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"It's my turn to fight Gerrel^^ this'll be (Get's punched into a building by Gerrel) Owe...." - Kollan when Gerrel is fighting Dee

Kollan Galloway (コランギャロウェー Korangyarou~ē), born Micheal Winchell (マイケル・ウィンシェル Maikeru u~insheru), is one of the main protagonist of the Gator Tooth Series. Kollan is a Aryan originally sent to destroy Earth as an infant. However, a head injury from getting ran over at an early age alters his memory, ridding him of his initial destructive nature and allowing him to grow up to become one of Earth's greatest defenders. He constantly strives and trains to be the greatest warrior possible, which has kept the Earth and the universe safe from destruction many times.


Kollan is the spitting-image of his father, Jeremy, possessing the same spiky black hairstyle, blue-colored eyes, and facial features. However, he has softer eyes, a kind demeanor, and a lighter-pale skin complexion from his mother, Karen. At age 12, Kollan was rather short and appeared even younger than he was, being considered less than 10 years old (people were surprised when learning his actual age). During the next few years, Kollan did not go through any physical changes, beyond his muscles becoming more pronounced. By age 15, he began showing noticeable increases in height. By age 18, he had a considerable growth spurt, growing taller than most of his friends and developing a well-built physique. Kollan wears a green and blue Gi with blue lines and a blue belt with a belt buckle and a K on it, he wears Blue,a Red, & Yellow Moon Boots and he wears the pink Gator Tooth.


Kollan is marked by his lack of intelligence, which has extended to his speaking during fights, confusion of when holidays are, not being able to tell when someone likes or dislikes him, and having complete confusion on sexual foreplay. This trait combined with his strength makes some of his opponents become confused and downright angered by him being on par with them in battle, as was the case in his fight against Evan when the latter became frustrated or when Zonian ranted about his compulsion to say things in an attempt to sound as though he was more intelligent than he actually was. Kollan is a poor liar and horrible with holder of information, as was the case when he let it slip to Kasumi that he and the others intended to fight Saba, Nane, & Sito instead of going on a trip to Uganda, even telling her not to tell herself. His natural drive to battle as a Aryan has proven to have repercussions in him opting to want to be challenged rather than assure a victory that could save the lives of those around him from further danger, as he chose not to use the Gator Teeth to locate Dr. Bolt and by extension his Machine creations and deliberately allowed Chrome to transform on the grounds of wanting a "good fight". he has even destroyed multiple of Dr. Bolts Ships by "Pressing Random Buttons" in an attempt to land them saying that "all of the buttons are red" because Kollan is Partially Color Blind.



Kollan was reincarnated into Sarabi however Lilith split the kindness from her soul and caused Kollan to be born on Planet Arya in the slavery of Mega Zonian and stayed in his nursing station for 1 year. and in Feb of 1996 Lord Zonian decided to blow up the entire planet out of fear the Aryans would revolt and help save others .he fired a beam from his space station and destroyed the planet. luckily Kollan, Gabriel, Karen, Troy, Sally, Ruby, Jewel, Justin, Samuel, Prince Evan, & Cyrus escaped and Kollan landed on earth in his pod (the crash caused blunt force trauma that gave him permanent Amnesia and made him Stupid) and was taken in by a Human family called the Galloway's and grew up on their farm for the next 12 years.

Gator Tooth: The Legend of Kollan

Kollan (Age 12)

The Troll King Cain Saga

12 Years Later an Egyptian girl by the name of Sonia Shimazu who is 16 arrives in Rogersville and asks Kollan and Troy if they wanna go look for the Gator Tooth Amulets and they agree to go with her. on their way to find the Emeralds they run into the Desert Bandit named Craig and his Side kick Max, Chubbs the Shapeshifting Dog, Master Phil the Old Hermit, they rescues Princess Kasumi Green and Princess Sally Wolfe from the clutches of Lord Venus and Sarabi and take them home and Kollan accidentally promises to marry Kasumi thinking she's wanting him to eat a subway sandwich at Subway. and they stop Cain from taking over the world.

