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Gator Tooth Tournament Tag Team is a planned 3D fighting game. It will be the first fighting game in the series.


The story begins in the Demon Kingdom. Tai is bored of her mother Taryn's evil plots to get rid of Humankind and desires to move away from her Homeland so that she can become a famous Martial Artist like Master Phil, who she idolizes and is a fan of the GT Warriors. She steals a Demon gem from the Taryn's Throne and uses it to transport herself to Earth. Meanwhile, Chiyome and her team of Ninja go to Assassin Village in a raid attempt. However, Shawn silently knocks them out one-by-one, leaving Chiyome to bump into him after running from Assassin Village guards. Shawn tells her that if she does not side with Madfet within 10 days, he will kill her himself. However, due to Ramsese' influence, she doesn't trust him and sees his Village as enemies to Ramsese' Palace, she then is revealed (much to Dee and Bobo's surprise who inadvertently eavesdrop the confrontation after Bobo tries retrieving his soccerball) to be his adopted daughter. Dee and Bobo come to Shawn's offering him help home, and their help to getting Chiyome's trust. Chiyome goes back to Ramsese, only to find him dead by Shawn. Enraged, she plots revenge on him the next day, ambushing him and tries killing him. Shawn, now seeing resemblance between her and Jodi, realizing she's her long-lost sister (And knowing she'd be very hurt if she found out that he killed her relative) that was separated from her as kids, tries sparing her and tells her the truth about Ramsese. Chiyome surrenders the authority over her to Ramsese and turns herself in to his guards in surrender and sent to Madfet's Palace. Madfet orders the guards to stand down and Chiyome is forgiven for her theft in the Village, rather then having her arrested. Meanwhile, Emily finds an ancient scroll revealing that Jodi and Chiyome are the reincarnations of the legendary Queens of the Dragon Realm who enslaved thousands of innocent citizens and ruled the land as countless eons later the next reincarnations were waited on to return to the land to have the citizens tremble before their might. Seeing this as the perfect revenge scheme on Jodi, she plots to use her new look to her advantage to trick Dee into finding a Dragon or Dragon-Human hybrid to use Dragon magic to summon Uwibami's portal to his world since only a person with Dragon abilities can summon his portal to allow him to enter Earth. Dee asks Anna to, and reluctantly agrees (due to still not liking him or Jenny) to use it. The scroll opens up a portal and Uwibami arrives. Emily tauntingly thanks Dee for giving Jodi and Chiyome away to Uwibami and he leaves them. Dee, shocked about what he was tricked into, goes to tell Shawn, but tells Dee that he doesn't blame him. They learn that they have to get there by midnight or they'll be stuck there forever. Meanwhile in the Dragon Realm, Uwibami and Origami escort them to their Palace after showing them around the Kingdom. In order to force them on their side, Uwibami has his Chefs in the Kitchen make a Dinner and put drinks (with extract of evilness in them) on the sides for them. Chiyome, however, finds suspicion in the drinks and Jodi drinks it instead, turning her into Evil Queen Jodi. As punishment, Origami has the Dragon Realm Guards arrest Chiyome for pretending to drink the potion and locks her up in the Dungeon room so he can plan onto instead, possess her at midnight. Dee wishes to Chachere to make a Dragon Scroll and asks Anna again, but asks for pay. He summons another portal and they all transport themselves to the Dragon Realm Kingdom. Meanwhile, Tai finds Phil's house (who went to the Dragon Realm to rescue the girls same as Dee and the other GT Warriors) and knocks eager to seek training, only to find nobody's home, much to her confusion. She runs into Shawn who explains that the Dragons want to marry Jodi and Chiyome. However, she has no knowledge of them and Shawn offers her a visit to the realm to help them since Phil went in after Dee and the others did. Tai eagerly accepts and enters with Shawn's teleportation trick. After being caught by Dragon Realm Guards who found out they're here for Jodi and Chiyome, they are arrested and taken to Uwibami's Palace, where they see that Jodi has now turned evil and sitting on a lavish Throne next to Uwibami. She orders the guards to send them to the dungeon, where they're placed in the same Cell with Chiyome. Not soon after, Tai and Shawn arrive in the Realm and split-up to find the others and Phil. Tai (amazed by the Marketplace's delicious food items) gets distracted and innocently eating few, unaware that they needed to be paid for since she has no experience outside of her own city back in Demon Land. Sarabi Mulungu gives Kollan the Demon Stone, ad Kollan splits into Kollan and Sarabi then Kollan and Sarabi fight whle Dee and Sarabi Mulungu Fight and Kollan and Sarabi become one being once again. She is then chased by the Dragon Realm Guards and because of her impulsive mistakes, she and Shawn become Fugitives of the law. Shawn tries having them lay low for now, putting their search and rescue of Jodi and Chiyome on hold. Dee and the others are baffled as to why Jodi would "betray" them in order to rule the Realm with Uwibami. Chiyome explains to them that she didn't and that it was because of a potion that she was tricked into drinking during Uwibami's Royal Dinner in the Ballroom, giving Dee an idea. Shawn and Tai manage to sneak into the Palace, but are caught by the guards and also sent to the Dungeon rooms in a cell next to them. Tai, blaming herself for everything, is comforted by Shawn telling her that it's no one's fault. Dee, while waiting for a guard to lock up the Dungeon, plans an escape plan and has Chiyome pretend that she actually did turn evil in order to get Origami's guard down while the others escape the Realm (Now that Shawn plans to get Jodi's soul back to Earth and put in a new body of herself due to the Evil one becoming too corrupted and unable to bring her normal again. After doing so many things with Origami (such as sending innocent citizens to prison rooms below the Palace, making out, and counting treasure), her charade is eventually revealed when she refuses to execute a prisoner. She makes a run for the Realm's portal Phil has open, only to be tackled by Origami, who tries possessing her. (Final boss) Phil stops him and defeats both him and Uwibami and seals the Evil Queen Jodi in an amulet, going back to Earth with Chiyome and closes the portal, stopping the Dragon Realm guards from following them. Tai befriends Chiyome and finally gets the training from her Hero that she's been dreaming of, as well as officially meeting his students and invited to stay over at Madfet's Palace until she can get her own place. Unfortunately for Tai, Taryn discovers she's left and prepares her soldiers and Mashetani (Her Father) for an attack on Earth, setting up for the sequel, Gator Tooth: Armageddon.


