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Ghost The Blue Dog 3 (or Ghost 3) is a supernatural Action-Adventure concept and the sequel idea to Ghost The Blue Dog 2 and introduces more characters to the series.

Plot Synopsis[]

After Neville goes out on a walk with Ghost, he attracts the attention of a fame-hungry Zookeeper who wants him as a Zoo attraction. In order to avoid his clutches, the group leave Texas as they're on the run from several of the Zookeeper's scientists who want to study Ghost's genetics as well. With the help of their new ally Nikki and the return of Neville's ex-girlfriend Katherine and her snarky and sadisticblonde cat Miranda, they all work together to fight supernatural forces somewhere else while trying to avoid the Zoo workers trying to capture Ghost. While on the run, they visit Kathy's Grandfather's (who passed away) Farm, but then find it's haunted by his spirit and must uncover the clues of his land.


On a particular morning, Ghost is eager to go to the Zoo. However, Neville is a little unsure about the plan, due to the people never seeing a Dog like Ghost before, afraid that if his appearance attracted attention, then the Zoo would want him as an attraction. Ghost, however insists, with the help of the others, Neville agrees. His second-thoughts prove correct when a crowd is amazed by Ghost, and a greedy Zookeeper attempts to buy him off of Neville's hands with 800$. Neville declines and he and Ghost run back to the RV and escape them. He calls Kathy for refuge at her Mansion to get away from the Zoo workers and Ghost meets Miranda again (his cat best friend with a sour attitude) after quite some time. They hide Ghost there for the night, and Neville calls the rest of the gang to help defend Ghost from the Zoo. Kathy's parents go to a land far out in the Country when they discover that her Grandfather's house is still there, but completely vacant even after his death. Seeing this as an opportunity to discover what clues her grandfather left behind, Kathy, Miranda, George, Einstein, Casey, Penelope, Phoebe, Jetta and Trixie (against her will so she can't be a jerk) embark on a road trip to her Grandfather's Kansas Farm in the country areas, which is the most haunted Farm in the U.S. They arrive early in the morning and stay there for a month as vacation away from the city so Ghost will be secured. Ghost and George play in the fields, Miranda and Kathy start watching the TV and Neville and Phoebe try making dinner. Later that same night, while everyone's trying to make themselves at home, paranormal activity starts weirdly occuring at the farm. Furniture starts flying across the place, the TV blacks out, and chair slide everyone around the room, locking them in closets. Ghost and George hear this from outside and try going in to see what's going on, but the door is locked (by paranormal forces). After breaking in, they see the ghost of Kathy's grandfather and he gives the Dogs clues to finding the mysterious being that will one day "Open A Portal Through Earth, Time and Space" and unsure to what this clue means, they get everybody out of the closets to go to Penelope's house to see if she can figure it out. However, Penelope nor Einstein knows what this saying means, so they try going to visit the city areas to find help on this exotic phrase. Phoebe, afraid if Ghost is left at the Farm to be hunted down again, enrolls him in School with them. Ghost meets Nikki at recess and helps him figure out what "Earth Time and Space" refers to. Meanwhile, the Zookeeper tracks down the whereabouts of the gang and follows them in Kansas. Overnight, a supernatural Hitman kills Nikki, unknown to the others who are asleep. She becomes a ghost and unable to return to her body, volunteers to join the team as their ghost companion and help defend Ghost. Gabby finds Phoebe and demands Trixie back, who was brought against her wishes. Phoebe declines and teasingly puts a chip in her ear to make her attack her and Gabby angrily threatens Phoebe by driving home to get her security after her. The Zookeeper arrives to the Farm and tries firing a Tranquilizer at Ghost, but Neville gets him in the RV. Just then, the ghost of Kathy's grandfather knocks him out giving the group time to escape the farm. Kathy tries getting everyone to a Motel, but unfortunately for the animals, they don't allow pets. Miranda, however is annoyed by this and doesn't care, and tries disguising herself and George as people by wearing Phoebe's jacket and Casey's jeans. However, Ghost is unable to go in with them due to being more noticeable, so he stays in the RV. After everyone goes to bed, Nikki stays up to figure out the riddle and discovers that Cerberus has returned and allowed Queen Elizabeth (The main antagonist of the first game who returns for revenge) to possess him to be capable of defeating Ghost. Nikki learns that at a tall cavern, Cerberus created a portal that allowed Elizabeth back into the Earth Dimension and tells them in the morning. However, a news report shows the Zookeeper with Ghost, who stole him in his sleep while the gang were sleeping. Angered, everyone looks at Miranda and George for leaving the RV to get in, even though pets aren't allowed. Miranda and George apologize and the group race back to Texas to rescue Ghost. Ghost is emplaced in a large area of land below for everyone to see. However, the people who recognize Ghost from earlier protest against the Dog being an attraction and demands he lets him go, but he has everyone strapped to chairs and forced to watch Ghost. The gang arrives to save him and a battle for him ensues between the gang and the Zookeeper's employees. Nikki throws Ghost the ghost trap and he runs out of the zoo while the gang drive off in pursuit from the Zookeeper's employees. Ghost runs all the way from Houston back to Kansas while trapping every ghost the Zookeeper freed to try and capture him along the way. He arrives to the mountain, where the portal is and throws the trap into the mystical pit below. It explodes and Cerberus no longer has Elizabeth possessing him, which annoys him greatly as she gets absorbed back where she was. Enraged by his failed revenge, he attacks Ghost without a second thought, resulting in the final battle with him aganst Ghost. The two Dogs fight and he is finally defeated after Ghost kicks him down to the portal below, sealing him to Hell without anyone to help him escape. In the end, Kathy's grandfather heals Ghost and safely sends him back to the ground where his friends were. The zookeeper threatens Kathy at gunpoint and Ghost in angry retaliation, runs at him and starts holding him into his jaws and starts crushing him to death. He begs for mercy and is thrown by Ghost into a cop car and sent to jail for theft. Jetta reveals to everyone that she was a gigantic Dog all along (which she didn't know about) and kisses with Ghost. They drive back to the Farm and paint into back to new looks. Ghost holds a magnifying glass into the screen and winks, ending the game.


