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Kollan Galloway is a Gaming YouTuber who runs the AutisticSaiyan2 YouTube Account he also is the Creator of Super Aryans a Game in the same universe as His other game Aryans of the ISPD Deiontre Carter's Gator Tooth, Android Cat, & Violet Starlight.


Kollan is a Naive person who constantly gets yelled at but always wants to help others.He sees the best in Everyone and sees them for who they are not thy're race, Gender, or Sexuality. he has Autism that helps him be creative bit also suffers from Stage fright which has made him struggle on YouTube.


Kollan appears as an 18 Year old but he is currently 25 (as of September 1st, 2020), he is chubby weighing at 260 but does not appear that weight, he normally wears a tee shirt, And1 Basketball Shorts, and white New-balance Shoes. he wears black Prescription Glasses, and he has Brown hair that looks black and hazel eyes.

Personal Life

he was Born to Karen Winchell and Jeremy Cunningham on November 04, 1994 and adopted by Kendall and Kristy Galloway and Renamed Kollan Ray Galloway. he had spent most of his childhood Sick and wasn't even supposed to make it to 15. he miraculously got better when he was 7 (although this is the year his biological mother died even though he never knew her) he had broken a bone in his body every year up until 2005. he then was a test subject to a surgery for Medtronic Stimulators for the bladder.and it was a success, he then in 2006-2008 has a experimental Club-Foot Syndrome surgeries which were also a success. he currently lives at the family farm doing YouTube Videos after being pretty much a cripple.


  • He doesn't understand Sexual Undertones nor does he understand fetishes
  • his favorite colors is Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, & Pink
  • he was fostered by his adopted parents from a baby until he was adopted in 1998
  • he is a Christian and goes to the Rogersville, Church of Christ
  • he plans on Voicing the Character based on him in Gator Tooth and Super Aryans
  • He has two Facebook Accounts (Kollan Galloway & Son Kakarot), four YouTube accounts (Kollan Galloway, Goku123499,AutisticSaiyan2, & AutisticSaiyanReviews), He has Three Twitter accounts (@KollantheSaiyan, @AutisticSaiyan2, & @JohnnyG31486964) and four PSN Accounts (Goku123499_, AutisticSaiyan2, Kakarot123499, & SarabiDemonWitch)
  • he is a Scorpio and believes everyone is equal
  • he has lost his friend Derek Weter because of a misunderstanding but got him back
  • he is #IStandWithVic and understands that there is no proof and that testimony isn't a form of viable proof
  • he became best friends with Dee when he was 21 in 2016 and they are still friends today
  • he is family to fellow YouTuber KingofSaiyans2 (Evan Cole Jackson)
  • He went to Logan-Rogersville School District when he was in school
  • He cannot breathe at night without a fan pointing at his head