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Madfet is an alien Cheetah (or Cheetai) Sorceress and the most major antagonist of Gator Tooth: Tag Team Tournament Arcade mide and its Anime Series episode "Madfet The Terrible!" She wishes to make the world in a Hallucination and make all Humanity do her bidding.


Madfet is a beautiful Cheetah woman who wears elegant sorceress clothes and a tiny turban on her head. She also has long shiny black hair, two lines on her face and a heart-shaped nose.


Madfet is cunning, sly, cold-hearted, arrogant and very manipulative. She is very persistent in her goals and doesn't hesitate on using magical threats or dark death on innocent people as a ways of intimidation into doing what she orders. In her youth, she was frequently bullied by peers because of her cat appearance and lacked regular human looks like Aleena. In her teen years, she lived a very pampered and was often the center of attention by her parents and often groomed her to make her stand out among the other high school kids, which caused her to later on in her life, become extremely vain and this overconfidence started to change her for the worst, desiring revenge against all who pushed her around and had then became a twisted and irredeemable, heartless young woman, much to the dismay of her friends, especially Aleena. However, this is only due to hurt feelings of supposedly being betrayed by Shawn, who slaughtered a Village.



Endlessly bullied for her cat appearance as a kid, Madfet had very low self-esteem as a child, then Aleena tried comforting her. But when she started to love her powers, she became curious and used it on her classmates as revenge then became overconfident in her powers to the point she became a control-freak.

Gator Tooth


Every 4 years, Madfet is briefly seen kidnapping young people and turning them into Flying Demons, Pteryadctol-like mobsters of kids, to late adolescents.

Madfet Saga

Madfet makes Flying Demons swarm the city over midnight to kidnap the gang and add them to her collection of slaves.

The 8th Tournament Saga

Madfet controls Evan.

The Controlled Aryan Saga

Madfet helps Samuel kidnap Justin.

9th Gator Tooth Tournament Saga

Madfet admires the torture of cops trying to kill Flying Demons.

The Final Sarabi Saga


Gator Tooth X

Syndromian Saga


Zonian Saga


Anti-Syndromian Saga

Helps Samuel prepare Brocc to kill the Gator Team.

Mega Brittney Saga

Madfet is working on a curse.

The Artificial Strangers Saga


The Chrome Saga

Shrugs over Chrome's defeat due to initial feelings for him.

11th Gator Tooth Tournament

Madfet hires resentful young men, jealous of Luci's talent to bring more people to fall victim to her spells.

Kubwa Saga


Gator Tooth: Ultimate

The Mzuka Saga

Madfet is arrested.

Powers and Abilities

Mind-Control- She can make people move, talk, or do any sort of action against their own will.

Telekinesis- She can pick up anyone or anything and keep them in the air for long periods of time. They're also unable to break free and have no access to teleportation, powers, or forms, giving her the dangerously high upper hand.

Power Absorbtion- She can drain and take away all powers and abilities, leaving the victims defenseless.

Hallucination Technique- She can make what looks real appear and nobody can tell whether or not it's real or not. She can also do the same to herself or anyone else and make authentic optical illusions.

Possession- She can enter the bodies of anyone and sabotage their moral behavior and no one can sense she's there.


. She is based on Madfet, an Egyptian Goddess who was believed to be a Feline Goddess. However, while she was a Goddess of Justice, GT's take is more of an evil version of her.

. She was also inspired by Mirage from the Aladdin 1994 TV series. As they're both evil catwomen who desire pain and torture of humankind.

. Madfet had a crush on Zaphod in her childhood.

. She's one of Dee's most sinister enemies.

. She used to be Sarabi and Blossom's master.

. She is friends with Venus, Taryn, and Sauna.

She was Childhood friends with Aleena in her childhood