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Sarabi is a Demon Princess who appears as a teenage girl who is a Magic Gator Genie in disguise. She spends her life trying to kill Dee.


Sarabi is a girl who first appears at the age of 11, she has long black hair, green eyes, pale white skin, and usually wears Green and Black clothing and is one of the most beautiful Villains in the Gator Tooth Universe.


Sarabi is Evil, she is cocky and Sarcastic, she is spoiled to the point of no return and she is hellbent on Destruction and wants to rule the world. She is physcopathic and extremely twisted to the bone. She also has a dark sense of humor and likes the pain of others to an extreme degree. She is highly vain and admires her beauty and status and was often Jenny's arch rival in 1st grade, though Dee wasn't in the same class as Jenny to have met her by then.


Before GT[]

Sarabi captures and Tortures Kasumi Green for six months

Gator Tooth[]

Sarabi (Age 13)

The Sarabi Saga[]

in 2012 Blossom and Sarabi reappear to trick Kollan, Dee, Bobo, Jenny, Amy & Troy into looking for the Black Gator Tooth and they get it. after that Sarabi attempts to take over the earth and gets killed by Jenny. Blossom then goes off on her own to find herself and later comes back and Joins thew Heroes and Solana is created by Using a spell.

7th Gator Tooth Tournament Saga[]

Kollan is once again in the Gator Tooth Tournament after years of cancellation (even tho he forgot he fought in it), in this he is pit up against weak opponents and wins each time. at the end of the tournament it's Kollan vs Dee. Kollan uses Monkey Kung Fu and various other techniques and Dee uses his speed and plasma. Kollan comes out the winner and encourages him to train more and says that even Dee will be stronger then even him if he trains.

The Aryan Saga[]

Sarabi with her Magic Orbs

Two Months after the death of Sarabi, Blossom is living in her own house with Solana and is part of the Gator Team and they're celebrating Dee's 12 Birthday when an Aryan named Gabriel Cunningham appears and orders Kollan to kill the Syndromians on the planet for Lord Zonian (although the names Syndromian and Zonian are never mentioned by name until GTX), they beat him and he decides to turn good and Lucifer Jr. shows up to help. Two weeks Pass and Evan Jackson and Cyrus arrive and attempt to Kill them but both are beaten by the Gator Team (Including Gabriel), Evan is wounded but gets away but not off planet and Cyrus is dead. Matthew beats up Evan and he Joins the Gator Team stuck on earth.

The Death of Demon Goddess Venus Saga[]

Two Months after this Sarabi turned her body into goo and fused it to Kollan permanently turning him into her. he is forced to live as Sarabi and be a villain. two months pass and Kasumi, Blossom, Sarabi (Kollan), & Solana team up and Take down Evil Venus and replace her with Good Venus which sets Free Lord Tooth four months later in April 2013.

The Lord Tooth Saga[]

April 2013, Lord Tooth is released by the Evil Venus' Death and is angered by "Sarabi" and Venus "Turning Good" and wreaks havoc on the entire world Sarabi (Kollan), Blossom, and Venus are forced to Enslave people against Their will. Dee, Jenny, Bobo, & Evan are forced to fight them and Evan defeates Sarabi (Kollan) but doesn't kill him to show he has changed and and chooses to spare Blossom and Venus and helps support Dee in the Battle with LT.

The Legend of Aryans Saga[]

Two Months Later: Far Away, Mega Hail, Sam Messenger, Justin Messenger, Lexi Rain are on their way to Earth to kill the Aryan and Syndromians for Mega Zonian (while Zonian remains being Unnamed). Meanwhile at Sonia's Island Resort.... Blossom, Sonia, & Amy are relaxing while Kollan, Evan, Dee, Kasumi, & Jenny are Training to fight stronger opponents because they know there will be more Kollan and Evan are arguing over why Hail shouldn't have been revived but some of Hail's soldiers has stolen my's Gator Tooth Locator. so Kollan, Dee, Evan, Bobo, & Amy go looking for the Black Tooth to stop the soldiers from getting to it.they arrest the soldiers but the ship containing the four lands and they walk out and Justin jumps at Evan.and beats Evan to the ground and then Kollan fights him and Kollan get beaten down then Troy and Dee but Justin decides to join them and kills his dad when he tries to kill them.