4th Annual Gator Tooth Tournament

Kollan and Troy go to train with Master Phil and train for the tournament after suggestion from Sonia. Kollan, Troy, & Brian train day in and day out with extremely hard training to make them as hard as steel. the day finally comes and they go to Lake Charles, Louisiana to the fighting grounds of Mr. Kiwanuka and participate in the tournament. Kollan is up against Brian First and he Defeats him, he and Troy fought their way up to each other in the quarter finals troy and Kollan fight very hard however Kollan is the Victor in the fight and he goes on to fight Kiwanuka himself and Loses.

Kollan (Age 15)

WWMC Army Saga

Dr. Bolt Kidnaps Kasumi and Troy & Kollan go and rescue her, and they go to a tower in Antarctica, called Doomsday Tower. and fight to the top and destroy the first device to control the Gator Teeth. and then they are confronted by a villain known as General Bruce and he is trying to stop them from getting to the next doomsday device and they defeat him and destroy the device and fight the assassin Herodias and defeat him. next they go to the base of the WWMC (World War Mage Clan) and destroy they whole base looking for her, but Dr. Bolt sends out killer Robots to kill them but the robots are no match for Kollan and Troy. Kollan and Troy rescue Kasumi and defeats Dr. Bolt but let's him live and they take her home.

5th Annual Gator Tooth Tournament Saga

in 2007. Kollan, Troy, Brian, Kasumi, Sally, & Josie go to train with the Monkey Hermit again on his Mountain. the training is long and hard but they arrive just in time to fight in the tournament. Josie and Kasumi fight and Kasumi is the winner. next Kasumi fights Sally and Kasumi is the winner. next Troy and Brian and Troy is the winner and then her fights Kollan but Kollan is the winner and in the finals it's Kollan vs Shawn Sartin and Sean Tortures Kollan as revenge for killing the assassin Herodias and the gruesome scene causes Troy to ascend to True Aryan and troy defeats Shawn saving Kollan and then Shawn decides to Join them on the side of Good.

Demon King Lucifer Saga

in 2007 Demon King Lucifer is revived by Cain and wants to rule the world and Kidnaps Josie, Kasumi, & Sally and takes over the white house. Kollan, Troy, & Brian go to get her back. they arrive at the white house and split up to find them Brian finds the girls and Lucifer challenges him to a fight and kills him and this enrages Kollan into True Aryan and Troy transforms to fight him too and after a long tough battle they defeat him.

6th Annual Gator Tooth Tournament Saga

in 2008, 1 year after the Defeat of King Lucifer, Kollan and Kasumi compete in the GTT to win and become the "Greatest Fighter in Africa" along with their friends Brian, Josie, Craig, Shawn, & Sonia. but there is a new threat the Son of the Devil, Lucifer Jr as he is also in the tournament. Kollan and Shawn fight, Kollan Wins, Kasumi Fights Josie, Kasumi wins, Lucifer fights Brian and doesn't hold back while trying to kill him but he ends up jumping to save himself. Kollan and Kasumi fight and he doesn't remember her because she looks so different and without hesitation he agrees to marry her as he promised, Kollan wins this fight, the rest of it goes well then at last the Final Battle between Kollan and Lucifer Jr, Kollan is mortally wounded but wins the tournament. But, the Tournament Stage was destroyed so the Tournament was cancelled for the next five years, until 2014.

Kollan (Age 18)

Gator Tooth

The Sarabi Saga

In 2012, Kollan, Kasumi, Amy, Jenny, Dee, & Bobo meet Sarabi as she Forces em to look for her Tooth while Dee secretly knows that Kollan is Sarabi but keeps quiet about it they later battle Sarabi and Solana is Created

7th Gator Tooth Tournament Saga

Dee and Kollan fight at the GT Tournament for the first time and Dee wins

Aryan Saga

Evan arrives on earth with Cyrus and Kollan and Dee beat them.

Demon Goddess Venus Saga

Kollan is forced to wear similar Clothing to Sarabi with Black Pants and Dark Green shirt and is forced into Villainy and Framed by Venus and Kyu however Venus is defeated and sent to hell.

Lord Tooth Saga

Kollan attempts fight LT but cannot as he is imprisoned in a orb so they don't harm him in the battle but do fight the Gator Team.

