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Rameses Kijinga is an Assassin Teacher of his school Ramsese Ninja Academy. He is the evil older brother of Muuaji and wants revenge on his former students Shawn, Kollan and Dee. Despite his intelligence, he is one of the least strongest of Gator Tooth Villains.


Ramsese is a medium-sized Elderly black man with an African-style Dojo shirt. He has a square-shaped afro.


He is a vengeful, arrogant and drastic master. He will stop at nothing to prevent Shawn from becoming the next heir to the Palace thrown and wants all of the power of the Village for himself, resulting in being banished. This still never stopped him from coming close to his goal. Despite being brilliant, he also is a little bit lazy, which is why he has his Ninjas do all of the work, such as assassinating Jodi to prevent marriage so he doesn't lose the Throne, but failed. This is either because he is simply too lazy to do it himself, or is too cowardly to fight (which is kind of understandable due to the fact he is middle-aged or hasn't been training enough to be capable for combat ever since he stopped training with Xiao in his youth, presumably because he was too cocky that he thought he was stronger on his own) the heroes. He is extremely egotistical and views himself superior to even the GT Warriors, after all of his underestimating, he meets his end after Shawn killed him.



WWMC Army Saga (Kollan goes up against Bolt who hires Ramses)

Ramsese uses the army to distract the fighters to gain information on who Dee is, seeing that he'll one day be a valuable student for him to take Shawn's place as Assassin student. Then has Shawn slaughter a village for a Gator Tooth.

5th Annual Gator Tooth Tournament Saga (Kollan vs Shawn Kijinga in 2007)

Ramsese protests towards Shawn's change of heart.
Demon King Lucifer Saga (Rameses is hired by Lucifer)

Ramsese tries winning back Shawn.

6th Annual Gator Tooth Tournament Saga (Rameses tries to kill Kollan again)

Ramsese orders his guards to kill Kollan, only for Shawn to throw him in his Dungeon cells.

Gator Tooth

8th Gator Tooth Tournament Saga

Ramsese finds his chances of being next in line to Madfet's throne threatened when he learns that Shawn is with Jodi. He sends his Ninjas to try posioning her, but Shawn saves her by sucking out the poison. He then goes to Ramsese Palace and tries killing him, succeeding and heads back home to Jodi.

Chiara Saga Demon Saga

Ramsese is revived by Chiyome, unknown to Shawn.

DEREK & Sarabi's Return Saga
Ramsese is once again killed after trying to get Dee as his student by the others, he returns and puts Chiyome in his Dungeon for life as punishment for her betrayal.

Kollan's Real Self Saga (Kollan learns more about Being Sarabi from friends and Foes)

Jodi goes to rescue Chiyome, with the help of Dee, Bobo, Sharidan and Tai. Ramsese is now permanently banished to Hell, with no one to help him return to Earth, making it his final appearance in the anime as he suffers torture in Hell for the rest of the anime (and series in general).

Powers and Abilities

Superhuman reflexes: He can dodge or stop attacks quicker then light.

Strength: While not as strong as the GT Warriors, he can lift things bigger then himself (at least in his youth during training with Xiao). However, due to his slacking off in training in old age, he is too weak to fight younger fighters like Shawn or Dee, so he has his Ninjas do almost all the work.


Xiao: Ramsese has the most respect for him. He was his favorite master to train under.

Madfet: They have a complicated sibling relationship. Madfet grew angry towards him for influencing Shawn to slaughter a village, which led to her tragic backstory as to why she became a Villain herself, however, she wasn't evil by desire, but rather, out of bitterness and resent towards Ramsese.

Shawn: Ramsese saw him as a prodigy in his school and was eager to train him to be a killer. He is the reason Shawn was manipulated into killing an entire Village.

Kollan: He hated his guts for ruining his plans and was going as far as to force Shawn to kill him, despite the fact Kiwanuka would not approve of this.

Dee: He is argubly his biggest enemy due to refusing to take Shawn's place in his Assassin Training School after being told he'd have to kill the Assassin Kingdom Villagers.

Bobo: They don't interact much, but he still views him as the enemy, despite having only interest in Dee, regardless Ramsese sees he is of no intetest to him.

Jodi: He saw her as the obstacle that would prevent him from earning Rulership of the Royal Throne, despite Madfet kicking him out of the Palace. He tried to have her killed, assuming he would get Shawn back due to thinking she was a nuisance to Shawn.

Chiyome: Despite raising her, it was onoy so he could have a bodyguard against Shawn and the GT Fighters. And left her to rot in his Dungeon for her betrayal.

Nguvu: He was another student he had hoped to replace Shawn, only to lose him again through Kiwanuka's speeches.

Phil: His arch-rival.


. He is the first evil Master to debut.