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Sara is a girl who is a professional thief. She likes stealing and blowing stuff up. She tries to get back with Dee.


Sara is a girl with fair skin and white long hair. She has blue eyes, and has nails that are like cat claws. Her eyes are very identical to that of a cat's eye.


Shifty, sly and manipulative, Sara is a deceitful and initially coldhearted girl who didn't care about rules, laws and only looks out for herself. She's not afraid of putting up a fight and humiliating anyone who tries to confront her. She speaks in a seductive voice and uses her feminine charm and looks to take advantage of even the most smart of male characters easily Tricking them in the end, such as Evan, Dee and many others. She's also very greedy and vain, coldly blowing up buildings with her illegal bombs she creates herself to steal whatever she finds fancy and doesn't show slight remorse for damage or leaving innocent people inside to die just for her own pleasure in finding what she wants. She's a very snotty and egotistical person, often comparing her theft skills to Dee claiming "He can't match perfection" and often as a running gag, playfully wakes him earlier than expected so they can go steal together. However, despite being a half Villain half antihero, it's due to her early childhood. Her parents were bossy and strict and she felt as though they didn't care for her as she wasn't allowed to do Whatever she wanted as long as she was good. However one day, they died, and Sara, still angry at them, instead of grieving, she was delighted which shifted into her dark origin as a villain, due to being abused and yelled at by them. When the cops arrived at the house to investigate the death scene, Sara had already escaped promising herself she would never return to the house again. The cops to this day still aren't sure who killed the couple or how they died, but assume they had a child, unknown to them she ran away when they came to investigate.


Before Gator Tooth[]

Sara is Dee's ex-girlfriend. They met in 2nd grade, but after Sara did rude things to others, and stealing, even kissing him on the lips at a really young age even though physical contact is something they weren't old enough to do. Dee couldn't handle the Evil she tricked him into playing along with and broke up with her on graduation day. She was born to two neglectful and strict parents, and she was more than happy for their death instead of grieving, due to their treatment towards her. When the cops discovered it, Sara escaped away from the house, never to return again and felt free at last, while taking all of the riches they owned with her.

Gator Tooth[]

Sara, The Thief[]

Dee has to go to the Bathroom, so he goes to the forest. He hears sounds from the trees, then a teenaged Sara, who was watching him pee (much to his embarrassment) lowers herself down flattered to see her Hero again. Dee doesn't recognize her, then she calls him Deedee as a flirty tease like back in 2nd grade. He is surprised that he finally seen her again and he wonders why she's out by herself. She says she's been for years after the death of her parents and that it's been great. She persuades him in playing with bombs with her, but Sonia intervenes. Dee explains she was his childhood girlfriend back in 2nd grade, but Sara, who hasn't changed at all, uses this defense to her advantage as she's permitted to hang out with Dee.

Justin, the Slave forced to fight[]

Sara is at her mansion being indulged by her servants, when Dee calls her and asks for her help looking for Samuel. She reluctantly agrees and helps out.

The Evil Clones Of Kollan, Evan, & Dee[]

Sara wants to test Kivuli on Dee after stealing DNA.

Lord Blue is revived and plans of world domination[]


8th Gator Tooth Tournament and Kollan & Dee's Advancements in power

Meeting Kollan's friends from the Past[]

The Assault of a Raging True Aryan under Bolt & Samuel's control[]

9th Gator Tooth Tournament and Nguvu and King's Revenge for Muuaji[]

Sara tricks Dee into giving Maauji a bomb, killing him.

Sonia arrives in Empire City and Dee learns more of Kollan's Adventures[]

Kollan's Zipper Shenanigans[]

10th Gator Tooth Tournament and 2 Years of Peace goes by

Gator Tooth X[]

A Reunion Goes Wrong and the Syndromians Attack[]

The Evil Emperor, Lord Mega Zonian[]

Mega Brittney's Revenge on Dee[]

The Mutated Bee of DOOM[]

War with the Anti-Syndromians

Abilities and Powers[]

Master Criminal- Sara is one of the most notoriously skilled criminals of Empire City and was never once caught by the cops, as she's too hard to keep up with.

Feminine Charm- Sara uses her beauty and alluring voice as gentle persuasion to get attention and for what she wants on many young men.

Wall Climber- Much like Dee, Sara can climb on surfaces with her nails and stay for long periods of time.

Superhuman agility- While she doesn't shoot out energy while doing so, she still manages to hold her own with running. It rivals that of Dee as well.

Great Liar- Sara is not the best with honesty. She is a very very good liar and outsmarts the likes of Kasumi Sonia Evan or even Dee.

Excellent fighter- Since she was 4, she was self-taught in hand to hand combat, and her skill is far superior than Dee's.

Sharp nails- Sara was born with Cat-like nails, which she uses to ruthlessly kill her bounty hunters and other unlucky people.

Acrobatic- Sara can scale up walls and buildings with ease.


. She was based on a seductive girl who flirted with Dee at Waffle house but he didn't see her which inspired her slyness.

. Her character was inspired by classic female thieives, such as Black Cat from the Spider-Man Franchise.

. She is a loner and doesn't really tolerate other people intruding her and Dee's privacy.

. She was inspired by Dee's girlfriend Vanessa from second grade, which is her middle name as reference. Deiontre describes her as "seductive and manipulative" due to being kissed on the lips by her, which traumatized him but in a funny way, causing him to dump her.

. She has been considered by Kollan to be better then Rouge in some apects of sneakiness and character.

. She has a habit of occasionally backstabbing Dee, much like Catwoman or Black Cat have done in the past.

. She is an occasional hero half anti hero.

. She will someday have her own spinoff film that will the origin story of how she became a criminal.

. Due to competition with Sonic The Hedgehog, she is essentially the Rouge of Gator Tooth.

. She likes to crack jokes, especially towards Gerrell.

. She is obsessed with Dee no matter how much he objects getting back together with her.

. Jenny is extremely jealous of her.

. Sara has proven to be rather very manipulative and crafty enough to even outsmart Dee more then once.

. Her catchphrase is "Wanna play with kitty?.."

. Her official voice actress has been casted for the video games and anime by Vivy or Vivy Catgirl from PSN.