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Planet Earth is a planet inhabited mostly by Humans, however, they also coexist with animals and other living things. It's also the main setting of the entire Gator Tooth, Android-Cat, Violet Starlight, Wally Ant and Ghost The Blue Dog Sagas.

Planet Description

Earth has 7 continents that were once all together, until they all split from each other several years ago, and has people off all different ethnicities on every area of land, with the exception of Antartica and Greenland. Most 99% of the planet is covered in water and has many land and sea animals across its enviornment, many that are either endangered, have gone extinct, or are of least concern. It consists of the 7 continents, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa. It resembles and functions very much like the real-life planet, with regular modern-day humans who follow regular daily life, much like the real-world itself. About 29.2% of Earth's surface is land, while 70.8% is covered with water.


Several million years ago(B.C), a meteor struck Earth, killing all prehistoric life. Afterwards, life began to evolve to a more modern day period, Dinosaurs were no longer around and instead, modern-day reptiles are descendants. Monkeys grew from monkeys, to Cave people, then to the intelligent human beings of today. Places across the world became more city-like and buildings were conceived. Then from that point on, the prehistoric times instead, became subjects in schools. Restaurants and stores were invented so humans wouldn't have to rely on hunting for food, movie theaters, parks and theme parks also became part of the planet's culture and activities. Earth is sometimes a target for evil aliens who seek to either conquer or wipe it and all its people out.

Extraterrestrial Visits

Ghost (On April 20, 2000): A Giant Blue Dog who was a very small puppy at the time of his arrival (In The Puppy Adventures Of Ghost) on Earth. He had to escape his Home Planet Kaiju after his parents were killed by a T-Rex. He was found by Mr. Leonard, an old Zoologist who took him into his Animal Sanctuary to be taken care of until he can be adopted, but no one wanted him due to his unusual fur color of Blue. On November 14, 2003, he was finally chosen by a young boy named Neville Denny and was raised into the Giant Dog as seen later on from the original game.

Bobo (On July 16, 2005): A small Mongoose and Dee's sidekick. He had to leave Planet Mong to avoid being sold to a Galactic museum by Taxidermists and so he would've been undetected by the Ice Tribe survivors. Before meeting Dee, however, he was taken in by a girl named Claire, who entered him in her Circus as her number 1# Circus animal, as he became the most popular attraction. He was uncomfortable with her greedy lifestyle and riches and wanted to escape performing. He followed the smell of an eight year-old Dee's circus food and inadvertently escaped Claire. He was welcomed into the house reluctantly by Tammie and has since become Dee's loyal best friend.

Lacey (On March 19, 2013): Was sent by Quantum to destroy all life on Earth in order to conquer it. However, she learned kindness and compassion and to care about other people from Professor Smith and Liu, causing her to forget why she was sent. She gets adapted and defeats Quantum.

Dee (On October 2, 2003): After Zonian's armies attacked Planet Syndrome, the survivors were forced to retreat to Earth using their Emergency Trans Pads that allow them to teleport to anywhere in the galaxy. Shauna used it to take Dee along with his siblings and other relatives to Earth, soon before Zonian prepared to blow it up. He grew up safe and secure ever since and everyone was forced to keep it secret until the moment would come that Zonian learns their hiding spot.

Video Game Appearances

Earth appears in all Franchise games due to being the main location of Dee and his allies.

Anime Appearances

Earth appears in every anime, as it's the main location and setting of the series.


. Earth is located in the Milky Way Galaxy.

. Earth used to be covered in Ice 20,000 years ago. This was known as the Ice Age period. When prehistoric animals used to dominate the planet.

. GT's (and the Universe's version in general) Earth is very much like the real-life Earth, unlike other series like Dragon Ball, for example, where no other continents exist.

. The Earth gets its light from the Sun's UV rays, while the darkness at night comes from the moon.

. The sun is 10,000 degrees.

. Earth is the third planet from the sun.