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"Hey Amy let's watch My Little Pony" - Jenny talking to Amy

Jenny Green born Miracle Taha, is an alien princess and the Princess of the Green Dynasty of Lake Charles and of Planet Purple.


Jenny is a young Syndromian girl with an athletic curvy build. She is very beautiful and attractive in appearance, with very long hair. She has dark brown eyes similar to her father, Zaphod and her boyfriend Dee. She's one of the Franchise's most attractive girls often garnering unwanted attention from boys, especially at the beach due to her high level of beauty. She often is seen wearing princess clothes or normal clothes while wearing a tiara her mom used to have because she's forced by her dad to let people know she's a princess so she'll be treated with respect.


Jenny is very outgoing, bubbly and sweet. She wants to do the right thing for people regardless if they're good or bad due to her feeling that everyone can change (when sadly they can't always). Much like Kollan, Jenny is naive, but mostly with intimate subjects, such as boys, concepts of relationships, and how to tell the difference between crush and friend. She is very outgoing and happy that it often annoys other girls around her, such as Amy, Blossom, Sarabi and Nakia. However, despite her naivete, that doesn't mean she's stupid. As she was raised in seclusion from outside the city to understand between right and wrong. Despite being very cute and sweet, she also has a scary temper underneath, as when Dee took too long to return to her palace so he could play a new game with his friends and she was so pissed that she dragged him all the way home. She loves watching kiddie movies that most peers her age would grow out of by now, such as My Little Pony. She is also very sensitive, as she often easily cries from Amy's mean personality, however she tries not to be mean as it's not her fault she's just too nice. Despite being a very humble princess, there are times when she gets overconfident, superficial and cluelessly lets things go to her head. When she started getting attention from boys at the pool, she got so Popular that she ignored Amy and Blossom. She also shows signs of being as smart and serious as her best friend Amy when situations call for it, for example she got easily annoyed with Kollan about using the zipper on her and threatened to hammer him, showing menacingly she's not as gullible as people perceive. Despite all her flaws, she's a great heroine in her own right.


Early Life

Before Jenny was born, her parents Zaphod and Cathy Green were arguing about whether or not they needed to evacuate their home planet to avoid the killing of thousands of their relatives at the hands of Zonian angry at them for their poor job at slave work. Cathy stubbornly stayed to fend off their planet, but she instantly died from his blast at Planet Purple. Before she died, she wrote an apology letter to her father saying he was right about him and hopes Jenny when she's older, never finds out the fate of her mom. And after the genocide, Zaphod, still traumatized by the loss of his wife and his people, found a land he called "Empire City" which is named after his original Empire Palace where Jenny was originally supposed to be born until Zonian and his army attacked. From that point on, he became an overprotective father and raised his only daughter in seclusion from the city as his job to protect the people because he can't stand seeing anyone else die and thinking running a town could make him feel heroic to inspire others.

Gator Tooth

The Beginning of the Journey

When getting ready for school, Zaphod asks her to wear her tiara to school. Jenny refuses, but he insists after explaining her mom gave it to him for her to wear to think of her so she can feel connected to her. She gladly accepted. After arriving in class, she makes the aqquatence of Dee, who has a crush on her, Bobo, his talking Mongoose sidekick, and Amy, a snobby blonde girl who initially despised her. She wants to be her friend, but Amy, under her stress of her overprotective mom always forcing her to bring illegal weapons to School to defend herself stresses her out all the time and she wants nothing to do with anyone. That is until Jenny accidentally turned her into a mongoose and no way to protect herself, had no choice but to depend on her to help her change back. As she gets older throughout the show, she starts to share feelings with Dee, as they began dating and going to dances at proms often held at her palace.

7th Gator Tooth Tournament

When Jenny is signed up for a fight with her rival Nakia, she is finally confident enough to face her in a fight after her uncertain thoughts of winning.

Lord Tooth is Released

Sarabi gets her gem back and manages to free Lord Tooth. He wreaks havoc and attacks the city. While Dee survives, Kollan is killed. She brings Dee to the hospital crying worrying he may die, but when her tears touch his arm, he miraculously can stand back up again. Discovering her tears can heal injuries. They try wishing Kollan back but he's oddly a ghost, and needs a host to live in until the genies can formulate his body back to normal.

