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Trixie is a pedigree Greyhound and Dog Show Champion. She is Jetta's arch-rival and an occasional villain and at times, antiheroine in Ghost The Blue Dog. She is the pampered and spoiled Greyhound of Gabby, Phoebe's school bully.


Trixie is easily no different from her owner and best friend Gabby. She is a spoiled, self-centered snob who always puts others down and makes fun of their insecurities to boost her own self-importance. She loves being tended too and very bossy to her butlers or any other people working for the Household. She is a mean-spirited bully who likes to laugh at the misfortunes of others or make fun of them for being different to her. Trixie is snobbish and loves rubbing her accomplishments in Jetta's face, always reminding Jetta that she'll never win an award because she's "not perfect" like her, making Jetta jealous due to always losing. She is a stuck-up brat who only cares about herself and is extremely egomaniacle, seeing herself as the best Dog in the city and someone of total perfection. She is also very flirtatious and boy-crazy, often shown to have had many past sexual relationships with other Dogs. Despite this, she has the biggest crush on Ghost the most, attracted to his big and athletic size, as this became competition for Jetta. She is one of the most wealthy Dogs in the city, with Jetta at first place, though unlike Jetta, Trixie does not help the poor at all, mainly because she is a snobby, shallow selfish jerk.


Trixie is a tall, slender Greyhound with purple fur and green eyes. She wears gold earrings and has a white underbelly.


Ghost The Blue Dog[]

Dallas Saga[]

Trixie is at the Dog Show and wins her 56th award.


Trixie mocks Jetta for her ghost hunting career, resulting in a fight, getting Jetta grounded.

Lake Charles Saga[]

Trixie pushes Jetta in a river and Phoebe does the same thing, then puts a chip on her.

New York Saga[]

Trixie tricks Lacey into removing her microchip.

Home Town Saga[]

Trixie is being bathed by her butlers and must share the house with Bobo until Dee comes back, much to her dismay.

Spirit of Queen Elizabeth Saga[]

Trixie runs away from the ghost attack.

Phoebe/Neville Saga[]

Trixie steals Jetta's ball and puts it in her room to pop it. Angering Jetta to fight with her again.

Jackcrow Saga[]

Trixie helps Jackcrow get his pumpkins to safety from being smashed by visitors then disappears, much to her confusion.

Oooz Monster Saga[]

Trixie gets stuck in an ooze prison and then sent to Animal control as comic relief after being mistaken for a stray when her collar gets torn off after falling from a tree and gets stuck on a branch.

Neville's Evil Body Saga[]

Trixie becomes Phoebe's Dog against her will.

Powers and Abilities[]

. Speed- Due to her athletic legs (which are natural for Greyhounds), she can run at incredible speeds.

. Seduction- She uses flirtatiousness to manipulate male Dogs to get what she wants.


Jetta- Trixie dislikes and bullies her. She finds her to be a loser and considers herself better then her at everything, which makes Jetta very insecure.

Ghost- Trixie, just like Jetta, has a big crush on Ghost and even succeeded in asking him out on a date. However, she blows this date and then is soon short-lived when he caught her making fun of Jetta, then left her in disappointment.

George- Trixie finds another prey in George, making fun of him being so little. She nicknames his "Little Pea" as a mean insult when talking with him.

Phoebe- She dislikes her just as much as she dislikes Jetta.

Neville- Sees another loser in him.

Cerberus- After breaking up with Ghost, it's now shown she has a crush on Cerberus, often admiring his muscles and occasionally flirts.

. Ex-Boyfriends- Had multiple past sexual relationships with other Dogs, but was dumped due to her bossy nature and desire to be spoiled with luxury.


. Trixie is the first female Dog to debut a villain.

. Her inspiration is Mac from the 2000 animated series Clifford The Big Red Dog, which explains her being a Dog Show champion and very arrogant.

. Unlike Mac, however, who is actually a good friend to the other dogs in the show, Trixie is entirely antagonistic, then later an ally.

. She is basically the same as Mircat, both are evil and arrogant jerks who are both "Lady's cat" and "Men's Dog" type villains.

. Despite being a Dog, she lacks the instincts of one due to living all her life in luxury, so she does not bark at or attack Cats like Miranda, or try killing smaller animals like Bobo, due to having no survival instincts.