Unlike the previous games, which were speed combat, this one is entirely fighting. Story mode focuses mainly on Tai leaving Demon Land to become a fighter, Chiyome and her arc with Ramsese, and her revenge on Shawn after he kills Ramsese. She meets Tai, who left Demon Land to train with Phil.

There is also arcade mode, that you can play at any time and features the characters (after you play as them in story mode, unlocking them) and their own individual endings about their involvement in the story.

The Final opponent is Uwibama, with Origami being the sub-boss.

New Characters[]

Chiyome- A Kunoichi Assassin under Ramsese' care who leads her group to various places to loot from them to bring back to Ramsese' palace. A vain and greedy fighter who mistrusts others, but she later warms up to Dee.

Tai- The Princess of the Demon Kingdom (or Demon Land) who leaves to pursue a regular life on Earth and pursue Martial Arts under the training of her idol, Master Phil. She is cheery, eccentric (kind of like Jenny) and weirdly obssessed with beauty.

Balak- A scamming Dragon with a scary mask. His face is never shown and has red eyes, but that's more then likely all you can see of him. He is a money-hungry, sarcastic potty-mouthed Dragon who's wings are damaged from a flame accident when training with Uwibami. He has an evil Australian accent.

Ikawashi- A Former Ramsese Ninja who trains in lightning-based weapons and attacks. Tai has a huge crush on him, but he often turns her down, until he eventually accepts her.

Dragon King Uwibami and Origami- The Rulers of the Dragon Realm. There goals are to make Jodi and Chiyome their brides.


Dee- Main protagonist of the series. His role is very small, due to the game being about Chiyome's training with Tai and making up with Jodi and Shawn.

Bobo- Secondary protagonist of the series. He helps Dee train Chiyome and Tai alongside Phil, who is training the 4 of them.

Jenny- Becomes an Assassin again and brainwashed by Chiara to fight Dee as a distraction to possess Bobo.

Phil- Trains the fighters for the Tournament.

Kran- Returns to help Balak get Madfet's treasure.

Chiara- Plans to possess Bobo and kill Dee at the Tournament, but is killed by Chiyome and Tai.

Kollan - A Scorceress however Sarabi Mulungu (Harniage's last name being Mwana's Daughter) brings him a Magic Stone that Seperates The good and Evil Sides of Sarabi Mirage and Kollan and Dee and Sarabi Mirage and Sarabi Mulungu fight ending with Kollan being th one true Sarabi again.

Sarabi- The Evil Side of Kollan who previously became one with Kollan again now turned Evil by the Blonde Sarabi fior her own Personal Gain and Uwibami's Personal Gain.

Shawn- The Prince of Assassination Village and Jodi's love interest.

Jodi- Jenny's close friend and fellow GT Warrior.

Emily- Terry's daughter and Jodi's rival. She tricks Dee into sending her away to the Dragon Realm.


. It will be the first fighting in the series.

. The game was inspired by Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance.