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Mega Zonian is a Giant Space Dragon who enslaved the Aryans and the Syndromians for his own pleasure.


Zonian is a Purple, Black, & White Dragon who is big but short.


He is Pure evil and selfish and will only do stuff for himself. he will enslave entire races if it gets him somewhere. he only looks out for himself. He is one of the most diabolical characters of the whole series and even had the audacity to impale Brian when he was wide open.



In Feb of 1996 to the early 2000s, Lord Zonian decided to blow up Planets Arya and Purple out of fear the Aryans or Syndromians would revolt and help save others. He fired a beam from his space station and destroyed the planet. Luckily Kollan, Gabriel, Karen, Troy, Sally, Ruby, Jewel, Justin, Samuel, Prince Evan, & Cyrus escaped. In 2001 Mega Zonian decided to destroy Planet Purple where the Syndromians were enslaved and a lot Including Dasheen, Roza, Kate, Mar, Zaphod, Kasumi, Lexi Rain, & Dee's family survived and both planets were destroyed setting up the alliance of Kollan, Evan, Dee and the others.

Gator Tooth[]

The Aryan Saga[]

Two Months after the death of Sarabi, Blossom is living in her own house with Solana and is part of the Gator Team and they're celebrating Dee's 12 Birthday when an Aryan named Gabriel Cunningham appears and orders Kollan to kill the Syndromians on the planet for Lord Zonian (although the names Syndromian and Zonian are never mentioned by name until GTX), they beat him and he decides to turn good and Lucifer Jr. shows up to help. Two weeks pass and Evan Jackson and Cyrus arrive and attempt to kill them, but both are beaten by the Gator Team (Including Gabriel), Evan is wounded but gets away but not off planet and Cyrus is dead. Matthew beats up Evan and he joins the Gator Team stuck on earth.

The Legend of Aryans Saga[]

Two months later: Far Away, Mega Hail, Sam Messenger, Justin Messenger, Lexi Rain are on their way to Earth to kill the Aryan and Syndromians for Mega Zonian (while Zonian remains being Unnamed). Meanwhile at Sonia's Island Resort.... Blossom, Sonia, & Amy are relaxing while Kollan, Evan, Dee, Kasumi, & Jenny are Training to fight stronger opponents because they know there will be more Kollan and Evan are arguing over why Hail shouldn't have been revived but some of Hail's soldiers has stolen my's Gator Tooth Locator. so Kollan, Dee, Evan, Bobo, & Amy go looking for the Black Tooth to stop the soldiers from getting to it.they arrest the soldiers but the ship containing the four lands and they walk out and Justin jumps at Evan.and beats Evan to the ground and then Kollan fights him and Kollan get beaten down then Troy and Dee but Justin decides to join them and kills his dad when he tries to kill them.

Gator Tooth Film Franchise

Gator Tooth X: The Dragon King (Film)

Featuring elements from both the later video games and Gator Tooth X, Zonian discovers Dee's existence and heads to Earth to meet him. But he plots to take over and kill all of the survivors.

Gator Tooth (Film)

Although he isn't physically appearing, he is Mentioned and foreshadowed by Sarabi, who has dragon statues implying her respect to him.

Gator Tooth 2 (Film)

When Evan arrives to Earth from a pod, Zonian's voice can be heard on a speaker.

Gator Tooth 3 (Film)

Dr. Bolt contacts him and says he devised a clone to exterminate Dee.

Gator Tooth X: The Ultimate Bee (Film)

Zonian tries to escape hell after him and Ice were killed by Kakagi.

Gator Tooth X: Kuwba Unleashed (Film)

Zonian is watching Dee's fight with Kubwa in jealousy.

Gator Tooth X

Gator Tooth X[]

The Evil Emperor, Lord Mega Zonian[]

Angered Syndromians are living on Earth. He sends Ruby's girls to investigate and take them all out. Ruby a young woman who can Steal bodies of her opponents, steals Jenny's body masquerading as her to get close to Dee, who she is in love with Kollan tricks Ruby into swapping with him so he can protect Jenny's body from Ruby corrupting it. Jenny finally breaks out and defeats her for her body back. 2 years later in 2022, the group are forced to relocate on a side of town where the air is polluted due to alien battle from Dee and Mar. They wait for Zonian to arrive while Dee is trying to get himself ready to finally meet the destroyer of his world in person. a battle ensues between Dee, Mar, Kate, Kollan, Evan, Troy, Justin, vs Mega Zonian. Zonian Kills Kate and Mar. then Evan goes at him for the extinction of his race and get impaled through the chest, Kollan goes at him next and is able to keep up in True Aryan 2 but gets killed by Zonian, angering Dee into Bio-Syndromian for the first time and Dee squashes him into the mud out of Anger about Kate, Mar, Evan, & Kollan all being killed by Zonian. and Dee kills Mega Zonian, the news of Mega Zonian's death gets back to Mega Brittney who is now in control of Mega Zonian's Army angered by the death of her father she vows revenge.

Mega Brittney's Revenge on Dee[]

Mega Brittney arrives on earth and requests Dee arrive to her. she is only in first form (which her suit gives her). a strange girl with blonde hair and a Katana. Dee, Kollan, Evan, Troy and the others arrive as she's being killed by the strange blonde girl.she rushes over to them and introduces herself as Kakagi Jackson from the Future. she warns them about three strange humans (Nane, Saba, & Sito) and a strange Bee (Chrome) who has a grudge on Dee. and agrees to stay to help them train and get ready for these four...


. Zonian is the most sinister antagonist of the franchise.

. He speaks in an evil Russian accent.

. He is ironically what Frieza was to Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball series and his arch-enemy Goku, while his arch-enemy is Dee.

. He has been conquering planets since the early 1930s.

. His favorite race to enslave out of all were the Syndromians because of their resilience.

. His concept was based on Kor from the Jak and Daxter video games.

. His character was based on early slavery where rich people tortured black people and slaved them away.

. His racism towards Syndromians was based on rasicm towards black people back in the 1800s.


Mega Zonian (1st Form)

1st Form[]

His Suppressed Form that he uses

Mega Zonian (Final Form)

Final Form[]

Zonian's Most Powerful form he is defeated it in this form