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Planet Mong is the Homeplanet of Dee's sidekick/best friend and secondary protagonist, Bobo Zahn. It was left completely vacant after most of the Space Mongooses were captured for taxidermy in 2006, leaving only Bobo as the last one there before he escaped to Earth. However, there were in fact survivors of his breed and other breeds still on the Planet, debunking Bobo's beliefs that he was the only one left.

Planet Description

It is an orange planet with a Jupiter-like appearance. The world is very wildlife and nature like, as no humanoid residents are on this planet, making it a safe planet for animals wanting to be free from humanoid alien predators, such as Syndromians or Space Dragons. However, that doesn't mean it can't be dangerous, the only predators are hunting Wolves, and other carnivorous creatures though other then that, the planet is fully peaceful for Space Mongooses of different gangs.

The Ice And Fire War

The Fire Tribe is more dominant than the Ice Tribe in terms of turfs. This, however, sparked spiteful, jealous feelings in the Ice Tribe, particularly Blizzard, the Tribe's Young prince. He grew jealous of the Fire Clan's bigger status and power and plotted to have Star and Jupiter killed as revenge for their colony killing most of their Clan, then later Bobo killed. Blizzard led an ambush to Star's Palace. After the War, and several losses of the Fire Clan, the war was interrupted by a Galactic Taxidermist Company, who were attempting to capture all Mongooses on the Planet for clothing. The only survivors were Bobo, (a few Fire breeds who'll later be introduced) Blizzard, and Snow (who after the Taxidermist raid, was running from her execution to the Fire Palace and was sent to Earth with Karen's help without Glacier aware and declared her dead after his servants couldn't find her whereabouts). Since the War wasn't finished, Blizzard, who is still bitter from losing his family because of Bobo's Clan, makes it his vengeful mission to Assassinate Bobo and has been searching for his whereabouts since he knew he somehow escaped Mong, to an unknown Planet.


Planet Mong was once a peaceful and happy wildlife planet, until late 2003, after Zonian and his armies destroyed Purple, they stopped there for supper to hunt a few Mongooses. They managed to fight back, but Zonian spared the planet due to having no interest in the race like he did with the Syndromians, only seeing the planet as a go-to restaurant. On April 27, 2006, Bobo celebrates his 5th birthday and wants to go to the reserve, an unexplored but very dangerous area. His parents reluctantly agreed as long as he was with friends. Unfortunately, galactic taxidermists were revealed to have had a hideout on the planet for years on that side but could never reach the Mongoose habitats due to dangerous snakes forcing them to stay on the reserve so they, for years, lured Mongooses to it by using a rope with meat on it leading to cages. Bobo was nearly captured and put in the trunk, but his friends ran back to his parents to warn them after they heard his shouting. The taxidermists swarmed the colonies, getting all the mongooses they could find. Star and Jupiter managed to get Bobo out before the truck could take off, but the driver from his rear-view mirror saw the cage fall out and prepared to see what happened. Star and Jupiter urge Bobo to hide before he gets spotted and they get inside the cage instead. Bobo helplessly watches as his parents are driven away off the planet, finding out no one is left but him. He goes into an Aryan pod that Karen Winchell left for her friend as they told him after the ships left and it automatically heads a course for Earth, unknown to him what It'd be like. Once he arrives to Earth in a city called Lake Charles, he is instantly frieghtened and baffled by ongoing traffic, humans and the awfully crowded and noisy environment in contrast to Mong's rural and peaceful atmosphere. Now an orphan and all alone without his parents to protect him, Bobo innocently attempted to live like a human, assuming shopping and ordering food is a human's way hunting. But due to being an extraterrestrial creature, this baffled and frieghtens a cashier, so he runs out with his "shopped" goods. He tries again at a park but again scares people. Feeling alienated by Earth's inhabitants and sad he doesn't feel like a person to fit on a planet he thinks he doesn't belong on, Bobo started to miss his home and 10 years later has been struggling to survive until he met Dee.

Video Game Appearances

Dee's Adventure 3: In Bobo's flashbacks of his early childhood.

Anime Appearances

Gator Tooth: When Dee asks him where he came from, Bobo says he doesn't remember other then his kind was all taken away, as a flashback image of the planet is briefly shown.


. The planet is essentially a wildlife world.

. Mong is much smaller then Purple and Arya, due to the Mongooses being a small species.

. They are one of the very few planets to be spared by Mega Zonian's wrath, due to having no interest in them. Though the planet itself is currently uninhabited due to the raiding of the race.

. It's land is based on Biomutant. A game that Deiontre Carter is very fond of.