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“It’s the little guys you gotta watch out for.. They’re stronger then you..” Evan to Kollan

Evan Jackson is a Gaming YouTuber who runs the KingofSaiyans2 YouTube Account he also is the Creator of Aryan Effect a game set in the Same Universe as Kollan Galloway's Super Aryans & Deiontre Carter's Gator Tooth, Android Cat, & Violet Starlight.


Evan is a little man with a lot of pint up anger, and a bad habit of arguing to no end with no facts. he has a habit of cursing. he gets angry a lot and is crazy


Evan appears as an 36 Year old but he is currently 26 (as of September 1st, 2020), he is chubby weighing at 240 but does not appear that weight, he normally wears pajamas and he has Brown hair that looks black and Blue eyes.

Personal Life

He was born to Philip Jackson and Sandra Jackson in October in 1993, he spent most of his child hood good but in 2009 his dad cheated on his mom and he went insane. he lost two childhood homes due to his father. He also witnessed his brother Matthew ruin his own mother's life. he currently lives in his Mom's house making YouTube Videos.


  • He Understands Sexual Stuff too much
  • His Favorite Color is Green and Gold
  • he is a Christian and goes to the Rogersville, Church of Christ
  • His ring is white Gold
  • His Birthstone is Opal
  • he plans on Voicing the Character based on him in Gator Tooth and Super Aryans
  • He Has Two YouTube Accounts (KingofSaiyans2 & Evan Jackson) three Playstation Accounts (KingofSaiyans2, KingEvan123499, & KingEvan123456), he has one Facebook Account (Evan Jackson), A Twitter Account (Kingevanjackson), an Instagram (Kingevanofmobius), & is par of the AutisticSaiyan2 Discord Server
  • he is #IStandWithVic and understands that there is no proof and that testimony isn't a form of viable proof
  • He went to Logan-Rogersville School District when he was in school
  • he is family to fellow YouTuber AutisticSaiyan2 (Kollan Ray Galloway)