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Gator Tooth: Armageddon is a concept action-adventure video game and the sequel to Gator Tooth: Temple Fighters.


After learning that Tai left the Demon Kingdom, Taryn tracks her down to Earth and alongside Mashetani, enslave and kill thousands of People. Tai is then accused of luring them to Earth and is arrested. Meanwhile, after saving the Temple from the clutches of Zavad, Mashetani arrived on Earth. Dee must race to Xiaotopia to find Xiao before he takes over Earth.


Dee is reading some history books and learns about Xiao, the Earth God of Respect and Kollan is meditating. The book reveals Phil, Venus, and Hairnage are the children of Mwana, shocking Dee so he goes to ask Master Phil. Phil explains that Xiao and Mashetani are ancient enemies and Xiao's arrival to Earth proves vital to defeating Mashetani. Dee and Bobo go to his Chinese Province and search for his Palace during the journey. However, unknown to them, Mashetani had arrived on Earth, conquers it and seizes all power across the World, mind-controlling everyone in sight. Dee and Bobo explore the city in search of Xiao, and after 8 days of fighting their way through bandits, they finally find Xiao's Palace and enter in an attempt to meet the Earth God in the hopes they'll be able to get his help against Mashetani.


The game is action-adventure combat. And throughout the story you play as Dee. It is also 2 player with Dee and Bobo, like most games in the stories.

New Characters

Mashetani: Briefly seen in the previous game as an evil grinning shadow, he now appears fully as the game's main antagonist. Dee, realizing he can't defeat him without a divine being, travels to the past on a quest to find Xiao and seek his help. He takes over Jenny's body and rules Earth.


Mashetani- The Demon Beast from the Netherlands trying to conquer Earth.

Jania- Originally called Jenya, Former Servant now Goddess at the end of Temple Fighters. She and Eris seek to kill Master Phil.

Eris- Greek Realm Goddess of Chaos and Jania's older sister. She is the Realm's Princess, same as Jania.

Returning Characters

Dee: The main protagonist of the Franchise. He is a fast-moving martial artist who sets out on a race-against-time quest to find Xiao for his help to defeat Mashetani and save Earth from his rule and get Jenny normal again.

Tai: A Demon Martial artist and newest member of the GT Fighters now living her dream with them. She is arrested by Jenny's guards (although Jenny believed her) after the people believed she sent them to attack the world.

Bobo: Dee's best friend. A Fire-breed Mongoose who aids Dee on his quest to find Xiao.

Jenny: Princess of the Syndromian Tribe. She is possessed by Mashetani who wants her potential.

Kollan: Dee's Aryan friend and a student of Phil.


. The idea was inspired by Mortal Kombat: Armageddon.