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Jodi Chan Is a Chinese martial artist who is one of Jenny's best friends since earlier childhood. She is also a former rival of Jenny, and loved to compete in tournaments.


Jodi is an athletically fit and physically attractive girl of chinese descent. She wears two white pompom-like decorations by the ends of her hair, and has a blue shirt with long and tight brown stretchy pants. She has blue eyes, tan skin and a curvy body.


Jodi is kind, calm and relatively collected and intelligent. She is sensible and tries to give Jenny help when she's lost. She sometimes can get a bad temper, usually with Jenny, and can sometimes be irritatable, competitive, overly determined, and a little haughty mostly when trying to rival Jenny when she tries to prove they're equal. She often fights over Dee, but doesn't try to take him, most of the time Jenny owes her a chance, but doesn't due to her stingy and selfish obsession with him. She loves luxury and is often seen taking fancy baths or eating fancy food while watching a flat screen tv. Despite being superficial at times, she is a nice girl and she likes to help the needy. She is sometimes sassy and impatient with Jenny's ideas, but unlike Amy, she tries being patient with her actions. She is also obsessed with sweets, as she's addicted to ice creams and candy.


Jodi was born to Akira and Mei of the royal Chan palace in the Lotus Village as the separated child from Chiyome, who Akira had raised.

Ancient Prophecy[]

According to an ancient scroll, Jodi is the reincarnation of Queen Jodi, a mythological chinese woman of extreme beauty who is the queen of the Dragon King Uwibama in a mystical Dragon Realm. Jodi nearly became permanently evil and nearly turned on her friends to forever be at his side ruling the Dragon Realm together.


Jodi was born an only child to a single mother named Mei Chan with a father who dissaproved of her. Due to being an only child, Jodi lives a lonely childhood as her dad was hardly around in her life due to wanting a son instead (which turns out is actually a thing in Chinese families) so he often left all the time, leaving Mei to raise her by herself. This often put a strain on Jodi and her father's relationship and she requested he come over just once. He shows up in the morning, but turns out, he betrays her and her mom when he takes her and attempts to sell her away as a sex slave. The mercenaries arrived, but Jodi refused to sign it and managed to escape them by jumping down a waterfall. She was unconcious and her mom was worried she lost her for good. On June 6th 2008, 7 year old Jodi washed up shore on the beach of Lake Charles during a summer outing by the citizens. She was found by Jenny, who was poking a stick at her head to test for a pulse. She wakes up and asks her if she's lost or needs help. She takes her to her house to get help and Jodi remained comfortable there ever since but still missed China and her mom.

Gator Tooth[]

The Death of Demon Goddess Venus Saga[]

Jodi helps Jenny in trying to track down Venus. Then, the bad one tries framing the good, only to be killed by her good self.

The Lord Tooth Saga[]

Jodi is out of town.

The Legend of Aryans Saga[]

Jodi seeks training from Phil so she can impress Shawn.

The Villainous Clones Saga[]

Jodi mistakes Kivuli for Dee so he attacks him and gets locked in a shed.

The King Blue Saga[]

Jodi is absent during this saga.

The 8th Tournament Saga[]

Jodi returns to watch Dee participate in the tournament.

The Controlled Aryan Saga[]

Jodi tries helping Jenny stop Sam.

9th Gator Tooth Tournament Saga[]

Jodi attends to fight in the tournament.

The Final Sarabi Saga[]

Jodi attends the final fight.

Gator Tooth X[]

The Syndromian Saga[]

Jodi is sick and has to stay in (as Covid-19 reference since it takes place in 2020 which is a crappy year) until she's better so she is absent during episode 1.

The Zonian Saga[]

Jodi returns watches Dee's climatic battle against Mega Zonian.

The Anti-Syndromian Saga[]


The Mega Brittney Saga[]

Informs Jenny that a girl wants revenge on Dee for the defeat of Mega Zonian.

The Chrome Saga[]

Jodi watches the Chrome Games on tv.

The Kubwa Saga[]

Jodi is brought back to normal after getting turned into stone.


. Allergen- Jodi doesn't like furry pets, but soon learns to see them as friends.

. Poor impulse and obsession control- Due to an obsessive disorder she was diagnosed with since age 5, she tends to get overexcited about whatever she strives to accomplish. She spies on Shawn's training almost all the time and her flirting and crush on him often leads up to her being rejected initially.

Powers and Abilities[]

. Dragon Magic- Can use fire and in the shape of a dragon.

Healing- Like Blossom, Jodi can heal fallen victims to various injuries.

. Power disabling- Jodi can temporarily disable her opponent's attack and techniques for 15 minutes, making them vulnerable to defeat.

. Dragon Kick- Jodi can kick her enemies 10 miles away in 5 seconds.


. Jodi is Jenny's first human friend before she met Amy in her preteen years.

. Jodi's design was inspired by Chun Li from the Street Fighter Video Game Series.

. Jodi's favorite animals are pandas. Although she's allergic to animals with fur.

. She ran away from China after she refused to sign a contract which if she did, she'd be sold as a sex slave.

. Her favorite food is caremel chocolate ice cream.

. Her least favorite food is broccoli.

. She prefers assertive and strong guys. Which hints her crush on Dee, then later Shawn.

. She spends most of her time relaxing at her mansion when not dealing with anything serious.

. She wants to study American culture.

. She is often a victim of sexual assault, usually with pesky fanboys trying to take nude pictures of her.

. Jodi's favorite movies are Martial Arts Films.

. Her least favorite movies are dramas.

. Jodi hates domestic cats.

. On November 29, 2020, Jodi has been considered by series creator Deiontre Carter to be one of the hottest female characters of the Gator Tooth Franchise, even admitting that the series even has much hotter females then its rival franchise, Dragon Ball.

. He even comes to the conclusion that Gator Tooth is beating Dragon Ball in female fan-service, due to GT's boast of apparently even hotter female characters, with Jenny, Kasumi, Amy, Blossom, Solana, Jodi, Nakia and Sue, Jill and Anne (new characters and Nakia's older sisters) being a few examples.