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Ghost is a blue Labrador Retreiver and main protagonist of the Ghost The Blue Dog Series. He is a member of The Ghost Squad, a group of 4 Teenage Ghost hunters who have hunt paranormal. He is also the mascot of the group, hence the name of the group. He is a giant Blue dog from Planet Kaiju, a Homeworld of super-sized creatures.

Concept and Creation

Knowing that the previous 3 series protagonists were all human-like, Deiontre Carter wanted to attempt something different this time around. He always admired how popular Dog characters were and had an idea for his very own Dog character. At first he couldn't think of the color it should be. Until Kollan suggested blue, so he went with blue, and green was suggested for his eye color as a reference to Sonic's eye color being green. Initially he was referred to as "Bruno The Blue Lab", and Bruno was named after Evan's Dog. However this name was then short-lived, due to Deiontre's dislike to how it fits the character. Not sure of what to call it, Kollan told him that he hears "Ghost The Blue Dog" in it. Impressed by how it sounds, he went with it, as a tribute to the real-life Dog Ghost himself. Because Ghost was a big Dog, Deiontre Carter wanted to replicate that since all his life Big Dogs were his favorite kinds of Dogs. So, instead of just being a natural big Dog, he wanted to exaggerate his appearance to make him stand out from other previous Dogs from horror genre, like Courage The Cowardly Dog and Scooby-Doo and make him a giant blue Dog. At first, he didn't want the series to be a horror series, but after hearing a joke from his little cousin Logan that he calls Ghost "GhostBuster" because his name is Ghost, he decided to go along with it, seeing the idea to have potential to be popular after all, seeing it as a Ghostbusters-like series, but with the Dogs as the Ghostbusters. He thought about giant monsters being in the series in order for there to be big creature combat since Ghost was created as a big blue Dog. Originally, from 2019 to 2021, Ghost was originally a lion pet that didn't talk. However, this concept got boring for Dee, and didn't like the concept, finding it boring and unnatural, so on September 6, 2021, the Lion version was scrapped and changed to a giant blue ghost-hunting Dog because he felt that Dogs would be way more popular and more recognizable then a Lion. On September 11, he came up with the first sketch of the Blue Dog. The choice of blue was tribute to his deceased grandfather Donald and Aunt Karen who both loved blue as their favorite color. His large size is also a paid homage to Clifford The Big Red Dog, one of Deiontre Carter's most favorite cartoons as a Kid. The series was then conceived as Ghostbusters with a Dog.


Ghost is a giant blue Lab with a white patch of chest fur. He has green eyes, and a red collar with the 'G', (which stands for Ghost) initial on it. He also has a long flat tail, long Elephant-like ears, large black nose and sky blue fur.


Fun-loving, comical and eccentric, Ghost is helpful but also very goofy in nature. He's also very playful and a bit naive. Though despite that, he can also be a bit easily startled and sometimes insecure about the mistakes he makes for his friends. Despite that, they still care for him very much and motivate him to have more faith in himself when it comes to his talents of hunting for ghosts. Within every scene, he'd rather not hunt ghosts and instead playing around with Neville. Due to his trauma of his parents' death as a puppy, he has many phobias which makes him at times startled. But despite his fears, he's willing to put himself at risk to keep The Ghost Squad safe from multiple ghost threats, especially as a pup which gave him the name and has since, grew to be a Ghost Hunting dog for the team. He is also autistic, and finds friendships difficult to make without help from his friends, causing him to be at times shy.


Neville- Best friend since childhood when he was a lost puppy and welcomed him into his house with open arms.

Phoebe- They get along well, however sometimes Ghost isn't welcomed into her house due to her mother being strict about male dogs with Jetta.

Jetta- Despite Jetta's rudeness to him occasionally, he is currently unaware that she has a huge crush on him.

The Ghost Squad- He is the team's most important member. As he's their source of searching for ghosts and mascot.

George- Ghost's best (dog) friend. He is a small green Chihuahua and a fun-loving but timid individual. He enjoys playing with balls. He's the second Dog that he meets after Jetta.

Einstein- He met him, after George and a reliable and knowledgeable friend.

Trixy- Ghost, due to being oblivious to love, was unaware of her crush on him. But after he heard what she said about Jetta, he scolded her for it and stopped hanging out with her. After Gabby becomes Phoebe's friend, Trixie agrees to Ghost's request to just be friends instead.

Powers and Abilites

Agility- Ghost is very fast.

High sense of smell- Uses it to track ghosts.

Night Vision- Uses it to see in the dark.

Super Strength- Can push a truck.

Giant Powers- Due to his large size, Ghost can be very powerful in a fight. But due to being a pacifist, he'll only fight if his friends are in danger or if he absolutely has to.


. He is the first protagonist of a series to be a dog.

. He is based on the actual dog Ghost but is Blue to cope with it being Deiontre's grandpa and aunt's favorite color, and based on the fact he had a blue toy rabbit as a little kid.

. The inspiration of his life as a ghost hunter was based on the name itself.

. The series is influenced by Ghostbusters, but with a dog on the team.

. He is the first dog character to appear.

. Besides the real-life dog himself, Ghost was also inspired by Epiciyon, which were large prehistoric Dogs. Other inspirations for the character were other famous media Dogs, such as Scooby-Doo and Clifford The Big Red Dog.