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Planet Arya is the home planet of the infamous Aryan race, one of the most powerful and most feared races in the galaxies and was once the face of Zonian's army. However, in 1998, Zonian destroyed Planet Arya out of fear of a rebellian and he was right. Jeremy (the Biological Father of Kollan) did rebel so that survivors could escape the planet and he took on Zonian alone. Zonian threw a planet destroying attack at the planet and destroyed the planet.

Planet Description[]

Planet Arya is a red planet due to the gravity it has however the Vegetation, the water, sky and clouds look like Earth.


Ruled by Emperor Raymond Jackson until King Ice made a deal for them to be in the Ice Empire Emperor Raymond offered a deal for money and control still there for his family to which Ice agreed. four two decades they ruled side by side until the Aryans were put into Slavery and forced in to the Zonian Armed Forces but during 1998 Zonian got terrified of the Aryan God Prophecy and decided that he had to destroy them before there was a Rebellian. and on that day Jeremy decided to rebel and did so to allow time for his people, His wife to escape to Purple, Aleena's Family, & Friends and his Son to escape to earth. as he floated above the planet holding a blast in his hand and threw it at Zonian and Zonian created a giant fiery orb and threw it at the planet and it had appeared to destroy the planet and Jeremy however Montai had rescued the Aryan before impact

Video Game Appearance[]

Super Aryans- Past: Jeremy, the father of Kollan

Super Aryans- Past: Karen's Final Fight

Gator Tooth: Visit to the Past

Anime Appearances[]

Jeremy - The Father of Kollan

Jutarou - The Aryan of Legend

Brocc, The Bio-Mutant Syndromian

(Flashbacks in the anime)


There are four Royal Families (Jackson, Shimazu, Rabbit, and the Green family have a place they were able to rule as well if they wanted a vacation off of their planet)

Karen was a warrior but only on earth on planet Arya she worked at a meat packing plant.