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"With great hard work comes great determination. " - Deiontre Carter

Deiontre Carter is an American gamer and the Creator of Gator Tooth, Android-Cat, Violet Starlight and Ghost The Blue Dog and is going to do the Game of Super Aryans by Creator Kollan Galloway.



. Dee and Kivuli (Gator Tooth)

Early and Current Life[]

Deiontre Carter was born on September 27, 2000 in Lake Charles, Louisiana as the third child of his mother, Shauna Simien and his father, Montai. He was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4 and from that point on, he needed to learn to embrace this characteristic, even if he didn't know it yet. Since Elementary School, he liked drawing and fell in love with several cartoons, like Dragon Ball Z and Spongebob to name a few. He often doodled on his class notebooks as a result of his obsession. Then by the time he was in Pre-K through first grade, he started to get introduced to video games after playing his older brother's playstation 2. Then when he was 12, he had gotten a PS2 of his very own by his great-grandma's friend who works at the McNeese post office. Then by age 14, whie he was still in 6th grade, his grandma bought him a Playstation 3 of his own. And his daily routine of watching cartoons and other various tv shows all the time gradually dwindled, and he became more evolved and interested into playing video games instead. Despite this different change of routine, and while he discovered something he loved more, he still aspired to be a cartoon animator, as he often struggled about which between the two to do first and often wrote down several scrapped stories, concepts, and characters he planned on making as pilots for his future ideas when he goes to college in his early teens to late adolescence. Then when he thought that he'd never have a good story to tell, one day on a vacation to Orlando, Florida in May of 2016, he was at a gas station in Baton Rouge and discovered a cool looking necklace that had an Alligator tooth on it. He tried to put it on, but accidentally broke it. Despite his impulsive accident, he got his big idea from the accident, he wondered "What if there was a story about me actually finding this and it had special abilities?" Then from that point on, he gradually came up with the origin of the Gator Tooth Series and has been expanding the idea for nearly 5 years. Then in June 2016, while playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse (which was his favorite video game at the time), while playing as his avatar named Dee (which is the anime version of himself who eventually became the franchise' titular character aling with many others becoming characters themselves), he encountered a female avatar named Kakagi Jackson, who was being controlled by a Youtube Gamer named AutisticSaiyan2 aka Kollan Galloway. They instantly became good friends even though it was only a few minutes, and from that point on, they became gaming friends and have done their absolute best to stay connected ever since their first ever meeting. In 2018, at age 17, Dee's guardians gave him the privilege to have a Facebook account, giving him the chance to add Kollan to it. Though his guardians became suspicious of him, thinking Dee met a stranger in their city somewhere and was keeping it a secret, much to his annoyance. In order to help Dee expand his series, they have done episode roleplays of Gator Tooth and its sequel series as an atrempt to try and add more story to it. By December 23, 2018, he and Kollan have then created the love interests of their characters Dee and Kollan. Kasumi and Jenny (who at the time was originally named Naomi), Dee decided to base Jenny off of Miracle, a girl from his youth class at church he had a crush on. On April 14, 2018, he came up with the earliest concept art of Henry (who was originally known as Hiro) Amy and Bobo, who he originally had referred to as fire weasels but changed to mongooses in late 2018 due to liking them alot. Then in late 2018, he had the idea of Amy originally being a human girl as a homage to Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, where Daxter fell into Dark eco and became an Ottsel. Kollan also helped make a few suggestions too, as it was his idea to make Amy Jenny's main companion, not Dee. By early 2019, Dee was starting to get more confident in his idea and often spends everyday after school trying to think up new characters, designing them, then labeling them all and dating them so he'll remember when he did it and often writes a quote about something exciting that happens the day he completes the art. In early 2019, he came up with Sarabi, a villainess that Kollan really responded to and became very popular with that he's done lots of fan art of and even named his profile after her in late 2020 as of right now. Then, on mother's day he came up with Venus, Sarabi's wicked mother. He also did the Gator Teeth and created a large cast of heroes and villains throughout the months, but he still needed help and a few suggestions from Kollan. In March 2020, he came up with the character of Josie, Kasumi's best friend and rival, but it was he who suggested the name. By late 2018, his series became a hit with Kollan, who has done countless fan arts of his soon to be world-famous video game characters and posted them several times on his Deviantart account. In mid 2020, he even helped him make a wiki about his series in order to get it out to the public a bit more, though it still has yet to be acknowledged as it's just another stepping stone. In September 2019, his grandma enrolled him in GED class so he can get his GED and use it to go to the Lafayette University. But due to Covid-19, his graduation day has been disrupted and he is still waiting desperately to return to school. His biggest dream as of right now is to get to the Lafyette University and finally be a real college kid meeting new friends. In 2018, he worked on art posters for two conventions, one a conference and one a Halloween party. He then left the school and moved onto SOWLEA TECH University. He is still working on his concepts but is still desperately waiting for school to return.


