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Tai is the Princess of the Demon Land in the Netherlands (Hell). She leaves Demon Land to Earth to pursue Martial Arts under the guidance of Phil and meet her idols Dee and the other fighters.


Tai has fair skin, Brown hair, and a red spy robe. She wears a flower with red pedals. She is curvaceous with athletic legs and big breasts.


Like Jenny, Tai is very happy-go-lucky and always enthusiastic about fighting her next opponent. She is rather a playful and energetic girl who always seems to be excited about who she'll train with next, determined to be more then just a Princess from a gruesome Kingdom in Hell. Despite these good traits, she can have a fiery temper, which even scares Kasumi at times. She can also be a bit too obsessed with beauty and always reminding people of how much she loves herself, making her come off as a bit shallow and vain. Despite these moments, she's a good individual always eager for a challenge, adventure or hang out with all of her Heroes and her idol, Master Phil, who she greatly desired to be trained by.


Gator Tooth

8th Gator Tooth Tournament Saga

With Taryn's approval, Tai leaves Demon Land to Earth to pursue a different life and be trained by Master Phil, who unknown to him, she is his biggest fan due to how he trained Dee, who she also desires to meet, wanting to be a Martial Arts star just like him.

Chiara Saga

Tai helps Dee with training at Phil's house while Bobo is with Chiara. She assists them in the final fight with Chiara.

DEREK and Sarabi Saga

Tai gets imprisoned in his Dungeon. Bobo later rescues her.

Kollan's Real Self Saga

Tai wishes Dee good luck and everyone leaves in a 2-Year break from the Tournament.

Gator Tooth X

Syndromian Saga


Ruby Saga


Zonian Saga

Evacuates Earth during Dee's fight with Zonian.

Anti Syndromian Saga


Mega Brittney Saga


Cynbernetic Organisms Saga

Helps Nane escape Chrome.

Chrome Saga

Participates in the Chrome Tournament.

11TH Gator Tooth Tournament Saga

Fights with Chiyome, her best friend.

Kubwaa Saga

Dies after being eaten by Kubwaa, by turning her into fish. Then revived after his defeat.

Powers and Abilities

Speed- While not as fast as Aryans or Syndromians, she can easily match it and move as fast, if not faster.

Durability- She can withstand all damages and heal herself with Demon magic.

Soul-Sucking- Like Anne and Grootslangs (who are part snake), she can absorbs souls, but because she is good, she prefers not to use it.


Phil- She admires him and left to Earth to be his student as a result.

Chiyome- She met her after Chiyome was running away from Assassin Village guards. She unknowingly helped her escape and she reluctantly agreed to train with Tai, but eventually became best friends after gaining each other's respect.

Ikawashi- Boyfriend and later husband.


. She was created to give Demon Land a Princess.

. She was inspired by Mai Shiranui, a female fighter from the video game series Fatal Fury.