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The Puppy Adventures of Ghost is an American animated series created by Deiontre Carter and based on the Ghost The Blue Dog game series concept. It follows the adventures of Ghost as a puppy trying to learn how to hunt for the supernatural after discovering his gift of sniffing out paranormal activity.


The series serves as the origin story of Ghost, how he met Neville and the group, how he trained to become a paranormal hunting dog and how the Ghost Squad was created. Along the way, he meets many friends, both Dog and human and teaches him to be the best training dog that he can be.


Ghost- A young orphan puppy with predominantly sky blue fur that looks ironically like the color of a ghost, hence his name. He is often mistaken to be an actual Ghost dog because of the color, but he often corrects them that it's his real fur color, which is often a running-gag with him. His parents died from a poison dart by a psychopathic dog catcher.

Neville- An orphaned boy who adopted Ghost at an Animal Sanctuary. His parents died in a fire accident.

Phoebe- A rich but kind-hearted little girl that Neville and Ghost meet at a carnival.

Jetta- A snobbish and ill-tempered young puppy with pink fur and in love with Ghost. She, unlike Phoebe, tends to be more sarcastic.

Kathy- A gothic rock band girl with a rebellious attitude.

Miranda- A Blonde Kitten and menacingly wicked.

Deiontre's Commentary

"It'll be an adorable little puppy tale explaining where Ghost came from and how he became a ghost-hunting dog."


. The show is influenced by Extreme Ghostbusters.