The same controls return. You play as Ghost and explore several areas while capturing ghosts, like the previous 2 games. You can also switch between Ghost, Miranda and Vanta, then more characters as you unlock them.

Characters Returning[]

Ghost- A Giant magical Blue Labrador Retriever. He is helpful, playful, naive and courageous.

Neville- A food-loving paranormal pest control high school slacker who would rather do normal activities rather then hunt for Ghosts.

Phoebe- A rich, attractive and beautiful paranormal hunter and Neville's girlfriend. She lives in a very expensive and lavish Mansion with her dog Jetta.

Casey- The cocky leader and at times arrogant jerk of the team. He can be carefree and sometimes says things the wrong way and make them worse. He lives in an apartment with his dog, George.

Penelope- A paranormal researcher and studies psychology at school. She is short-tempered, mostly with Casey or Gabby. She lives at a mansion with her dog Einstein and mother and father.

George- A small green Chihuahua and Ghost's best dog friend. He is nice, kind and supportive of Ghost even if he's the opposite of Ghost's big appearances.

Einstein- A braniac Border Collie who serves as the brains of the Ghost dogs. He spends most of his time doing laboratory work and designing traps for the ghosts or other monsters they face with Penelope.

Jetta- A snobby and sometimes short-tempered Pit Bull. She lives a pampered lifestyle under the care of Phoebe and often dislikes the company of other pets except for Ghost (whom she has a crush on), due to her addiction to being the center of attention.

New Characters[]

Katherine- Neville's ex-girlfriend who helps them save Ghost from a Zoo. She is a gothic and very laid-back and a rebellious moody girl who dislikes authority or rules.

Miranda: Katherine's sadistic and apathetic yellow cat. She's very quiet, inexplicably rude and insulting of others, and antisocial. She spends most of her time avoiding conversations and instead drawing scary drawings and practicing evil magic to one day kill whoever annoys her most. She's often annoyed by Ghost's curiosity about many things and will often manipulate him to get her way. She's a rather mysterious and creepy cat, because like Katherine, she's got a gothic personality, but unlike Kathy who is more fun-loving, Miranda is more antisocial, sarcastic and extremely cruel and would mostly prefer to live a comfortable life away from the annoyance of others.

Nikki- A girl who becomes a ghost after a hitman kills her. She joins the gang in their task to stop the invasion of Queen Elizabeth and protect Ghost from the Zookeeper.

The Zookeeper- The malicious and drastic owner of the Houston Zoo who wants Ghost.


. The Game draws inspiration from the movie Ghostbusters: Afterlife.