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Nagini the Snake is a King Cobra and was created from the carcass of a road kill snake Evan brought back to life using his Spirit Possession technique.


Nagini has no personality and is Simply a servant to Evan.


she is a tan and black King Cobra with a very long Tail. she has Sharp teeth and red


Nagini (Human).jpg

Gator Tooth[]

Demon Goddess Venus Saga[]

On the Same day as Kollan got turned into Sarabi and Arigon and Bloss came under service to him, Evan found a snake and split a liny bit of his soul and gave the snake a soul and she gained the ability to telepathically talk to the likes of the others.

Lord Tooth Saga[]

Nagin i aids in the battle against LT and tries to poison him but it does not work.

Villainous Clones Saga[]

Nagini is at home while Clones of Kollan, Evan, Troy and Dee ravage the city,

King Blue Saga[]

Nagini helps Dee in the final battle un support of Evan and Kollan (who has possessed Blou).

Final Sarabi Saga[]

Nagini fight Sarabi as an Animal Contestant but is thrown out of the ring.

Gator Tooth X[]

The Syndromian Saga[]

Nagini secretly poisoned Sig and drained him of his power.

Anti-Syndromian Saga[]

Nagini fights in the Anti-Syndromian War

Mega Brittney Saga[]

she is watching TV at this time having more of her own think.

Chrome Saga[]

She is watching the tournament from Sonia's home

Kubwa Saga[]

She is watching the battle and gives Chi to Dee and Kollan

Powers and Abilities[]

Extremely Deadly Poison - She has poison that will kill almost anything

Telepathy - she can talk to others Telepathically


  • she most likely has a human form because of the part of Evan's soul