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Lilith Morningstar is the Demonic Queen of the NetherRealm and the main antagonist of GT Superheroes.


Lilith was once a peaceful and happy young woman, until one day, a corruption permanently changed her mind. She then became cruel, extremely sadistic and heartless. Lilith's also a total racist (probably worse then Zonian) and always mocking humans because they're viewed lowly. Due to her tortured background by people and their terrible actions, she was forever changed. Changed to be worse and as revenge be as tormenting to them as they were to her. She is vain and lusts the pain of others, always laughing and taunting those she brutally hurts. She's literally bloodthirsty, as she desires to soul-suck all humans on the planet, leaving no survivors, and like Taryn, wants Demonic Entities to replace humans as the dominant species on Earth. She is very egotistical and takes sexual pleasure in the physical pain of her victims and ruthlessly impaling them as a finisher, then pushes them in water, leaving them to drown. When things don't go her way, she can act very spoiled, often yelling in anger if her highly devised plans fail or if her victims get away. She is manipulative and strict, desiring Dee's death no matter how long it takes due to making Anne lose her fearsome traits. She's also a very flirtatious and seductive wife, being very fond of her husband, Darkness and even kissing him hello as a greeting. After her resurrection, Aleena, depressed at her evil, lets her come to Earth while begging her to change. Seeing the errors of her ways, she tries making it up to her and give up on her dream to rule Earth.


Lilith has tan skin, pointed ears, red eyes and long sky blue hair. She has a curvy build and has 3 black markings on each side of her face after her corruption. In mythology, she is told to be the most attractive demon in existence, making her one of GT's most beautiful demonic women.


Gator Tooth

The NetherRealm Saga

Lilith appears on the Earth's surface demanding to know why Anne's lost her fearful traits.

Dre and Jennifer Saga

Lilith appears for the final time to try and kill Dee again, only to be banished to hell once again. She revives herself and reconciles with Aleena after she offers to turn her to her good state permenantly.

The Final Sarabi Saga


Gator Tooth X

The Syndromian Saga


The Zonian Saga


The Anti-Syndromian Saga

Lilith returns once again to assist Dee.

Mega Brittney Saga


The Cybernetic Organism Saga


The Chrome Saga


The Kubwa Saga



Dee: Lilith resents him for him being the cause of Anne changing and desires to kill him. After her change to good, she makes up with him for her actions and helps him out whenever she can.

Bobo: She's least interested in him, ae he has no part of Anne's change. She later becomes his friend and ally.

Aleena: Lilith views her as a potential sister-in-harms, but Aleena doesn't want to be apart of her crimes against the world. After she gives up her evil ambition, they become what she wanted for a long time.

Darkness: Lilith is very admiring and protective towards him, as they have been married for years.


Fire: Due to having water and ice as one of her powers, fire makes her vulnerable to attacks.

Superior Complex: Lilith is very arrogant and often underestimates her adversaries.

Powers & Abilities

Water Manipulation: Based on her hair color, she has powers associated with the ocean and can form water of any shape and size.

Mind Control: She is able to drain a person's reflexes and paralyze them, then she uses her powers to make them follow her orders.

Soul-Sucking: One of her most deadly and lethal techniques. She will grab her victim by the throught, drain their abilities so they're weakened and can't escape, then absorb the person's life force until they disappear inside of her body.

Water Wall Of Defense: She can use water to protect herself from attacks or incoming blasts.

Telekinesis: She can lift up anyone and throw them around, toying with them.


Super Grootslang: A form that unleashes the biggest evil in a Grootslang ever seen. Eyes are black with red pupils and hair (with the exception of Nakia since it's already black) turns jet-black. Ears change to Demon since the human-like ears aren't their true ears and are sometimes uses to blend in with the human crowd. Wings will also automatically grow out in various colors.

Corrupted: The new look Lilith goes through after one day, the wrongdoings humans have done to her makes her turn to the dark side.


. Similarly to Madfet, Lilith was also friends with Aleena once, but changed.

. She is Putine of GT, due to the series being the main rival of Dragon Ball.

. Her ability to soul-suck is a reference to Shang Tsung, the main villain of most Mortal Kombat games.

. Her biggest desire is to take over Earth and enslave all humans.

. She is married to Darkness, the most ancient and mythological demon deity existence.

. She is one of GT's most attractive female demons.

. She is based on the Jewish myth of Lilith, an evil fiery demon.