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Star Zahn is the Queen of Planet Mong and the mother of Bobo and later Skype as well. She was one of the few victims of The Genocide Era along with Aryans and Syndromians, but while theirs was a dragon, the Mongooses were instead endangered because of taxidermists capturing them for musuem statues.


Star is a beautiful female Mongoose who resembles Bobo with his trademark bluesky eyes and brown flat nose. She wears royal Mongoose clothes and a crown.


Star is a calm, very caring and gentle mother with a noble and righteous duty in mind, protecting her people and only son from any threats outside of their world. She is very patient, wise and talks in an elagantly sweet polite manner even if she's being talked rudley to. She is very protective of Bobo, but not an overbearing mother like most moms are with their kids and at least tries giving Bobo a chance to see and experience the world even if she doesn't get it because she wants to see him happy, while her husband Jupiter is the more overprotective. She never complains, but is not afraid to call people out when they're in the wrong, especially her overprotective husband Jupiter. She is also very brave, and willing to risk her life for the sake of her colonies and most importantly her son, Bobo. She is very supportive and wants the best for Bobo and for him to succeed, but still afraid of him going off without saying anything. Despite her calm traits, she is very self-conscious and has low-self esteem, due to being bullied by other girls from her childhood for her dreams of being a Queen but gets teased by the girls thinking only humanoids can be Queens calling her a "Small loser". She loves to help others when they need it and always on her toes.


Gator Tooth[]

The Vampire Sisters Saga[]

Star's body is resurrected from being a statue.

The Controlled Aryan Saga[]

Star works on her new house.

Anna's Redemption Arc[]

Bobo asks Star if she can bring snacks to their sleepover with Anne.

DEREK the Vampire Arc[]

Star helps Bobo find Jenny.

Hail's Return Arc[]

Star is abducted by Hail as his revenge for being defeated by Bobo.

9th Gator Tooth Tournament Arc[]

Star attends Bobo's fight with King.

The Final Sarabi Arc[]

Star watches Dee's fight on tv.

Gator Tooth X[]

Syndromian Arc[]

Star attends Dee's 20th birthday.

Zonian Arc[]

Star watches the whole conflict with Zonian on the news.

Anti-Syndromian Arc[]


Mega Brittney Arc[]

Star tries warning Dee of her search for him.

Chrome Arc[]

Star watches The Chrome Games on tv.

Kubwa Arc[]

Star wishes Dee good luck.

Gator Tooth Ultimate[]

Lord Crystala Arc[]

Star teaches Crash how to drive.

Powers and Abilities[]

Freeze- Can touch the fingertips of people and kèep them still for long periods of time.

Electricity- All Intergalactic Mongooses of all colors can spark electricity.

Super-strength- The strongest Mongoose queen on the planet. She used it in several occasions to protect Bobo when he was a Pup.

Walks on water- Star is majestic and graceful enough to walk on water.

Float- She can use telekinesis to mske things move.

Time Rewind- She can rewind events to prevent them from happening.


. She was inspired by the mother of Superman, Lara.

. She at first was baffled by Earth's contents, and was completely different in terms of knowledge of things then Bobo was but grew to feel comfortable on the planet.

. Her backstory with Bobo will only be briefly seen or mentioned in the video games and the anime and will be saved for the film, due to it being the origin story of how Dee and Bobo grew to be friends.

. Star is a vegatarian and does not like the slightest of junk food, especially pizza. She is also sometimes uncomfortable with Bobo's boisterous use of such foods, she also doesn't understand the appeal of junk drinks like Sprite, Coke, etc.

. Star's only favorite drinks are water, organic fruit juice and sparkling water.. She's childhood friends with Karen and Shauna.

. She is kind of similar with Ma, Timon's mother from The Lion King 11/2 (2004).

. Her favorite food is fruit salad.

. Star depite being a calm mother, she can be as very direct and stern as her husband Jupiter, especially when he doesn't answer his phone or he goofs off too much and eat alot of junk food.

. Like Jupiter, Star is ooverprotective, but tries to let Bobo learn while Jupiter is more worried of the aftermath of letting their son do something that seens dangerous.

. Despite being a calm and quiet individual, she suffers from severe low self-esteem due to being bullied by girls for wanting to be a queen when she's in adulthood and is shy when meeting new people.

. Star doesn't understand typical young guy talk such as "Bro", "Man", "Dude" "Chill dude" etc, and will just oddly look away in confusion.