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Planet Purple AKA Planet Syndrome is the homeplanet of main protagonist Dee and the Syndromian race. It was destroyed by the Dragon Lord Zonian during the early 2000s during the Great Galactic Wars l and ll.

Planet Description

Given its name, it's a large planet purple in color. All of its water, grass and nature and vegetation are very identical to Earth's, but with purple vegetation, silver water, and black clouds.


Planet Purple was ruled by King Montai Thompson, until Mega Zonian disapproved of his decisions. He then competed with him over being the rightful ruler and successfully defeated him. He was then tricked into signing his planet over to him, making him the new king and the people became slaves. Shauna, angry at him being an unsupportive husband and neglectful father to his two kids Tre and Taiyonna and an unborn Dee, asks him why he would give up being ruler to a monster like Zonian. Montai responds that the reason he gave it up was to retire so he could spy on his plans. After Jeremy escaped Zonian, he pleaded for Montai to let him live on his planet for a few days so he agrees. 3 years later after Dee's birth (who was birthnamed Dasheen), he met Karen, Kollan's mother and Shauna's best friend who offered to babysit the little Syndromian. Zonian, discovering that a "Great Dragon" era Syndromian child was born, based on the legend he was told in his early days that if he continued down this dark path of slavery, he would be defeated by, goes to drastic measures and then attacked the planet's people, slaughtering every Syndromian his Dragon Armies could find. Shauna escapes in a pod with Dee to Earth (Tre and Taiyonna were absent due to Tammie getting them back herself), but Montai hasn't been seen since he left to so-called "spy" on the Dragon armies. 9 years later (2012), Dee, now a preteen, would then spend his later childhood on Earth in a Louisianian city called Lake Charles, with a very cautious rule that he must never find out about his dark past from that point on.

Video Game Appearance

Gator Tooth: Enter The Dragon: The planet is seen during flashbacks of Dee's childhood when Zonian reveals the real fate of the planet. It does not physically appear due to being destroyed.

Anime Appearances

Gator Tooth X: A few flashbacks during the Zonian saga. Does not physically appear due to being destroyed.


. The planet was based on Deiontre Carter's favorite color being purple.

. The planet is located in the Milky Way galaxy, except 2,100 lightyears from Earth, Mong and Arya.

. The planet is smaller then Earth, but bigger then Mong.