him down for the last time.

Dee in Bio-Syndromian Mbili

Bio-Syndromian Mbili[]

The second state of the Cat-like deadly form of Syndromians.

Dee in Bio-Syndromian Tatu

Bio-Syndromian Tatu[]

The largest and most devastating form of the Syndromian race yet. In this state, lightning and fire manipulation are more deadly, claws are stronger, and teeth grow sharper than ever.

Dee in Bio Syndromian Nne

Bio Syndromian Nne[]

Dee's strongest Bio state. In this form he can move easier without straining his body from constant shocking so that he can be in water.

Dee in the Lightening God Form

Lightening God[]

A Form passed down to Dee by Kiwanuka when Dee becomes the God of Lightening

Dee as a Bio-Syndromian Red a God Form

Bio-Syndromian Red[]

Dee in his blue form

Bio-Syndromian Blue[]

Dee in his Green

Bio-Syndromian Green[]


Big Panther[]

A Giant Panther form of Syndromians. One of their most dangerous forms.

dee in hyperspace


When his body becomes bright and it moves him faster than normal.

Dee's from other Universes[]

Dee Carter (Movies)[]

Dee Carter (Games)[]

Dee Carter (Comics)[]

Dee Carter (The Next Generation)[]

Dee Carter (The Adventures of King Evan)[]

Lord Dee[]

Abilities and Powers[]

Superhuman speed- A Genetic trait of all Syndromians, Dee alone is the fastest and most powerful Syndromian in the universe. Although his power can have both its ups and downs, one being too fast for typical enemy attacks, and the con being his power often causes collateral damage and is often hunted by from scientists, hunters and assassins who'd want to examine him for his bizarre abilities.

Advanced Strength- Dee is very strong and arguably the Franchise's most powerful hero, even surpassing the efforts of most of his other Alien oriented friends like Evan and Kollan.

Barrier Smashing- Dee can flip into the air, jump towards a wall, fence or glass and smash through it with his body.

Lightning manipulation- Dee's power revolves around usage of lightning, and is able to regenerate himself from exhaustion by channeling electricity from wires, street poles and power boxes.

Crushing teeth- Dee's teeth are really sharp, when he's hungry he can squeeze on a person's arm if he wanted to.


Fur removal- If someone were to collect his fur, it'd disrupt his normal running.

Water- Due to having electrical bodies, Syndromians cannot go in water without protective clothes, or else they'll be shocked.

Hunger- Syndromians are physically Panthers who have become civilized over periods of time have passed. If they go to long without food, they will become ravenous uncontrollably and will try to eat whatever they see. To fix this problem, dart it, cage it, then feed it food and the individual will return to normal again.


. He is an anime version of Deiontre Carter, the creator of the franchise.

. He was also inspired by Jak from the Jak and Daxter video game series.

. He is the main protagonist of the series.

. He serves as the Sonic of GT, while Kollan is SA's Mario.

. Besides everything else, he's most basically Goku of Gator Tooth, but somewhat improved and are completely different.

. Goku only fights for fun, while Dee does it to protect people of the galaxy.

. Goku is stupid, Dee isn't.

. Dee takes martial arts seriously and constantly tries to better himself in order to protect others.

. Dee does not ditch his family to train.

. Despite being the Goku of the franchise, he's kind of got more in common with either Gohan or Trunks. He was also created as GT's Sonic The Hedgehog.

Weirdly enough, in the DB Universe, Dee and Trunks are about the same age. Dee is just a year older then Trunks.

. While his best friend is Krilin, who is a human, his best friend is Bobo, who is a talking Mongoose.

. He is very similar to Ash from the Pokemon Franchise, as they both have a little yellow animal companion (Bobo and Pikachu) who sparks yellow electricity from their bodies.

. Unlike Ash, though, Dee actually grows up.

. His relationship with Bobo is much like Sonic and Tails from the Sonic The Hedgehog Series.

. His life growing up, as explained by Deiontre Carter is basically coming-of-age Sonic.

. He is considered by many girls of the franchise as one of the most handsome boys, much to his discomfort, and he'd rather a girl who likes him for who he is rather then looks. The reason is because Dee believes girls to be shallow and selfish because all they care about is an attractive guy rather then their characteristics as a person.

. He has a habit of getting easily annoyed, especially with Kollan's antics but learned to be patient with it.

. He is apparently the african american equivalent of Superman. Except in normal clothes he doesn't wear glasses.

. His background is also a bit similar with The Flash.