Dee is a Great Person and a Role Model to his friends Kollan, Evan, & Troy who are ironically older then him. he is Sarcastic, Funny, and can unintentionally be a smartass as times. he has a heart of Gold and always wants to help those around him. He can be impulsive and eccentric, but sometimes also very shy when meeting new people. He is usually cool under pressure, but sometimes has severe low-self esteem, due to his autism as it sometimes causes him to feel alienated from the rest of people around him. He is also a bit self-conscious, as he is sometimes afraid of what peers his age would think of him. He loves to be active and exlpore the world around him and has a habit of tenaciously ignoring guardian orders not to stray too far from the house when playing on a skateboard, as they fear he is not yet ready for the real world yet at such a young age. Due to being raised a Christain, he, unlike normal usual young black boys his age who speak in a gangster stereotypical accent and are in gangs doing illegal things, Dee is entirely friendly and speaks in normal clean english. He doesn't understand yet the slightest of black slang despite being black himself (but autistic except he doesn't like revealing he is and desires to keep it a private secret), making him appear slightly clueless and naive to the young gang world. He also takes very good care of his health, still remembering his school and grandma's teachings to never smoke. He also lacked knowledge of drugs and what they were when he was 12-16. Like thinking of Coke as in the drink and not the drug, and weed, for wheat grass.

He also lacks the traits of a stereotypical black person, as he is rather calm, gentle, and hates loud music. While he understands racism very well, he is against needless killing of African americans just because of their past crimes and mistakes, making him somewhat of a real-life Goku if he were black rather then white (which is what inspired the origin of Dee in the series) and same background.


Dee is a Tall, slender, black young man he wears Black Skate Shoes and is snarly.

Personal Life[]

He's from Lake Charles Louisiana and is currently a college kid at Sowela Tech trying to get his GED for college in Lafayette to study game design and graphic arts. He mostly spends time working on designs for the series and hangs out with his brand-new girlfriend Sonia. He is currently planning to move out next year in Spring 2022 to be with her.


  • Dee's Character Bobo is based on his Chihuahua of the same name
  • Dee Created Jenny as a version of his Girlfriends in the past and current day.
  • Dee met Kollan on Playstation Network in 2016 at the age of 15
  • His Favorite color is Purple
  • He is Autistic, which gives him his creative Bone
  • Gator Tooth is a fictionalized version of his life
  • he has five known Playstation Network Profiles (RobDiamonds, TriggaBxxlin5, Ultimate-gtx18, syndromian-panth, Spirit-animal200). Two Facebook Profiles (both Named Dee Carter one of GT Dee and a Parrot). & 4 YouTube accounts (Two Named Deiontre Carter, one named Dee C, & Gator Tooth)
  • He doesn't like to do bios of characters that aren't his unless he has consent.
  • He refers to himself as Gator Tooth's Akira Toriyama.
  • Dee was unexpectedly created as GT's Goku.
  • He calls Gator Tooth "basically black Dragon Ball."
  • He is now currently 21 years old.
  • He's been hit on and flirted with countless times by girls due to his good-looking and athletic appearance, as he's somewhat of a chick magnet since 7th grade. Although he'd rather a girl who likes him for who he is rather then his handsome and attractive looks.
  • In Summer of 2021, he met a female gamer named Sonia and they agreed to date on October 3, 2021. He is now planning to move out, to go meet her in person so that they can live and help him get his series noticed more together. On October 5, 2021, he is planning for a move out to her hometown in Spring of 2022.