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SPINY ANNOYING PRINCESS AM I!?!?!?!?!?!?! - Sonia to Dee

Sonia is an Aryan born to the Shimazu Aryan Royalty and her parents escaped to earth along with a baby Princess Sally and Troy Fox's Family they put Sally and Troy in America and he family went to Egypt and became their royalty.


As she was raised with luxury and wealth, Sonia tends to be quite high maintenance, spoiled and snotty. She hates getting dirty and constantly worries about the condition of her hair and clothes. Although she appears to be selfish, she is generally good-natured and helps those that are in need. Sonia is known to occasionally talk like a valley girl.

Despite all this, Sonia has been shown to like performing daring acts, such as walking on a high brick wall. She is also very athletic, and appears to be good at gymnastics

Sonia is very self-sufficient and does not hesitate in taking on any threat or challenge that she may encounter, often coming out on top. She likes to think things through and on many occasions, has helped her brothers and her friends out of their own troubles

She is shown to love Evan with all her heart although he is quite cold to her and they bicker a lot.


Throughout the entire series, Sonia has changed her appearance more than any character going through a total of 18 different hairstyles. Her hair colors varies between appearances, being colored: purple, blue, or turquoise. Her hairstyle was shoulder-length as a teenager. Many of the clothes Sonia is seen wearing often bear her name or the Egyptian Royalty logo on it. She had a tender appearance in her teen years, like her milky colored skin.she has Pink Hair and wears Egyptian Garbs and some times a tank top and white pants


Before Gator Tooth

Sonia finds Kollan & Troy and they go on a adventure to find the magical Gator Teeth

Gator Tooth

The Princess of Egypt

the group travels to Egypt to hunt down Evan and they arrive at an Egyptian Pharaoh Palace which should have been ruins by now. and inside is the Royal Family of Egypt and Evan who is being treated for his injuries and treating him is Kollan's friend Sonia who is 4 years older then him they agree that maybe he can change.

The Revival of Sarabi

When Sarabi is revived Sonia makes a artificial amulet to suck her in, and they use that in the battle to imprison.

The Raging True Aryan, Justin

Sonia goes with them to the arctic in order to find the purple gator tooth amulet, and a space ship lands. Samuel and Justin step off the ship and attacks Evan. Evan tells her to take the plane back to Empire City. Kollan, Evan, Troy, and Dee fight Justin and Justin ends up joining the heroes after killing his evil father to protect the guys.

The Clones of Dee & Kollan

Bolt kidnaps Sonia and forces her against her will to make Clones of Kollan and Dee then he releases her and she finds Evan & Troy and the others. but it's too late Kivuli and Kiyoshi along with Bolt are attacking Dee, Kollan, Jenny, Amy, Bobo, Frost, Fedha, & Kasumi in the other side of the city.

Lord Blue is Revived and his plan of wold domination

Sonia is watching over Amy (To Amy's dismay). and is not present in this part while Kollan, Evan, Dee and Troy fight King Blue.

8th Gator Tooth Tournament and Kollan & Dee's Advancements in power

Sonia goes to the 8th Gator Tooth Tournament to cheer on Dee, Kollan, Evan, Troy, Justin, & Brian.

Dee, Bobo, Jenny, & Amy Travels in Time and Meets Teenage Sonia, Kid Kollan, Kid Kasumi, Kid Troy, Kid Sally, Kid Brian, & Kid Josie and Time Traveling Bolt

Dee, Amy, Bobo, Jenny travel back in time to stop Bolt from killing Sonia, Kollan, Troy, Brian, Kasumi, Sally, & Josie. (Time isn't changed in the normal time line because that's not how time works in Gator Tooth)

The Assault of a Raging True Aryan under Bolt & Samuel's control

Sonia is not present when Kollan is kidnapped by Bolt and Samuel and forced to fight his friend while under mind control.

2 year time skip and the 10th Gator Tooth Tournament

Sonia is cheering on Evan and the rest of her friends who end up defeating Sarabi

Gator Tooth X

A Reunion Goes Wrong and the Syndromians Attack

Sonia and Mr. Grumpy (Evan) are present at Dee's birthday party when Kate, Mar, & Sig show up. while Evan is fighting Mar, she is relaxing.

The Evil Emperor, Lord Mega Zonian

Sonia, Kasumi, & Amy evacuate the city as Evan, Kollan, Troy, Gebriel, Kate, Mar, & Dee fight Mega Zonian

War with the Anti-Syndromians

Sonia creates some suits to protect then from Anti-Syndromian Venom.

The Mutated Bee of DOOM

Sonia watches the tournament from home

Mega Brittney's Revenge on Dee

Sonia is not present here


Sonia (True Aryan).jpg

True Aryan

Sonia becomes a True Aryan out of rage when Zamba takes over her body to lead his Brutes into the Human world and take them out.

Zamba (Sonia's Body).jpg

Possessed by Zamba

Zamba took her over to take over the human world.