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Heaven is a celestial, safe and spiritual realm far above the Earth. It is the afterlife world that the souls of the good, righteous and kind-hearted go to after they die. It is highly secure, as nothing or no one evil can enter or reach, no matter what.

Other Locations

The Spiritual Realms: Another safe area between Heaven and Earth. Like Heaven, the realms are depicted in folklore, as safe worlds to transfer to when there's too much danger then one can handle, and no one with heartless and evil souls can invade, reach or enter it.


Heaven is the realm of the Gods, Mulungu, the God of creation, Mwana the heavenly prince, Mazuka, the pure hearted God of Darkness, and Mzuka, a lower deity.

Known Residence

Angels- Servants of Mulungu.

Mulungu Palace Residence- Mulungu and his family's house.

Video Game Appearances

Gator Tooth: Dee's Adventure 3: When Kollan dies from his heatstroke, he is sent there and is brought back with Chachere's GT.

Gator Tooth X games: Characters who often died are seen here.


. It is based on the real life realm, but with a little mythology from African folklore.

. Kollan, due to death by Kran, is the first character in the series to have died and arrive in Heaven.

. It's concept is referenced from the Void in the Mortal Kombat series. Safe worlds free from villain invasion.