Sarabi as Korea Shen as Disguise

The Villainous Clones Saga[]

Samuel spies on his son and Gathers DNA of Kollan, Justin, Troy, Evan, Dee, Bobo, Kasumi, Jenny, Sally, & Amy for Bolts project with Dr. Techno. Dr. Bolt's father Dr. Techno and Samuel gets DNA of Dee and his friends and creates copies to destroy them. Kiyoshi, Emilio, & Kivuli. a Battle ensues where it's Kollan, Evan, Dee, & Justin vs Kiyoshi, Emilio, & Kivuli. After their failure, the clones are arrested but Kivuli escapes his cell and gets Kiyoshi and Emilio out so they can find the Amulets for themselves to use to destroy people with its power.

The King Blue Saga[]

in 2014 after that the girls (including Blossom) are taken captive and Kran appears in front of Kollan, Kollan tries to fight him but Kran knows his fighting moves and he impales Kollan with his tail. Dee finds his friend dead and beaten and decides to take the fight to King Blue and begins to run to his castle and passes out from the cold. Kollan possesses the knocked out Dee to get him there in one piece. Kollan gets out of Dee and Dee begins his fight with King Blue, Kollan sneaks Blou's amulet and goes inside of it to ask Blou a favor. Blou is sad to see Kollan is Dead. he asks if he possess her to help Dee and she agrees, Kollan possesses the Blue Genie and aids Dee in his battle. Dee wins the fight on accident when Kind Blue accidentally Impales himself.

The 8th Tournament Saga[]

Still being dead Kollan Possesses Jamie's Big sister, Clair, "Clair" goes over to train with Dee & Evan. Dee, Evan, and Kollan are training for their next big match. That is until Muuaji, disguised as a competitor, steps in so he can assassinate Dee. He managed to sends a Dagger through his chest, but luckily, the hit was fatal because Dee forgot to take off his Metal gear he was wearing to overcome Mecha Dee's punches. shortly after they're able to bring back his body so he can be him again (And technically Sarabi) after this Claire promised to kill Kollan.

Sarabi (17 or 18)

The Controlled Aryan Saga[]

Kollan is Kidnapped by Dr. Bolt and Samuel and fitted with a control device to make him go Berserk.and he is forced to fight Justin, Troy, Dee, & The Others.

9th Gator Tooth Tournament Saga[]

Forced to stay in the form of Sarabi for a week because he burnt out the mana her body makeso he joins the GTT under the name Sarabi Galloway and someone who knows Sarabi is curious and Sees this name and rigs the fights to be able to fight "Sarabi" under belief that she's betrayed Queen Venus. but Kollan does indeed fight him but wins the fight. the person tells him that Venus is angry that Sarabi has turned good and want her dead and Kollan relied that he's up to the challenge

The Final Sarabi Saga[]

in 2015 Sarabi is released and sees Kollan using her name and mind controls into the fights she wants Kollan, Evan, Justin, Troy, then finally Dee. Blossom is in the Audience as well as the others. Sarabi is first up against Kollan, who is the same power as her. Kollan refuses to use her own magic on her and instead uses Mad Monkey Kung Fu while she merciless beating him. Next is Evan..


Cat Sarabi

Cat Form[]

She Transforms into a Egyptian looking Female Cat which can raise her magic Level even higher

Giant Snake Sarabi

Giant Snake Form[]

Sarabi transforms into a Giant Snake and will eat her pray and terrify the crap out of them

Gator Genie Sarabi

Gator Genie Form[]

In this form Sarabi is even more powerful then lord tooth and is the 8th Gator Genie


Magic - Sarabi can create, Destroy or do whatever she wants with Magic