Legend of The Aryan Saga

Kollan, Evan, & Dee fight Justin the newest Slave of Zonian's and they spare him as he saves them from his Father.

Evil Robots Saga

Kollan, Kasumi, Dee, Jenny, & Evan Fight Metal Dee, Metal Kollan, Metal Jenny & Metal Kasumi

Villainous Clones Saga

Kollan, Evan, Dee, Bobo fight Adofo, Emilio, Kivuli, & Yossarian

Lord Blue Saga

Kollan is Killed by Lord Blue but Blou saves him clearly knowing who he is and Kollan takes her over to help fight and Stays as Blou until the "New Sarabi Saga"

Anne Saga

Blou (Kollan) and Dee are forced into fighting Anne the

Anna and the Dragons Saga

Blou (Kollan) helps Jenny take out Anna who has just found her Dragon powers

The New Sarabi Saga

Kollan leaves Blou to go back to his original Self of Sarabi and becomes the true Sarabi once again and teaches Solana how to use magic unlike Sarabi did

Anne's Redemption Saga

Anne comes back to the mortal world and Kollan invades their dreams using Magic


DEREK the Vampire is brought to life and kills Jenny after fighting her taking her form and Calling her Jennifer. & Zeus Kills Kollan and they clone Dee making him a Syndromian

Jennifer Saga

Jennifer tries replacing Jenny who later comes back and sends her to hell Kollan was skeptical of who it was

Dre and Jennifer Saga

Kollan battles Dre and Jennifer but Dee, Jenny, Dre (Good), and Jennifer (Good) arrive to save him

Good Anna Saga

Kollan helps Anna see the good in her.

Anna's Redemption Saga

Anna redeems herself and helps Kollan fight off her evil personality who became real

Mashetani Saga

Mashetani takes Jenny over killing her soul (although it was saved by Mulungu) and Kollan and Dee go to the Scroll world to retrieve Xiao and learns Phil, Lady Venus, and Lady Harnige are the kids of Mwana and Grandchildren of Mulungu making Sarabi/Kollan his Great Grandchild so Kollan request Xiao be set free to which Mulungu agrees.

Kollan (Syndromian Tribal Gi).jpg

8th Gator Tooth Tournament Saga

Kollan and Dee fight once again with Dee coming in he victor of the fight.

Chiara Saga

Kollan, Dee, Anna, and Jenny fight Chiara after she steals him too many times and Anne kills her

Demon Saga

Kollan and the Gator Team Stop an Invasion

DEREK & Sarabi's Return Saga

Sarabi Song returns to Fight Dee while DEREK possesses Jodi as revenge on Jenny.

Kollan's Real Self Saga

Kollan learns more of his real self

Gator Tooth X

Kollan (Syndromian Tribal Gi GTX).jpg

Syndromian Saga

Kollan follows Dee and into the Portal and meets her sister Maji Mirage and saves Dee

Ruby Saga

Kollan helps Jenny get freed from Ruby's Control

Zonian Saga

Kollan fight and Gets killed by Zonian with a Fire Finger Beam.

Anti-Syndromian Saga

Kollan fights the Anti Syndromians and Zira who has returned

Mega Brittney Saga

Kollan helps fight Mega Brittney who later get the evil sucked out of her by Anne Vitani

Cybernetic Organisms Saga

Kollan helps Dee fight Nane and Saba

Chrome Saga

Kollan helps Dee fight Chrome in the Chrome Tournament

11th GT Tournament Saga

7 Years Later Kollan fights Dee in the Tournament and finally wins but it's a Short lived Victory as Kubwaa attacks them

Kubwaa Saga

Kollan helps Dee fight Kubwaa


Kollan in his True Aryan form.

True Aryan

The standard True Aryan transformation. It is achieved when a powerful Aryan reaches varying levels of anger, as shown by Kollan when Lucifer killed Brian, and Evan when Kollan surpassed his abilities, though some half-Aryan hybrids have been shown to attain the form without any stressful circumstances.

