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Jetta is a female giant pink Pitbull and the best friend of Phoebe Baldwin and the love interest of protagonist Ghost The Blue Dog.


Jetta is sometimes vain, spoiled and a bit self-centered. She likes to be the center of attention in Phoebe's house and will get extremely jealous of guest animals that Phoebe thinks are cuter then her, like Bobo. Despite her vanity, she is as kind-hearted as Phoebe is. She has a hard time expressing her feelings to others, especially to Ghost, who she has a crush on. While she may act rude to Ghost, it was actually to hide how she really feels about him.


Jetta has pink fur, blue eyes and wears a black bow.


Ghost The Blue Dog

Dallas Saga

Jetta is jealous of Neville sleeping over but tries getting Ghost's affection in the opportunity.


Jetta is stuck home alone cleaning up the house while Phoebe and the others try to stop Arachne.

Lake Charles Saga

Jetta is forced to share a room with Bobo.

New York Saga

Jetta helps Lacey against Quantum.

Home Town Saga

Jetta buys a lawn mower and it turns into a killing machine.

Spirit of Queen Elizabeth Saga

Jetta helps against the revenge of Queen Elizabeth.

Phoebe/Neville Saga

Jetta helps the Dogs remove the possession.

Jackcrow Saga

Jetta destroys Jackcrow's head.

Ooze Monster Saga

Jetta helps Ghost try to trap the Ooze Monster.

Neville's Evil Body Saga

Jetta finds a book to remove the monster possessing Neville.


Ghost- Jetta has a huge crush on Ghost. Since the day she met him at Phoebe's mansion, she's struggled to tell Ghost how she feels, until he expresses that he likes her too and that all she had to do was say so.

Neville- Jetta can get annoyed by his mistakes, but she's nowhere near as malicious as Miranda with her treatment of him.


. She was based on Nala, a white Pitbull that Dee met last year.