The Attack of Prince Evan Jackson

After stopping Lord Tooth, a young Aryan prince named Evan arrives on Earth to kill Kollan and Dee. Evan and Kollan fight to the death, and Evan manages to escape and swearing he'll be back soon.

Sara the Thief

On the run from the World War Mage Clan, Dee and his friends go on a road trip. However things start to get much worse before they'll get better. When Dee encounters his ex-girlfriend Sara, a shifty greedy girl who is a master criminal and thief, she tricks him into helping her rob a store as she's a wanted villain who left the Clan to look out for only herself. This sparks jealousy in Jenny, forcing Dee to choose between her or Sara despite him refusing to go back to Sara because of how much bad things they did when they were in second grade together, such as Sara kissing Dee on the lips when they're both too young for sexual contact. And when he got detention for something that Sara did.

The Attack of Samuel and the Legendary Justin

After Dee defeated Mage Jack, A man named Samuel brings his son Samuel forcing him to fight against Kollan or else he'd be shocked. After Dee left a game store, Sam recognized his Tail and asked the young Dee if he knows Kollan and tricks him into accidentally giving his location away to him, nearly costing the lives of his friends. After helping them fight off Sam, he retreats to his Ship and alerts Zonian that Dee and his friends are on earth, foreshadowing his return and the appearance of Zonian in less than 7 years [2022].

The Evil Clones Of Kollan, Dee, & Evan

Dr. Bolt's father Dr. Techno gets DNA of Dee and his friends and creates copies to destroy them. Kiyoshi, Emilio, & Kivuli. After their failure, the clones are arrested but Kivuli escapes his cell and gets Kiyoshi and Emilio out so they can find the Amulets for themselves to use to destroy people with its power.

Lord Blue is revived and plans of world domination

Lord Tooth is revived and Jenny gets taken to be Bolt's slave.

8th Gator Tooth Tournament and Kollan & Dee's Advancements in power

Jenny attends Dee and Kollan's Tournament with her sister Kasumi and best friend Amy.

Meeting Kollan's friends from the Past]

Jenny finally meets Brian, but Kasumi has a hard time with him.

The Assault of a Raging True Aryan under Bolt & Samuel's control

Jenny is the very first to be on the rescue searching for Kollan.

9th Gator Tooth Tournament and Nguvu and King's Revenge for Muuaji

Jenny encouragesDee that he can beat Nguvu.

Dee, Bobo, Jenny, & Amy Travels in Time and Meets Kid Kollan, Kid Kasumi, Kid Troy, Kid Sally, Kid Brian, & Kid Josie and Time Traveling Bolt

Jenny time travels with her friends and meets the kid versions of Kollan, Kasumi, Troy, Sally, Brian, Josie, and a younger time traveling version of Bolt.

Sonia arrives in Empire City and Dee learns more of Kollan's Adventures

Dee meets Sonia again and is curious about more of Kollan's past.

Annoyance of Kollan's Zipper Shenanigans

Kollan uses the Zipper on Jenny when she's trying to watch a movie and hammers him. She tells Kasumi about it and she takes it away until he promises not to use it on his friends anymore.

10th Gator Tooth Tournament and 2 Years of Peace goes by

Dee wins the final match of the 10th tournament against Sarabi and goes off with Dee.

Gator Tooth X

A Reunion Goes Wrong and the Syndromians Attack

Jenny is celebrating Dee's 20th birthday, but things go wrong when 3 strangers confront and banish Dee.

The Evil Emperor, Lord Mega Zonian

Jenny hides behind a hilltop with the rest of the town's people as she watches Dee's fight with the Dragon Lord Zonian.

War with the Anti-Syndromians

Jenny faces off against their opposites.

The Mutated Bee of DOOM

Jenny is at home watching the news rooting for her friends to beat Chrome at the Huve in the Chrome Survival Tournament.

Mega Brittney's Revenge on Dee

Brittney is salty about Zonian losing against Dee, so she decides to try and kill him in his sleep.


May- Her pet Smilodon (Sabertoothed Tiger). She originally tried snatching her away from her Kingdom as a toddler, but grew to become her friend.


Dee- Jenny adores Dee and admires his extraordinary talents in skateboarding admitting she can't even do it.

Bobo- Jenny finds him adorable and are good friends.

Amy- At first Amy hated her, but Jenny was still polite nonetheless. As their friendship started to grow, Amy became less bitter and starts showing signs that she cares for her.