Kollan in his True Aryan 2 form

True Aryan 2

Kagome Galloway is the first person to attain the form in Gator Tooth Cartoon and Games, and he uses it while fighting against Chrome in the Chrome Games. Kollan, Evan and Troy soon follow. Kollan trains to achieve it in the Afterlife, while both Evan and Troy reach the form by training on Earth. Kakagi attains this form right after becoming a True Aryan and is the Second female True Aryan 2.

Kollan in his True Aryan 3 Form

True Aryan 3

This form extracts every drop of potential from a Aryan's blood. Kollan was the first to achieve the form and was able to do so after several years of vigorous training in The Afterlife. Kagogi later achieves this form through the power of Kagome and Usagi's fusion and Kollan's example. Evan later achieved it after training.

Kollan (True Aryan).jpg


The ancient power that only one of the most powerful Syndromian fighters in the galaxy can achieve, Kollan gains it after Training with BS Dee and Evan becomes a Stronger TA

Kollan (True-Aryan Mbili).jpg

Bio-Syndromian Mbili

The second state of the Cat-like deadly form of Syndromians.

Kollan (True Aryan Tatu).jpg

Bio-Syndromian Tatu

The largest and most devastating form of the Syndromian race yet. In this state, lightning and fire manipulation are more deadly, claws are stronger, and teeth grow sharper than ever.

Kollan (True Aryan Nne).jpg

Bio-Syndromian Nne

Dee's strongest Bio state. In this form he can move easier without straining his body from constant shocking so that he can be in water.

Kollan (Sarabi Cat Form)

Sarabi's Cat Form

He Transforms into a Egyption looking Female Cat which can raise his magic Level even higher

Kollan as a Giant Snake

Sarabi Snake Form

Kollan transforms into a Giant Snake but won't eat his pray (Unless your the real Sarabi) but will terrify the crap out of them

Kollan as a Gator Genie without an Amulet

Sarabi Genie Form

in Sarabi's Genie form he is the most powerful in the universe but choses not to use it as he want's a challenge

Other Kollan's

Sarabi Mirage

Sarabi Song

Kasumi Green (CT Universe 1)

Jenny Green (CT Universe 6)

Claire (CT Universe 7)

Amy Shine (CT Universe 8)

Mega Anna (CT Universe 9)

Dee Carter (Universe 9)

Kollan (TAOKI)

Princess Kakagi (TAOKI)

Dee Carter (Universe 15)

Jenny Green (Universe 49)

Kollan Galloway (Universe 33)

Kollan Galloway (Time Hero)

Kollan Galloway (TNG)

Jenny Green (TNG)

Powers and Abilities

Physical Abilities

Superhuman Strength: As an Aryan, Kollan possesses immense Physical Strength,far more advanced then any Human, and most Alien Races (Except the Syndromians). He is Strong enough to break and Man-made Materials and Weapons, Move in increased gravity without any harm to his body, His physical strength is so powerful he can harm Final Form Mega Zonian. and as of now, he can attack with the strength of a Universal Scale.

Superhuman Speed: Kollan can move/react at least as fast as Dee, who's shown massively faster the light speeds and hypersonic speeds, enabling him to travel long distances in a very short periods of time, Move at untraceable speeds while in combat.

Superhuman Durability: Kollan's Body is far more durable then a human being's is, being essentially invulnerable to pretty much all man-made weapons. His durability is so great he can survive Universal Tier Beams of Energy. However, while Naturally Durable he has Limits, as other being much stronger then him can hurt him and potentially kill him, if he doesn't defend correctly, and when he lowers his guard and chi to protect him, even a normal gun shot can kill him in this state.

Superhuman Senses: Kollan can Think and React at great Speeds (only when fighting), able to dodge or catch a projectile fired from weapons or keep up with great Combat Speeds from his enemy. As an Aryan, Kollan has a great sense of smell, Sight and Taste, which increased his Combat senses and instincts.

Superhuman Endurance: Thanks to his Willpower and Physiology, Kollan is capable of Exerting himself, even if he has became fatigued from using powers or Transformations that cost a lot of energy or wounded as he was against Lucifer Jr. when he was younger while his limbs are broken and mortally wounded.

Powerful Lungs: Thanks to his powerful lungs he can breath in space or under water for a long period of Time.

