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Josie is a beautiful young woman with a large orange pony tail on the top of her head. She has green eyes, tan skin, sports a red and Black Tanktop, and white jogging pants with blue sneakers. Due to her intense focus on exercise, she sports a very curvy build that she's even not afraid of showing off in matches, and one of the Franchise's most attractive Female fighters besides Kasumi, Jenny etc.


As a little girl, Josie never believed in herself and felt alienated from her peers as girls in her class laughed at her endeavors in fighting. At recess one day, she hides behind a tree breaking down in tears as she feels no friendship from anyone due to being ridiculed by her dreams that isn't viewed as girl like. However, after Teenhood, she grew more short tempered, mostly towards Brian and Kollan, and was an arrogant fighter who often mocked fighters younger than her, such as Dee, viewing them as weaker and defenseless babies. Despite seeming vain, it's really to hide her anxiousness she suffered since Elementary School. She fears being alone, and felt alienated by her best friend Kasumi's as she was hardly ever around during their teen years due to her busy life as a Princess. She is also very alluring in a comedic way, as she likes it when Brian pokes her butt when she's sad, stressed out or angry at Kollan's ridiculous attitude towards her. She is very aggressive towards boys her age who'd wanna touch her just because they see Brian doing it. She does not like to talk about sexual foreplay with minors, for example when Bobo sees Brian touching her butt and he naively wants to do it to her, too, unaware that he'd be doing sexual harassment on her. She Sarcastically thanks Brian and he tried it out on Amy, only making her mad.



Originally from Miami Florida, Josie and her parents were forced to move to Africa after gang shootouts had occurred across the state. She met a girl named Kasumi at school after she found her crying by herself behind a tree for her dreams and was lonely.

Gator Tooth: The Legend of Kollan Time Line

After being Kidnapped by Venus

Josie manages to escape Sarabi's jail and call for help so she can help Kasumi get free.

The WWMC Saga

Josie fends off the city of the Mages with Brian's help, meanwhile Kollan goes to search for Kasumi.

5th Gator Tooth Tournament Saga

Josie fights against Kasumi, she loses and feels mocked by her frenemy.

Demon King Lucifer Saga

Josie is begged to stay inside the house by her parents, after she tried rushing to Brian after discovering he was dead.

6th Gator Tooth Tournament Saga

Josie faces Kasumi again, and once again loses, and starts getting sick of her always winning, feeling like she's just a terrible fighter.

Gator Tooth: The Animated Series

Meeting Kollan's friends from the Past

Josie arrives at the 7th tournament and is recruited to fight against Dee, a boy with a Cat tail.

The Revival of Sarabi

Josie is asleep with Brian and has to wake up early to help get Sarabi dealt with.

The Revival of Samuel

Josie is relaxing in the shower.

The Evil Clones Of Kollan, Dee, & Evan

Josie is out of town, but gives Dee advice through the phone on how he should defeat the clones.

King Blue is revived and plans of world domination

Josie attends Kollan's burial, soaked with in tears.

8th Gator Tooth Tournament and Kollan & Dee's Advancements in power

Josie attends Dee and Kollan's Tournament, cheering them both on of what to expect.

Kasumi is Kidnapped by Mega Hail

Josie is at home in the bed watching tv with Brian oblivious to the abduction of Kasumi.

The Assault of a Raging True Aryan under Bolt & Samuel's control

Josie gives Kasumi and Kollan advice on what to tell Dee to help him beat the mind control.

9th Gator Tooth Tournament and Nguvu and King's Revenge for Muuaji

Josie cheers Dee on in his fight with Nguvu.

2 year time skip and the 10th Gator Tooth Tournament

Josie roots for Dee as he faces his fight with Sarabi in the final match of the 10th Gator Tooth Tournament.

Gator Tooth X

A Reunion Goes Wrong and the Syndromians Attack

Josie shows up late (thanks to Brian not remembering his birthday) and brings gifts, only to discover 3 strangers, Kate, Mar, and Sig have taken over the town and Dee and Bobo are gone.

The Evil Emperor, Lord Mega Zonian

Josie is in the evacuation zone, watching Dee face Zonian.

War with the Anti-Syndromians

Josie helps Dee find a way to fight the antis.

Mega Brittney's Revenge on Dee

Josie is watching the breaking news of Brittney's attack.

Powers and Abilities

Durability- She can take multiple attacks that any regular human would fall victim to.

Strength- She's the strongest female human in the Gator Tooth Universe.

Intellect- Much like her best friend Kasumi, Josie is academically intelligent.

Agility- Due to heavy training, she can keep up with Kasumi, in running, reflexes and attacks.

Sex Appeal- Josie's most well-known technique. As an attempt to make her opponent surrender, she'll take off her clothes and show off her body to a male fighter until they fall after being stunned by her beautiful body.

Iron headed forehead- A bizarre disorder she was diagnosed with when she was 6 where her head is too hard, she feels nothing and used this as her secret weapon when someone were to be unlucky enough to punch at her head and get a painful mark.


Dog allergies- Josie hates dogs, but she considers Ghost an exception.