Kasumi- Sisters since she was a baby.

Jodi- Best friends since childhood when she found her washed up on the Lake Charles Beach. They get into fights sometimes, but Jenny still cares about her and sees her as family besides a friend.

Zaphod- Due to being his daughter, they get along well.

Kollan- Jenny and Kollan get along well. But she gets hostile if he disturbs her by going in her room uninvited or annoys her.

Blossom- As the main 3 of the female trio, Jenny and Blossom get along well. Though, initially she was a villain friend of Sarabi but after admitting she helped by force and not will, they became friends.

DEREK- Jenny holds a grude against him for cutting off her head and putting his on her body and found him training Dee to control his savage state insane.

Mircat- Jenny liked Mircat, but after realizing he was trying to steal her from Dee, she grew to dislike him.

Terry- At first, Jenny was uncomfortable around him due to his crush on her despite their age differences. She also hated the fact that he doesn't accept his own nephew (Kollan) as family and took over Dee's body (possessed in the video games because in the original games there's no body-swap elements to stay true to natural way of most animated video games) so he can be around her. He disgusts her because of his love for young women. However, after he became a look-alike of Amy as punishment, she grew to trust him.

Anna- Jenny liked Anna and all she ever wanted was acceptance from her. But all Anna did was bully her and make her day sometimes harsh. She grew to become Jenny's biggest foe in the whole series, becoming entirely a Supervillain. Anna will do anything to satisfy her hatred for Jenny.

Brook- Though they barely interact, Brook shared the same level of Anna hating Jenny herself. They spend time often trying to embarrass her or make her day miserable. Jenny liked her, but Brook refused her.

Skype- Though they are barely seen interacting, they're good friends.

Eddie- Jenny at first didn't recognize her ex. But when she was given a soda she didn't understand what he wanted and he took this as rejection. So as revenge, he possessed her body (swapped in the anime) and tried pretending to be her. Though it failed. From that moment on, Jenny wanted nothing to do with him once again.

Brian- Jenny likes Brian even at first sight, but didn't understand why Kasumi physically abuses him.

Josie- Jenny likes her but her temper scares her.

Sonia- Jenny is a big fan of her machines and even wants to make one like her one day.

Cyrus- Jenny doesn't like him at all and finds him to be rather irritating.

Evan- Jenny didn't really trust him at first, but when he was engaged to Sonia she started to grow trustworthy towards him.

Sara- Jenny was prevously jealous of her, but after she explains her hard origin, Jenny became more understanding of her.


Jenny (Bio-Syndromian) 1.jpg


The ancient power that only one of the most powerful Syndromian fighters in the galaxy can achieve, the first time it is seen is during the Mega Zonian saga after Zonian tried assaulting Jenny, and Dee circles storms around his body bringing it to life as he proceeds to take him down for the last time.


Anger- Despite usually being sweet, she can snap at almost any moment. Especially towards Dee.

Obsession- Her obsession with Dee can get severely annoying to some. Such as when she inadvertently inturrupted Dee's training with Lucifer and chatted on and on about a dream she had that Dee asked her to marry her and went so overboard that it caused Dee to rudely hang up on her. Although it was understandable, there's at least better ways of it then hanging up on the girl who just likes you.

Vanity- She can occasionally let things go to her head to where she's recklessly making a mistake. She'll often brag about being Dee's girlfriend and will threaten anybody with her hammer if her dates are disturbed with him.

Abilities and Powers

Speed- Can move at very high speeds and has used it to chase after Dee.

Hammer attacks- Uses a big mallet as her weapon of choice.

Superhuman Strength- Is as strong as Dee and often threatend him with it.


. She is based on Dee's many girlfriends combined.

. She is the Kitana of the GT series.

. She doesn't understand most things outside of her home, which leads her to appear clueless.

. She much like Amy, has a habit of mistaking others for Dee when hunting him down. The two most notable were Fedha and Kivuli.

. She is obsessed with candy, My little pony and Care Bears.

. She tends to use violence as a threat of manipulation, like glaring at Dee if he refuses to do something she wants.

. She hates carrots, green beans and bananas.

. Her biggest fear is robots. Mainly thanks to Robot Dee.

. She has will be played by Miracle Taha, Deiontre's real-life love interest.