Energy Abilities

Flight: The ability to take flight through the manipulation of Chi. However, as a Aryan, Kollan already possesses the innate ability to fly, which later in adulthood, he'd show to completely dominate.

Energy Senses: The ability to sense the energy of other beings. Kollan acquired the ability after drinking the Water of Divinity, but was unable to use it to home in on an opponent's location until he trained with The God of Genies. He can also hide his Chi to prevent someone else sensing his.

Energy Healing/Chi Transfer: Goku can grant some of his energy to a wounded person to restore some of their energy

Energy Control: Goku gained the basic level of Energy Control, allowing him to sense Chi at a much greater distance and use Instant Teleportation.

Divine Energy Mastery: Kollan can change the nature of his Chi to that of the gods, increasing his power drastically. With the Godly Chi, Kollan gains access to god-level transformations such as the True Aryan God and True Aryan God 2

Mental Abilities

Genius of Combat – Kollan is able to prepare ingenious strategies when it comes to fighting. On more than one occasion, he was able to defeat opponents he was no match at first by using the correct tactics. In addition, Kollan himself states and proved that techniques used against him cannot work more than once, because he can adapt to them and find their weak points.\

Ability Mimicry: Kollan can mimic abilities to the point of perfection

Telepathy – A way to communicate with others using one's mind. Users can also read the minds of the ones they communicate with, similar to telepathic eavesdropping. During his time with Wyse, Kollan learned this ability and taught himself how to read the minds of others, by talking to them.


Fire Ball Chi: a type of elemental Chi that is made of fire

Kollan doing a Saru no Hakai Ha witch Magic

Saru no hakai-ha: Kollan's signature attack. A powerful Ki blast fired with two hands after concentrating a large amount of Chi. Kollan first learned this technique after witnessing Master Phil use it to extinguish the fire on on his carrot patch and house. Kollan has also invented numerous variations:

  • Super Saru no hakai-ha: A more Powerful version of the Saru no hakai-ha

  • True Saru no hakai-ha: a more powerful version of the Super Saru no hakai-ha

  • Legendary Saru no hakai-ha: A more powerful version of the True Saru no hakai-ha and it's Green in color

  • Godly Saru no hakai-ha: a more powerful version of the Legendary Saru no hakai-ha and it's orange in color

  • Ultimate Saru no hakai-ha: A more powerful version of the Godly Saru no hakai-ha and it's red in color

Mienai enerugī: A technique where the user affects the air currents around him with ki to produce powerful shockwaves in order to strike the opponent at mid range.

  • Soul Shot: A two-handed energy technique in which the user stretches their arms out and blows the opponent(s) away with dual Mienai blasts.
  • Invisible Look Attack: a Mienai technique shot from the eyes.
  • Invisible Fist Attack: A powerful Mienai fist performed in Aryan Instinct.

Tamashī no ōbu: A Movie he leaned from Wyse a Dwarf who is also a God. When fired it doesn’t damage the body it destroys the person’s soul and permanently preserves the body.

  • Super Tamashī no ōbu: He creates a Tamashī no ōbu in the air and fires it at his enemy

Geitāfisuto: A throws a punch and a energy gator comes out of it and devours his enemy

Sōrāraito: he closes his eyes and says Sōrāraito and it blinds he enemies

Teleportation: he can go anywhere he wants relatively fast

  • Instant Teleportation: he can go anywhere he wants instantly

Hakai-tekina disuku: a razor-sharp disc of Ki that can slice through almost any substance.

Suspended Blast: A one handed energy attack used to threaten others

Various Types of Martial Arts: he can use various types of Martial Art including Mad Monkey Kung Fu

    • Bōjutsu - The art of wielding a staff which Kollan utilizes when wielding his Bo Staff. Kollan learned it from the Bo Staff's previous owner, his adoptive Grandpa Carl. Kollan's Bōjutsu skills are so great that he can use his Bo Staff to deflect bullets as shown during his assault on Doomsday Tower. Additionally, due to the Bo Staff's Strength properties, his attack rate with the Bo Staff is much greater than an average staff.


Hunger - Becoming hungry and not eating for long periods can cause Aryans to lose strength rapidly and pass out