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She was sent from Quantum's War Ship to conquer the planet but never returned to them and they became suspicious and she became a fugitive.


Lacey was described as unpredictable, and evil. She was a Villain with a huge self-centered personality to boot. She enjoys the suffering and pain of many people and lusts destruction of many innocent locations. Aside from her villainous side, she was also a very rude and shallow spoiled character, often taking all of the credit that Liu rightfully should've been shared of, and not understanding the difference between being nice or rude. She also is very impulsive, reckless, naive and has a very big ego that causes her to be somewhat of a brat to others, especially her adopted father, Professor Smith. She is a sex maniac and fantasizes alot about boys, especially Kollan, Evan and Dee. She has a very aggressive attitude towards anybody who threatens her and she will often attack without question. Due to being from another world, Lacey doesn't understand the concept of things on Earth. She has eccentric habits and will playfully share it with others, unaware if whether or not it makes someone uncomfortable. Despite her impulsiveness and ego, she makes up for her brilliance, due to being from another planet, she has an IQ off the charts, which surprises her peers (and a few even jealous). She is often insolent, and often takes pleasure in violence with no remorse, but only for Villains to defeat rather than tormenting a town like she originally desired. She's also very smart and capable of maturity despite her selfish adolescent fits when she doesn't get her way. Lacey also has social stress disorder, due to feeling like an outcast because she's not human and wants to learn about being normal, but later realizes the amount of normal comes from who you are.


Lacey is a young Lynx child with Starla's signature yellow fur and brown stripes. In her human disguise, she is a pretty teenage girl with blue eyes, black hair, with an athletic curvy attractive build that often catches the attention of lots of guys. She has tan skin. She is 13 years old in the first game, 15 in the second game and 16 in the third game.


Android Cat[]

In order to prove to the grand council Empress Nexus the worth of Lynxes, Quantum releases number 7, aka Lacey, to Earth so she can conquer the land in 7 days. However one night, she lands in the backyard of a Scientist's yard named Professor Smith. He hides her from the public and disguises her as a human girl until he can get her to escape from the Alien troops who are now looking for her out of suspicion. She causes chaos but gradually learns how to adapt to the city of New York and gives up her plans so she can turn against Quantum's orders and save the city from her wrath.

Android Cat 2[]

2 years after the events of the first installment, with Lacey finally adjusting to life with her new adopted father Professor Smith and her Adopted sister Liu, everything finally seems peaceful again. But unknown to them, a Tyrannical Lizard named Emperor Comet who was a close friend of Quantum was enraged to learn of her defeat and sends Brittany to School acting as a student in order to have Lacey killed for the death of Quantum with the help of a female Lynx she names Emerald.

Android Cat 3[]

A year after the events of the previous game, Empress Nexus, who was unaware of Quantum's death, heads to earth so she can arrest Lacey. Meanwhile with Lacey, she discovers a large secret room filled with several Lynx balls and starts to question where she came from. Professor Smith confesses that when he first found her in his backyard from the first game, he saw several more which were a gift from Lacey's grandfather Calico implying to take good care of her which is why he protected her and let her be with him, despite her initial awful behavior from the first game because he knew that she could change. Lacey meets a Pink Lynx named Sabeen who was sent by Lacey's parents and warns her of Nexus' arrival in 5 weeks.

Android Cat The Animated series[]

In the animated series adaptation retelling the video games, Lacey is a brash and vain Lynx sent to take over the planet by a government Criminal named Captain Quantum, but soon betrays her after crash landing in the backyard of a Scientist named Professor Smith who unknowingly takes her in and raises her as his adopted daughter.

Powers and Abilities[]

Superhuman strength- Lacey is very strong. She can withstand debris, rubble and has a very hard head.

Bulletproof body- Lacey's body is very sturdy and durable, she can withstand bullets of all kinds and emerge from the debris without a single scratch on her.

Fireproof body- Lacey's body is also extremely sustainable in hot climates and fire is ineffective on her as she can stand on or in it for long periods of time.

Hyper Speed- Lacey is extremely fast, she can go faster than space and time itself and move or fly in an instant.

Wall Climbing - Lacey's paws have a sticky secretion on all fores, which allows her to stick to any surface and climb up it.

Claws- Lacey's claws are extremely sharp and can easily tear through flesh.

Acute hearing- Due to her large ears, Lacey can hear her surroundings from miles away better than the average animal can. Which easily helps her notice an incoming attack to her advantage.

Night vision- Lacey can see in the dark very easily, as her eyes support her like goggles.

Shape-shifting: Lacey can disguise herself as multiple objects, living things or other people at will, as it was first discovered by Smith.


. She is the first Lynx to ever speak.

. Lacey has a weirdly suggestive habit of stalking boys when they bathe.

. She shares alot of ironic similarities to Stitch from the 2002 Disney Animated Movie Lilo and Stitch.

. Lacey's lynx form was inspired by Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank but is instead yellow with brown stripes.

. She shares alot in common with Jade from Jackie Chan Adventures.

. They both are disobedient girls who often always ignore their elder's warnings (Jackie and Professor Smith).

. Lacey's favorite food is beef.

. Lacey's least favorite food is Ice cream.

. She is basically the Stitch of video games.

. She is very similar to Goku in human form.

. Lacey has alot in common with Jeffy as they both cause fights at school.

. Lacey is the strongest female Lynx in the series.