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Ghost the Blue Dog is an American animated series created by Deiontre Carter and based on the video game series of the same name.


It follows the adventures of Ghost, a magical blue dog and his team of ghost hunters, Casey, Penelope, Neville and Phoebe, who run a ghost-extermination company called The Ghost Squad. They battle many ghosts that seek to destroy their city.


Dallas Saga[]

Ghost and the team visit a Hotel and must track down a Pirate ghost. However, he won't go down without a fight and nearly destroys the hotel in the process before being captures and defeated.

Waynsville Saga[]

When a mysterious house begins floating in a local neighborhood, Cyberurus, a 3-headed dog monster, returns for his revenge on Ghost.

Lake Charles Saga[]

Ghost visits Lake Charles with Neville to help Dee and his friends beat Chiara after she kidnaps Kasumi and electrocutes her by putting her in water.

New York Saga[]

Ghost gets lost in New York and hides in Lacey's house from Athena, who is trying to manipulate pets into helping her.

Home Town Saga[]

Ghost for the first time gets to guard the house for the group while they're at school, but when he accidentally lets out captured ghosts, they throw a giant party in the RV, and Ghost tries to bond with and persuade them to return to their traps before they get home.

Spirit of Queen Elizabeth Saga[]

Queen Elizabeth returns once again for her revenge and posseses the RV. Without their transportation as it now turns on them, they get in a normal car.

Phoebe/Neville Saga[]

Neville and Phoebe accidentally become the same person.

Jackcrow Saga[]

JackCrow recruits more motorcycle-riding Reapers who were created accidentally by Ghost when he finds a mysterious and cursed gem.

Oooz Monster Saga[]

JackCrow's Ooze Monster made of Pumpkin goo, returns to make humans Pumpkins once again.

Neville's Evil Body Saga[]

Ghost unknowingly meets an Evil Neville who wants to replace Neville himself.


Ghost- An alien Labrador Retriever with light blue fur and fellow ghost hunter. He's mostly around 10-12 feet tall, but can appear larger if he eats a lot of things as a booster. He is playful, fun-loving and gets joy out of adventures with his friends. He gets bigger as he gets matures.

Neville- The cowardly ghost hunter and fellow Ghost Squad member. He is the owner of the Ghost-Moble (or G-moblie), and Phoebe's boyfriend.

Jetta- A pink spoiled Pit Bull and Phoebe's dog. She can have a sour attitude and sometimes vain and selfish, but despite her self-centeredness at times, she does care about her friends, especially Ghost, who she has a crush on.

Penelope- A sassy nerd with a short temper. She can get competitive as well at times, due to her insecurities about being a geek.

Casey- A cocky and at times, reckless jock and fellow leader of the Ghost Squad. He can sometimes get overconfident about the team that he oftentimes underestimates the ghosts they face.

Phoebe- A beautiful rich girl and Neville's girlfriend, she offers Neville to live with her at her mansion due to him being poor and so he can leave his house.

Gabby- Another popular girl at school and Phoebe's rival. She, unlike Phoebe, is more short-tempered, bossy, snobby and selfish.

Trixie- Gabby's purebred beautiful Greyhound who is Jetta's rival and bullies her. She, also like Jetta, is In love with Ghost and often competes for his affection. She shares Gabby's snobbery and egomaniacle attitude.

Kathy- A sarcastic Goth and Nevie's ex-girlfriend. She owns a creepy teenage cat named Miranda.

Miranda- A quiet and apathetic blonde Tabby cat. She is Ghost's first friend he has ever made. She is cruel at times, but has some heart for her friends.

George- A little Green Chihuahua and Ghost's most iconic Dog friend and Casey's Dog. He is afraid of angering Miranda and nervous almost every time he's with her.

Einstein- The Dog of Penelope. He is very smart and often invents the Gang's tools.

Deiontre's Commentary[]

Deiontre Carter explains "I'm excited about this show being made, based on the game. Its concept was based on the fact his brother had a dog named Ghost and while he was loud and irritating, his passing made me wish I wasn't irritated by his barking at night. My cousin made a joke calling him Ghostbuster because he's named Ghost, so I just thought about it and this came to me. This series is basically Ghostbusters like they joked about with him, but to make it even more creative, Ghost himself is the main character, but Blue as a tribute to my Aunt Karen and my Grandpa Donald since Blue was their favorite color. I also had a childhood favorite rabbit toy from Easter once, and it was Blue, so I thought Blue would also be a good reference to the toy as well. But yeah, this series will be awesome, it's Ghostbusters but they have a dog." October 11, 2021.


. Influences for the show include, The Real Ghostbusters (1986), Scooby-Doo Where are you? (1969), and Clifford The Big Red Dog (2000).