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Jupiter Zahn is the father of Bobo and Skype and one of the Heroes of the Gator Tooth Franchise.


He looks identical to Bobo, but wears Black and white clothes.


Jupiter is a serious, strict and overprotective father. He always urges Bobo to be careful of the outside world and he initially was hesitant of life on Earth because he didn't trust the humans. He eventually became comfortable with it and embraced life on Earth. Unlike Bobo, who is more of a care-free teenager in the first series, Jupiter was serious and didn't really take much interest in boisterous activities unlike his son.


Gator Tooth[]

The Vampire Sisters Arc[]

Jupiter was revived from being a statue.

The Controlled Aryan Arc[]

Anna's Redemption Arc[]

DEREK the Vampire Arc[]

Hail's Return Arc[]

9th Gator Tooth Tournament Arc[]

The Final Sarabi Arc[]

Gator Tooth X[]

Syndromian Arc[]

Zonian Arc[]

Anti-Syndromian Arc[]

Mega Brittney Arc[]

Chrome Arc[]

Kubwa Arc[]

Gator Tooth Ultimate[]

Lord Crystala Arc[]

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