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Kivuli Carter is the Clone of Dee made by Dr. Bolt to defeat and kill dee however he ends up turning good and making his own family


Kivuli is a tall slender 16 year old brown guy with Black hair and red Spikes in it he wears a red and Black shirt, gray and black pants, and red, black, white boots.


He was evil and wanted to kill anyone but after he was defeated he grew into a sour attitude and became calm and collected and ended up becoming completely good.


Gator Tooth

Kivuli when he was Evil

The Villainous Clones Saga

Samuel spies on his son and Gathers DNA of Kollan, Justin, Troy, Evan, Dee, Bobo, Kasumi, Jenny, Sally, & Amy for Bolts project with Dr. Techno. Dr. Bolt's father Dr. Techno and Samuel gets DNA of Dee and his friends and creates copies to destroy them. Adofo, Emilio, & Kivuli. a Battle ensues where it's Kollan, Evan, Dee, & Justin vs Adofo, Emilio, & Kivuli. After their failure, the clones are arrested but Kivuli escapes his cell and gets Adofo and Emilio out so they can find the Amulets for themselves to use to destroy people with its power.

The King Blue Saga

in 2014 Kivuli, Adofo, & Emilio aid King Blue for Dr. Bolt. after that the girls (including Blossom) are taken captive and Kran appears in front of Kollan, Kollan tries to fight him but Kran knows his fighting moves and he impales Kollan with his tail. Dee finds his friend dead and beaten and decides to take the fight to King Blue and begins to run to his castle and passes out from the cold. Kollan possesses the knocked out Dee to get him there in one piece. Kollan gets out of Dee and Dee begins his fight with King Blue, Kollan sneaks Blou's amulet and goes inside of it to ask Blou a favor. Blou is sad to see Kollan is Dead. he asks if he possess her to help Dee and she agrees, Kollan possesses the Blue Genie and aids Dee in his battle. Dee wins the fight on accident when Kind Blue accidentally Impales himself.

The 8th Tournament Saga

Kivuli goes to the tournament to fight Dee. Still being dead Kollan Possesses Jamie's Big sister, Clair, "Clair" goes over to train with Dee & Evan. Dee, Evan, and Kollan are training for their next big match. That is until Muuaji, disguised as a competitor, steps in so he can assassinate Dee. He managed to sends a Dagger through his chest, but luckily, the hit was fatal because Dee forgot to take off his Metal gear he was wearing to overcome Mecha Dee's punches. shortly after they're able to bring back his body so he can be him again (And technically Sarabi) after this Claire promised to kill Kollan. tired of all the killing they change sides

Kivuli and Yossarian

The Controlled Aryan Saga

Kollan is Kidnapped by Dr. Bolt and Samuel and fitted with a control device to make him go Berserk.and he is forced to fight Justin, Troy, Dee, & The Others. Kivuli & Adofo help return him to normal as they have changed sides.

9th Gator Tooth Tournament Saga

Forced to stay in the form of Sarabi for a week because he burnt out the mana her body makeso he joins the GTT under the name Sarabi Galloway and someone who knows Sarabi is curious and Sees this name and rigs the fights to be able to fight "Sarabi" under belief that she's betrayed Queen Venus. but Kollan does indeed fight him but wins the fight. the person tells him that Venus is angry that Sarabi has turned good and want her dead and Kollan relied that he's up to the challenge Kivuli and Adofo also participate.

The Final Sarabi Saga

in 2015 Sarabi is released and sees Kollan using her name and mind controls into the fights she wants Kollan, Evan, Justin, Troy, Adofo, Kivuli, then finally Dee. Blossom is in the Audience as well as the others. Sarabi is first up against Kollan, who is the same power as her. Kollan refuses to use her own magic on her and instead uses Mad Monkey Kung Fu while she merciless beating him. Next is Evan..

Gator Tooth X

A Reunion Goes Wrong and the Syndromians Attack

1 years later after the defeat of Sarabi at the 10th tournament, Dee is enjoying his 16th birthday party with friends and family. But things are unfortunately interrupted when 3 strangers, Mar Kate and Sig arrive, crash it and banish Dee to Death Forest for never returning to Planet Purple to help his royal heirlooms, due to suffering a diagnosis of autism at just 3 years old, making him forget his royal responsibilities. Kollan follows him in the forest and helps him fight through it. mean while Evan defeats and kills Sig and tried to kill Mars who Mar attempts to convince Evan to join them but Dee manages to return after help from Kollan and being given directions from Wyse the Dwarf and faces the 3. After his huge battle with Mar, he admits that they needed his help to face an even bigger threat...... which they have 2 years to prepare for. Kivuli and Adofo always

The Evil Emperor, Lord Mega Zonian

Angered Syndromians are living on Earth. He sends Ruby's girls to investigate and take them all out. Ruby a young woman who can Steal bodies of her opponents, steals Jenny's body masquerading as her to get close to Dee, who she is in love with Kollan tricks Ruby into swapping with him so he can protect Jenny's body from Ruby corrupting it. Jenny finally breaks out and defeats her for her body back. 2 years later in 2022, the group are forced to relocate on a side of town where the air is polluted due to alien battle from Dee and Mar. They wait for Zonian to arrive while Dee is trying to get himself ready to finally meet the destroyer of his world in person. a battle ensues between Dee, Mar, Kate, Kollan, Evan, Troy, Justin, Kivuli, & Adofo vs Mega Zonian. Zonian Kills Kate and Mar. then Evan goes at him for the extinction of his race and get impaled through the chest, Kollan goes at him next and is able to keep up in True Aryan 2 but gets killed by Zonian, angering Dee into Bio-Syndromian for the first time and Dee squashes him into the mud out of Anger about Kate, Mar, Evan, & Kollan all being killed by Zonian. and Dee kills Mega Zonian, the news of Mega Zonian's death gets back to Mega Brittney who is now in control of Mega Zonian's Army angered by the death of her father she vows revenge.

War with the Anti-Syndromians

With the help of Kuvili's knowledge, The Gator Team plans a way to fight off evil alternatives of themselves in a battle for the fate of the city.

Mega Brittney's Revenge on Dee

Mega Brittney arrives on earth and requests Dee arrive to her. she is only in first form (which her suit gives her). a strange girl with blonde hair and a Katana. Dee, Kollan, Evan, Troy, Kivuli and the others arrive as she's being killed by the strange blonde girl. she rushes over to them and introduces herself as Kakagi Jackson from the Future. she warns them about three strange humans (Nane, Saba, & Sito) and a strange Bee (Chrome) who has a grudge on Dee. and agrees to stay to help them train and get ready for these four...

The Mutated Bee of DOOM

One day after coming home from College, Dee accidentally steps on a Bee. It then gets mutated by Bolt's father Dr. Techno and now named Chrome, wants revenge on Dee by turning him into his bee servant. Kollan is first up at Chrome's Survival Tournament. Kollan uses his Alien fire chi powers, fights Chrome in the air on the stage in the air again and on the stage again but is ultimately no match for chrome and taps out. Next is Troy who uses Ice Chi also taps out. last is Dee who is the one to defeat Chrome. Kivuli and Adofo also fight to protect the earth.


Kivuli as a Anti Bio-Syndromian

Anti Bio-Syndromian

The power that only one of the most powerful Anti-Syndromian fighters in the galaxy can achieve, the first time it is seen is during the Mega Zonian saga after Zonian tried assaulting Solar, and Kivuli circles storms around his body bringing it to life as he proceeds to take him down for the last time.

Kivuli as a Anti Bio-Syndromian Mbili

Anti Bio-Syndromian Mbili

The second state of the Cat-like deadly form of Anti-Syndromians.

Kivuli as a Anti Bio-Syndromian Tatu

Anti Bio-Syndromian Tatu

The largest and most devastating form of the Anti-Syndromian race yet. In this state, lightning and fire manipulation are more deadly, claws are stronger, and teeth grow sharper than ever.

Kivuli as a Anti Bio-Syndromian Nne

Anti Bio-Syndromian Nne

Kivuli's strongest Bio state. In this form he can move easier without straining his body from constant shocking so that he can be in water.

Powers and Abilities

Superhuman speed- A Genetic trait of all Anti-Syndromians, Kivuli alone is the fastest and most powerful Anti-Syndromian in the universe. Although his power can have both its ups and downs, one being too fast for typical enemy attacks, and the con being his power often causes collateral damage and is often hunted by from scientists, hunters and assassins who'd want to examine him for his bizarre abilities.

Advanced Strength- Kivuli is very strong and arguably the Franchise's most powerful hero, even surpassing the efforts of most of his other Alien oriented Allies like Emilio and Adofo.

Barrier Smashing- Kivuli can flip into the air, jump towards a wall, fence or glass and smash through it with his body.

Lightning manipulation- Kivuli's power revolves around usage of lightning, and is able to regenerate himself from exhaustion by channeling electricity from wires, street poles and power boxes.

Crushing teeth- Kivuli's teeth are really sharp, when he's hungry he can squeeze on a person's arm if he wanted to.


Fur removal- If someone were to collect his fur, it'd disrupt his normal running.

Water- Due to having electrical bodies, Anti-Syndromians cannot go in water without protective clothes, or else they'll be shocked.

Hunger- Anti-Syndromians are physically Panthers who have become civilized over periods of time have passed. If they go to long without food, they will become ravenous uncontrollably and will try to eat whatever they see. To fix this problem, dart it, cage it, then feed it food and the individual will return to normal again.